Watch Repair

Swiss watch – it's exquisite creations of experienced watchmakers, spent considerable time on the assembly and testing mechanisms. In order for you to enjoy hours of use, you must follow following simple rules. Factory hours. Wind the watch, only removing them from the hand at rest. This eliminates the uneven pressure on the crown, which is one of the most vulnerable time components. Watch with manual winding should start at the same time, rotating the crown clockwise until it stops.

Calendar and advanced features. Changing indications calendar instant action should be carried out once a day when arrows indicate the 12 hours (12-hour clock dial) or 24 hours (24 hour clock dial). The deviation of the final date of change of the calendar indications of 12 (24)-hour mark should not be longer than 15 minutes. Changing indications calendar non-instantaneous action should occur every day in the range from 11 (23) up to 4 hours at 12 (24)-hour clock dial. The duration of the interval of time reading the calendar changing non-instantaneous action – no more than 4 hours. Do not place the date and do not put your hands against the clock in the time interval from 23 to 4:00, since it is now starting automatically transferred (to work) all the functions of the calendar (date, weeks, the indicator faey Moon, etc.). Preferably, the change of date and other functions to produce a calendar, relegating pre-clockwise in the lower part of the dial (for example, to the "6:00"). Limitations and recommendations.

Web Design Company

There are small niches where they compete many sites doing a tough competition in them. Small details can make scarce consumers lean toward one or another provider or site, which ultimately offer almost the same content. The reality is that a page web design not only has aesthetic implications, but that may be directly responsible for the success or failure of the venture. The question we are asking is there still so many auto installable solutions, because hiring a web design company. There are powerful reasons. First, from the point of view strictly programming, ask a web design company creating the page assures us that we have no code errors, that page is indexable by search engines, and can be navigated without finding broken links. It is not uncommon that design errors made that our promotion and positioning efforts do not yield the expected results.

So before you try to position a website it is necessary to ensure that It is properly programmed, and this is responsible for a web design company. Referring to the aesthetic aspect, a professional will have many more resources than a layman to get make the website look as professional as we wish. From details such as the size and selection of sources, the palette of colors, the general layout of the page, everything contributes to a competitive page. The navigability by users, is another essential item on our site that can be easily solved by a professional agency. An efficient web site must be agile, quick to load, and with clear indications of how we want to act users. In other words, if the call-to-action proposes to perform a download, buy a product, or any other action that you want the user to perform, it must be clearly specified, facilitated. To achieve this, an agency will draw on very dissimilar elements and techniques.

Constantly languages are renewed, especially those developments open source offering new technical possibilities of creating faster, more dynamic sites. The objectives of the most appropriate way is the premise that moves to the web design companies and brings them to learn permanently new techniques. A clear example is the new features offered by HTML5. This is the latest version of the well-known Hyper Text Mark Up Language, which includes a number of new features that improves multimedia such as

. Invest in creating a successful website deserves the query to a professional who is able to guarantee us the best results from the first moment. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to

Google News

The same will all ever happened making some kind of search in Google. For example, if you are looking for positioning, among the first results still appear sites that offer are exchanges of links, thing that all that we are in this business know that it is being penalized by Google, and must take into account several parameters in order to use them. This is just a small example, and to which I wish to refer in reality is that although we have the option in advanced search, it would not be bad that Google added on your home page of results, sort by relevance or sort by date options (entries more relevant if possible), as it is done in blogsearch. I don’t think you suppose them one major problem throughout this. As a way to provide up-to-date information, Gogle currently offers between early results for some searches, results of its news search engine Google News. Go perhaps being time that results of its search engine for blogs, blogsearch, appear among the first results as quality options and updated. Original author and source of the article.

Federal Law

These activities can be implemented as a form of physical containment of shareholders and their representatives, and in the form of a formal legal pretext to deprive shareholders of opportunities to attend the meeting. For example, law enforcement agencies in order to verify reports of crime requires shareholder and its representatives to appear for questioning. Also, the techniques of failure to notify shareholders about the upcoming corporate event, holding a general meeting of shareholders at the address specified in the notice, but in another room. 2. Initiating the audit company 1) inspections of public authorities Unfortunately, none of the corporate conflict is not without involvement in it of the state power.

Upon admission to the competent public authority of a complaint, even totally unfounded, the public authority is obliged to carry out appropriate checks. Thus, according to claim 1 of Article 9 of the Federal Law "On Order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation "from 02.05.2006g. 59-FZ of treatment received by the public authority, local authority or officer in accordance with their competence. In the implementation of measures to grinmeylu shareholders often have the right to defend their rights in an administrative procedure – to complain to state authorities. An indicative list of public authorities, which is likely to appeal shareholder, as follows: 1. The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS). This federal agency monitors compliance with legal requirements by the issuers of the Russian Federation on securities papers, standards and requirements approved by the federal executive body for the securities market.

