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It operates the company for private and institutional clients and achieved for these best prices. In addition, has the General real estate market developed an expertise in the advice of project developments in the past few years and also facility offers within its comprehensive care and Service Pack management solutions for their customers. Gerome: Project development in exciting development situations has become a second pillar of the company. Berlin has like no other European city numerous plots, which we are developing with creative architecture concepts.” “Gerome in the competence of the location and the high motivation of its employees sees the success of the overall real estate market founded: we know the market almost every street and almost every house in the sought-after locations and we have with our more than 60,000 contacts about the best and most potent buyer clientele.” In the new, 500 M large real estate competence centre at the Bismarckplatz the objects offered by the General real estate market on bright exhibition space and multimedia presentations directly to the customers are experienced. Individual consulting corner allow national and international interested parties an initial overview. The experienced staff can advise the demanding clientele in all major languages of the country.

The transparent modern architecture in cultivation corresponds harmoniously with the charm of the historic Villa dating back to 1929. Our high demands on the architecture of the new company headquarters corresponds to our demanding clients. These come from 60 countries on all continents. You all want to stay in Berlin as compared with cities such as London, Paris, Moscow and Dubai, the German capital offers a unique combination of low market prices, a stable economic development and a high quality of life”, Gerome explains the special attraction of Berlin. For the next 20 years has been Christian Gerome much made. In addition to a doubling of the sales volume, he focuses on the expansion in other German cities. We want to be the main point of contact for real estate transactions for our customers at all A sites in Germany and extend our service to other asset classes”, announces the real estate expert. Press contact: Network marketing business – und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Jaroslaw Plewinski Fasanenstrasse 47 10719 Berlin Tel: 030 / 81 46 46 0-28 fax: 030 / 81 46 46 0-44 email:

Construction Financing Bank Drafts

The follow-on financing offers high savings potential a decision of real estate loan interest binding time running out, on the agenda: the borrower either continues his loan at the old bank or he will switch to a cheaper provider. In the second variant, although additional costs, but these are limited. Who needs a follow-up financing for his mortgage, which should not only wait for the message from the Bank. Not infrequently, credit institutions put their customers by phasing out the interest rate and the new conditions very shortly in knowledge. Not sufficient time the persons concerned then, in order to obtain offers of other banks quietly. You should therefore already a few months before the end of the period an extension offer ask their bank and compare this with the quotations of the competition.

Who will be active at an early stage, has the best chance to save interest. Assignment of mortgage to the new Bank of the effort and the costs for the Bank bills stick within limits. When is the borrower for a quote a new bank rules, must this be reflected accordingly in the land. Fees and notary costs incurred for the land changes. There are three possibilities: the assignment, the cancellation and new registration and the partial assignment in connection with the deletion of the part. The cheapest and easiest way is in processing the variant of the assignment. The customer signs the assignment document created by the old lender for this together with the loan agreement, and the banks control everything else – the assignment of the mortgage and the payment of the sum to a certain date – among themselves.

Costs are manageable notary fees for the assignment of a mortgage, for example, 125,000 euros amounting to around 75 euros and land registry fees amounting to about 130 euros. It is much more expensive, if a deletion of the old mortgage and the new registration of the remainder is made. The costs then a total of around 800 euros. This procedure is necessary only if a higher mortgage to enter. Connection financing a real estate loan the loan amount is but usually lower than at the beginning of the financing. By the interest savings loan companies reviewed in the cost of the banking bills. To half a percentage point cheaper real estate loan, he quickly saves some thousand euros within 10 years. Also: Some banks reimburse willing to exchange for the assignment of the mortgage. On for more information, interested parties and around the topic of construction financing. Company Description hypo star is a Web portal for private mortgage lending. With the construction mortgage calculator the hypo star interested can calculate free of charge their financing. A network of more than 1,000 finance professionals specialized in mortgage lending assists clients in all questions, finds the advantageous for them and accompanies them until the conclusion of the contract. Hypo star their specially developed construction financing software offers banks, insurance companies and distributors. Company contact: HypoStar GmbH Michael Lorenz Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 111A 22047 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 868 88 88 E-Mail: Web: