Censorship and impact

Censorship and impact on society and the media should be noted that the work is written in a post-Second World War when the world’s population is desperately seeking answers to new social order. Europe is in a moment of confusion trying to make sense of social norms that are inherited from the monarchies of the past century, in the same manner that gives rise to ahigh-class proletarian migration ability and need. This is the kind that will shape the future based on his youth and enthusiasm and has a strength and a force which is difficult to resist. A wave of immigration of majestic dimensions in the United States, Latin America and elsewhere, is done by people like Stan, who represent youth, new blood on the progress of the new nations, a generation that speaks with honesty and despises the arrogance and pretensions of the imperial order, which quickly dies.It’s in those days the British Empire is gone, the strength of communist societies is feared and admired, ancient empires fade and new countries form military alliances and economic cooperation. Blanche comes from southern United States, is a member of a family and a society that represents the old values that were inherited from the Imperial Europe, his name is French plantation, and even its name is French. This sector of American society advocates racism and intolerance of another kind of life that is not traditional, polite, cultured and aristocratic. A lifestyle inevitably approaching its demise. At his death. Blanche’s character embodies this metaphor, a fragile young lady with a shady past society, which wishes to conceal his past, cares about appearances and yet arouses suspicion.The face reality and being raped by force and brutality of those who despise and who is attracted at the same time, destroys what little sanity he has left, causing your life to lose consciousness and all reason for existence. A Streetcar Named Desire is a metaphor for the human condition, the meeting of cultures, and the inevitability of conflict between life and death, the understanding of this reality and the representation of it then makes the work of Tennessee Williams has an influence in the definition of the word I want in the rest of the twentieth century culture. It is from this work that the American business world and begin to create other plays, films and books that address topics and concepts prohibited until then, based on this work, our idea of what the desire is forged by the media. A Streetcar Named Desire, as expected, aroused admiration in some and disdain in others.At first the audience of that time did not stand to see the complete work, especially the rape scene. People left the theater halfway through the book. Censorship tried to delete this scene and modify the original argument, and Tennessee had to make some adjustments, but by refusing to remove that scene and make major modifications, the members of censorship forced changes were made so that it peronajes committing immoral acts were duly punished, only then would allow Tennessee to continue with its staging and later with his film. Fortunately, its success could not be contained and is now part of world heritage.