Administrative City

For the secretary of State of Planning and Management, Renata Vilhena, the City Administrative a reference for the project not only becomes architectural and techniques of engineering how much a landmark for the development of the vector North. ' ' That region was many years abandoned, without receiving investments. Now, it will have a natural process of expansion for the area. To congregate all the secretariats in one alone complex, beyond the economy of resources, represents profit in the performance and efficiency, with all working of integrated form. Before, only 50% of the servers had access to the Internet, now, 98% will have access to the world-wide net, and each server will have its proper station of trabalho' ' , Vilhena explained. The standard adopted in the distribution of the sectors follows the model of the great enterprise corporations, with unified environments, separate only for stocking-height thick partition walls. The rooms of the secretaries do not only follow this concept. Already the services of direct attendance to the citizen will not be transferred to the new headquarters.

Sight of the Administrative City: bigger area constructed of Latin America (photo: Leo Drumond), as fig. 1 in the section indicative. Of gigantic dimensions, the area of the land corresponds the two times and stocking to the one of the assembly plant Fiat, in Betim. The ecological reserve that surrounds the complex will be transformed into the State Park Green Mountain range, what it becomes it as bigger in area of the region the metropolitan, after the Mangabeiras. The park will be opened to the public visitation until the end of this year. The seat of government will function in the Tiradentes Palace, a building that beats world-wide records, first for being the biggest suspended building in concrete of the world, and for presenting they go exempts of 146 meters of length for 20 of width.

Kerstin Schubert

This uses the method of prototyping to visualize the design ideas and experience for others to make. The prototyping quickly leads to initial results and allowing early feedback as to the suitability of an approach. Another method is the storyboarding are represented in the action and event sequences, comparable with a screenplay, here. Then, the redesign should be examined again on the aspects of usability and. Such a iteration procedure reduces usability problems to a minimum. The procedure presented here represents only a rough Usabilitystudie.

Because each project, its goals and its users are individually, the methods must separately depending on the project and above all the development phase be together, to achieve the best result. Potential discover Usabilitystudien are targeted methods to verify the users quality of an interactive system. The project is at the beginning of the development phase, the results provide a strong argument why certain steps are implemented accordingly. At the respective stages of development, the results support a targeted and user-friendly implementation, so that an optimal project will be implemented. The software already on the market or the website is online, so different Usabilitymethoden an optimization or expansion can be achieved with the help of, which will be implemented in the next relaunch. Target should be always a user-centered design. First is a simple structure of functions and data, so that even an inexperienced user can work adequately with the surface. Menu navigation and data presentation must be understandable, easy and appealing.

The design should match the corporate identity (CI) and implemented to the target group. So can satisfy the growing demands of the customers. Advantages of user the user design program interfaces and Web pages support to establish a positive reference to the software. Taking into account the results of a Usabilitystudie increases the attractiveness of the website or software interface. Users like to work with the media. Furthermore, a study ensures consistency and increases user productivity. Ultimately, costs can be reduced by Usabilitystudien already at the development stage, errors can be avoided. Kerstin Schubert

School Money Earn Education & Career

Earn school money opened in the Internet ‘CashTipp’ earlier this month on the Internet a new portal called CashTipp opened. CashTipp is the first pan-European online school the subject of money making on the Internet. On the portal will be the students’ step by step exactly explains how you can build your own online business within a very short time with certain tricks and techniques. Press articles according to many of the students with the help of the teaching materials were able to build a regular additional income of up to 5000 / month on CashTipp within a short time. Behind the portal, 3 young Internet professionals from Munich, which operate for years in the Internet business and have earned millions by doing business on the Internet. “Now the young geniuses decided to pass on your knowledge and so every Internet beginner” allow, without making any previous knowledge of online money. The idea to start to earn money on the Internet is many people from time to time. At the most this fails then but to lack knowledge or the lack of experience”, said one of the three founders of the portals at a meeting in Munich.

CashTipp eliminates all these problems. Us users get guide that will help you to build a very high additional income on the Internet within a very short period of time a step-by step.” So far over 5,000 users at the new school for making online money is “signed up. The enthusiasm of this user is reflected in the experience reports, which are everywhere on the Internet. According to official figures a large part of the user logged-on to already earned by the way is over 2500. Click here to go to the online portal CashTipp: a/Thomas_S

On The Streets, It Is Dark

A Germany-wide night vision test helps the traffic safety in autumn and winter driving in dark, wet and snow often becomes a risky enterprises. Many people are hidden in the poor visibility in the dark winter months, irritated and often strained. According to the Federal Association of ophthalmologists, every fifth driver suffers from night vision problems. You can lead to fatigue and decreasing concentration in autumn and winter and are so just on the road to the danger. But there are remedies: A specific meter by Carl Zeiss to determine such impairment of vision, that do not occur in broad daylight. With a great autumn action loads to Carl Zeiss check all that see in the dark. Germany makes the night vision test”it will be called from November at the participating eye opticians.

Carl Zeiss has developed a special lens optimization with a measurement procedure, the weaknesses in the night marriages in the Determination of glasses lenses quickly detects. Through customized eyeglass lenses with the optimization i.Scription can night marriages are usually significantly improved. With the action, Carl Zeiss attracts anyone interested if glasses or not. You are invited to contact the optometrist that is equipped with a special investigation unit. These professionals, who can test the night vision, are under opticians search in the Internet portal”. To determine quickly with their instruments, whether a night vision weakness exists in glasses with i.Scription can offer help promptly.

The risks of winter road can be reduced effectively. Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss group is a worldwide leading group of companies in the optical and opto-electronic industry. Carl Zeiss offers innovative solutions for the markets of the future medical and research solutions, industrial solutions, eye care and lifestyle products. In the fiscal year 2009/10 the Group achieved turnover of EUR 2.98 billion. With the fiscal year 2010/11 is the lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss vision as an independent business area integrated (sales in the fiscal year 2009/10 around 880 million euros). The Carl Zeiss group busy around 24,000 employees, 10,000 of them in Germany. The divisions of Carl Zeiss hold leading positions in their markets. Carl Zeiss AG, oberkochen, is wholly owned by the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung. Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Vision vision represents the Division of vision care by Carl Zeiss. Carl Zeiss vision is one of the leading eyeglass providers in the world with more than 11,000 employees in 50 countries and has about 880 million euros (fiscal year 2009-10). The company combines with an international brand as the only manufacturer of eye-optical expertise and solutions. Founded in 2004 by the merger of the Carl Zeiss eye optics Division with SOLA international, develops and manufactures technologically excellent Carl Zeiss Vision Instruments and offers for the entire value chain of optics. More information your contacts see or Thomas R. Toper of press officer of Carl Zeiss Vision Tel.: + 49 (0) 69 758927-00 fax: + 49 (0) 69 758927-19 email:

Transaction Security Between Web Services:

INTRAPREND is a main reason that the numerous SaS offerings and rental solutions from the software vendors in this country still not nationwide have established themselves Wiesbaden data transmission when using SaS solutions safely, the 24.11.2011 -, market experts, inter alia to missing standards and a lack of confidence in the use of solutions from the cloud. While there are technological standards such as Web services in the context of a service oriented architecture (SOA), but more is needed for the smooth and most importantly, safe communication between mission-critical applications. Companies must ultimately ensure a transaction security within the application landscape and interact with third-party systems, the Wiesbaden software specialist INTRAPREND for its own solution portfolio and connected partner solutions has already realized. Just in mass data processing, as there often are they in the commercial environment, WINS with the transaction security of Web services in the context Solutions from the cloud in importance. A requested Web service, for example, provides product data, another will provide job information and another creates new customer master data. “To what extent these data provided however are handled correctly by the system or module in the counter location, is from the Web service in this process unfortunately not checked and remains in the application communication therefore no standard”, INTRAPREND explains CEO Ditmar Tybussek.

“For our own systems and the connected systems of our customers we can ensure this transaction security for the delivery of Web services. However we are in the ERP providers in Germany today still quite alone dar, as many manufacturers have not yet recognized this problem, let alone solved. Vendors of proprietary, client / server based business solutions, as it now still maintains is, this issue is not yet feasible because they inherently not even with other systems in the cloud to communicate”, so Tybussek further. “Other manufacturers such as also INTRAPREND are already a step further and are actively working on a solution concept, which is also suitable for mass use.

FFL – Profession After Consolidation And Refocusing On Growth

New lead to the business field expansion activities of the FFL FFL school for aircraft Director GmbH is the oldest public flying school for commercial pilots in Germany. The company maintains close contact with German and international airlines and aims to pilot training (ATPL from ab initio) close to the needs and claims of the later work and principal of the pilots. Trainers and instructors are active or former pilot and secure a practical exam preparation according to the rules of the joint aviation authorities at the airport of Essen Mulheim. FFL is the Essen Mulheim airport. In spite of all adversities and different political interests of those responsible. The year 2011 has been actively used after the general economic crisis of in recent years for the realignment of the company. Essen Mulheim airport is still an ideal location for the business aviation and for the professional training of professional and commercial pilot. Its central location between major airports in NRW creates ideal conditions for pilot training.

Therefore, FFL supports the management of the airport in the further development and expansion of the airport for general aviation. For the student, the local policy does not matter. They would make their vocational dream come true ‘Airline pilots’ dream to fly to America, Hawaii or Australia Despite numerous economic and aviation crisis, again hundreds of young people decide to follow the stony path through trials and tests. Often funded the training of financial institutions and at the end they have invested more than 65,000 euros in their profession – training usually costs so much. There are over 80 air driver schools in Germany.

FFL is one of the well-known and renowned companies. Despite the economic crisis, the graduates could be accommodated in recent years almost always well-known airlines. Pilots are always wanted. Especially in the era of globalization. In the last year were new single – and twin-engined aircraft with Purchased glass cockpit (Garmin 1000).