As unfortunate examples Sofico, Forum Filatelico and Afinsa, worth holding. This expert in financial economics also believed that the proposal of linking wages to productivity simply looking for general contention of salaries and will lead to more problems than benefits, since the President of the employer recognizes the difficult which is measuring correctly. Another measure that criticizes is the make the labour market more flexible. Rigid? If anyone already get fired with 20 days of compensation as soon as the company has losses!, regrets. Positive for growth the start-up of the Euro Pact also called for competitiveness can bring about positive changes for the Spanish economy in the view of Antoni Espasa, director of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid BIAM. In particular, since its Organization have years recommending the reduction of social security contributions for undertakings and that this loss of income is compensated by the increase in VAT. This measure has, as he says, a great advantage to make our country’s economy more competitive: foreign companies would also have to pay VAT, while Social Security is paid for only the Spanish firms indicates. That Yes, a hypothetical rise of tribute that taxes consumption should be adopted at a time of relative stability and as an instrument of last resort, since the tax burden in Spain is already very high.

Would what ctos have? It reduces the deficit, increases our international confidence and encourages growth; bad, that detract consumption, says Professor Espasa, for whom also other reforms such as the increase of the retirement age was clearly inevitable. Such as holding, there are two reasons that forced to expand the 65 years. On the one hand, and from the purely economic point of view, the lengthening of life expectancy after retirement, which is now 15 years old, did the impossible to maintain system. But is that there is also a social reason for postponing the age of retirement, for this expert: we cannot have a percentage as broad population with fullness of forces without doing anything, you don’t lose them, he says.


The Brazilian government will go to auction the leaf of payments of the paid benefits of the INSS in day 5 of August, for the bank that to offer optimum it launches. The licitation is not being seen for the Private banks well and the government established the hypothesis of the public banks to enter in the competition, case the private ones inside does not reveal interest commercial of the waited economic value. The banks that to participate of the process will have right the 5 years of rendering of services, inside of an obligatoriness to offer the service per 20 years. The licitation was divided in 26 lots, being that one only crowds for the city of So Paulo, as example. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill Phelan. A dispute exists on the bargaining power of the pensioners, the market will tend to favor the company who to win the competition, therefore the reason of heated shocks of commercial interest. Some companies start to close the rockings of 1 semester and 2 trimester of 2009, amongst them I must stand out two results Refinancing of debts with the government for companies with discounting of up to 70% from day 17 of August. The unemployment level that was around 6,8% in December of 2008, in the regions metropolitans, arrived 9% in March, June arrives 8.1%, a real analysis will happen from the divulged data of the level of July unemployment, of which, it will be able to have the peak of the tax of unemployment and in the following months a recovery of the job level, being able to finish the year something around 7,6%.

The level of people who had pled the act of receiving of> insurance-unemployment in U.S.A. surpasses the house of 6,2 million people, sample of clear form that the job is the concern of the moment. With all these data the August month will be the month of the cheap credit, opportune moment of the sale on credit of good, thanks to the tax incentives and fall of the tax of interests to the lesser indices of the last years. Excellent moment for acquisition of the proper house, therefore will be the lesser tax charged in this year, with rise in the next months.


Only shows some differences between the conception in the indigenous world and the conception of the world not indigenous while some actions of our worldview are considered by non-Indians as barbarians or other qualifiers. This is precisely due to the worldview of one and the others, for example regarding the products of the field they are subsistence, at the time of the calculations for the sowing of these products, at any time is considered your marketing and how much profit you can get from this. so you think the amount of litres of corn planting to come up to feed the family and that the season comes out, in the case of other products the same happens for example beans, squash, and some complementary crops. Wells Fargo often addresses the matter in his writings. Although sometimes it is not always so already has been taken into account that there is even a saying in some communities when someone does not accept the invitation to a meal because I’ll see in August this because it is in this month is when escalating food shortages, while harvesting last year is just and this year’s is still not lifted. This also is reflected with some actions that can be seen.

For example that the road is located a herd, and asked the pastor the price of any animal, this simply doesn’t have it calculated because your end is not sale at the moment.It is that someone goes to an orchard and asks the price of fruit nor have another example at hand. What we want to demonstrate in this article is that the products is not its main purpose the sale.It has to do with the way of how we see the world, in the indigenous conception we are all subjects and therefore there are no objeto.para illustrate this conception not indigenous, a branch is an object, while the world indigenous is the hand of the tree, just as you have feet, head and other relationship or geography. Another example of this is that the Hill has a face and a rib. more clear, a plastic thrown into the waste container and is treated in this way, and to the indigenous world this container has a mouth, a waist, a sentadera. so in Summary all things are subjects at different levels there are no objects. This has repercussions on the provision of a service to tourism, since it is a relatively new activity in the half Indian and requires a process of understanding and ownership for a better service to the traveller. This article is written because it is known that when someone wants to travel first thing does is investigate all conditions existing on the target and what can be found and not found.