Objectives and Justification

Objectives and Justification The main objective of this new specialty is to have medical specialists solving capacity for the provision of health services of first contact, second and its connection with the services of highly specialized medicine. There are three fundamental pillars that support the development of this new medical specialty: 1 .- The demographic transition 2 .- Its impact on morbidity and mortality 3 .- And the lack of linkage between care in major hospitals and specialized first contact care in the community. Today, adults and older adults are little more than half of the general population, according to projections from population censuses in the coming years will see an investment in the population pyramid.It is noteworthy that the fastest-growing age group is over 65 years by 3.75 annually, coupled with this, there was also an increase in life expectancy is now 78.2 years for women and 73.7 years for man and it is expected that by 2050 is of 85.5 years (a phenomenon called “Aging Population”). The impact is and will be decisive and conclusive in the demand for care. Older adults currently account and new users of health services, with an increasing burden of chronic and degenerative diseases, disabling many of them, which carry a huge consumption of resources for their care, the challenges are great because you must ensure that individuals who reach old they are and remain functional, or at least with an acceptable quality of life.In Mexico, in 1900 the total deaths in population aged 65 years was just 8.3 for 1980 reached 31.3 , and for the year 2000, according to figures from INEGI, the figure reached 49.6 . The main reported causes of mortality are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (accounting for 42.7 of deaths), but there are also other no less significant as malignant tumors, liver cirrhosis and acute infectious diseases (pneumonia, etc.).Moreover, in the current social context and influence of migratory movements, is generating increased incidence of emerging diseases and reemerging infectious diseases (AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis), those related to lifestyles (accidents, violence, etc.. ), plus an increased incidence of emotional disorders (depression, suicide and addictions), which also impacts directly and determining the epidemiological profile of Mexico. It has also been observed in the current health plan a phenomenon of decoupling between the various levels of care and highly specialized hospitals, saturated and on demand. There is no continuity between the specialized and sub specialized care first and second contact in the community.Community centers either HealthCenters or Community Hospitals are relegated only to the first level of care (prevention and health promotion) and in the second case to inadequate care, and without solving not followed through, not a continuation or extension specialist care for those patients who are in advanced stages of the natural history of disease. The training of qualified human resources, must then ensure through a strategic framework for strengthening the National System of Health Care occupying a central place First Contact or priority (Integrated Model of Health Care MIDAS) in a Horizontal of continuity with hospital care and coordination with the services to meet social demands and health of a population more aware and informed, calling for effective and efficient care quality.The doctors of first contact must increase its resolving power, organization of care by other specialists and make advice and care of patients throughout the health system. It also must address the people not only in its individual dimension, but also in its community context, with a focus on biopsychosocial environment. For these reasons, this specialty is highly geared to the attention of the adult and older adult with a very precise approach: specialization in health problems related to the epidemiological profile Prevalent Morbidity and Mortality in a region or federal entity, pursuant to the Transition Demographic and operative paragraph and character of bonding in the first contact.We must not lose sight of the importance and must be prevention and health promotion at all levels of care, and this is where a doctor specializing in Adult Integrative Medicine will combine the best scenario to the activities of First Contact and tools or skills needed and competent to provide a continuum of care (extension) of the medicine applied in specialized centers, providing a perfect link to the community.

Difficult Customers

A couple of years I had a call from a customer service manager working in the paper industry. He wanted me to organize a seminar for his team, on how to deal with difficult customers. I had several telephone conversations with the administrator of the organization- dates, times and come to understand your business. If I had to describe his style on the phone that I would use words like, serious, cold, dry and a little impatient.

I began to understand that if I was one of its customers then it could have been a bit “difficult.” No doubt he knew his business and I do not think he was a bad person, but warm and welcoming – forget it. In reality, very few customers are really difficult. And I hear you say – “we have them all.” However, most customers in the world are reasonable people, and whether they are or arent, if you want their business, then you have to deal with them.

They can get “difficult” from time to time if they feel they have been subjected to fraud. It is the way of dealing with that will determine whether they remain a problem, or you can turn around. Difficult customers and situations often occur because some part of our core service has failed or that the client perceived to have failed. We have not delivered on time, the client has the wrong product, it not working or is not what the customer expects.

Instructions For Removing

The real "bite" and you will do it! Insidiously increases the fat tissue around the thighs and hips, which are steadily kilos more and more. You notice pretty slow, it weighs too much and certainly not prudent to increase more on the hated scales. But at some point you can no longer be considered in full-length mirror without turning away shyly. You should do something! ! Thinning But how? It is so difficult to overcome the notorious "inner bitch" and eat less. "Eating Less" is in itself a joke, especially since has earned the ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch not even the word "meal". The hunger in the evening is therefore only logical and justified. You tell yourself. But the evening meal to bring the pounds … If, however, so that we know very clearly, you will end up as a draft and not like this idea. But how can you manage to become slim and graceful figure also receive permanent? Dietary instructions were and are a dime a dozen. What is here today, however,should be pointed out, is no new wisdom, but a few valuable tips from a true success story. Before one decides to do something against his bacon rolls, one should feel erstmal really ready. You notice that the fact that we have such a bad-tempered, according to the look in the mirror that you just no ifs, and I want to bring about a change but the situation. Without the inner firmly resolute attitude and a specific goal in mind, it will fall over and over again "and flip back into his old pattern. Store Apotheke.com: Great German mail-So you have to motivate themselves and to have the following tips: Tip 1: Put in a little notebook where you write down all the food you eat during the day. Do it yourself for the task, calories products with less fat to eat. Avoid especially fatty foods. A one percent yogurt as well satisfies the hunger like a three per cent and gives your fat cells, no new food. Tip 2: Pay attention to theBeverages on low-calorie products. Do you drink tap water – 3-4 liters a day is best. Also able to quench the hunger and flushes the toxins from her body. Tip 3: Try to eat at night or only slightly better at all anymore. You will see how good you will feel the next morning. The stomach feels flatter and you are really hungry for a hearty breakfast. Tip 4: If you ever crave something sweet, you can not deny it completely. Treat yourself to one or the other rib chocolate, if you no longer stand it. It is better to be away and to begrudge a little something when you fall three weeks ago after extreme mortification of a large bar of chocolate and they completely destroyed. Then the bad conscience is all the big and you end up throwing out all the good intentions and falls back into the old rut. Tip 5: Do not forget to have a balanced diet in spite of reduced-calorie diet. Balanced means that the menuin particular vitamin fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other fiber-rich foods to enrich rather than "take dead" calories in the form of ham and cheese rolls to themselves. Tip 6: Try to drive two to three times a week exercise. First Sport detracts from the food and when we have made it something sporty, one is then no longer so hungry. If you are a lazy guy, so it is advisable to enroll in a fitness center. Even if you sit down there three times a week for 1 hours "only" on the exercise bike and pedal, which means even an effective calorie-burning. Tip 7: Write down these training sessions as well in your notebook! You will see the incredibly motivated and makes you proud after each training session. And as I said, if it is only about three quarters of an hour at home or coach: It will work! Tip 8: Lest you be tempted to push out to sporting activities, it is appropriate to note in your diary fix prior to the training days.For example, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As you can already set in the morning away from the fact that you go to train in the evening for 1 hour. Tip 9: It is best if you give even your gym bag in the morning in the car and driving home from work immediately jump to the fitness center. It can not happen that you come home and win by a short reading newspapers on the recognition that today is now nothing more to do for your body … which quickly find their excuses with which one tries to salve his own conscience. After all heard the lawn mowed or admitted to the floor and the floor … The lawn can wait! Do something for yourself! In a few weeks you will receive the reward for your discipline! Store Apotheke.com: Great German mail-Tip 10: According to experts, one should decrease within three weeks by more than 1.5 pounds. For faster weight loss has otherwise your skin is not stretched the ability to form slowly back. Believe me: youlearns after a time of conscious eating to listen into the body, whether you are really hungry or just want to eat out of boredom or habit something. Fourteen pounds, reduced the true protagonist of my success with this method within six months – and keeps weight in her new dress size 36 in five years. The real "bite" will help you stay on this for months consistently and your reward will be a in the truest sense it "easier" to be tes life! All in all, you will if you follow these tips, even after a few days to feel like a new man and in a few weeks or months, you will be able to clearly see the result. We will contact you as to how thin you've become – and you'll shine! Linktip: Nex Europe Jen Fe

Political International

Three hours later, the Basque advisor of Interior, Rodolfo Ares, hardly remember that they will be the corresponding organs of the PSOE and nonZapatero those that will decide finally if a congress is celebrated, option that endorses the Basque Socialists in an official notice like " more conveniente". 26 of May. In the morning, Chacn again rejects to keep awake if she will be candidate in primary ones and it asks to wait for the Federal Committee, where it asks that &quot struggles; with serenidad". Hardly two hours later, in a surprise press conference in it soothes of the PSOE, it announces that it resigns to appear like candidate when considering that was in risk the unit of the party, the authority of Zapatero even the stability of the Government. All the socialist leaders praise their generosity. 27 of May. Jose Luis express Rodriguez Zapatero before the regional secretaries of the party its desire of which their successor is Rubalcaba and receives the unanimous support of all the barons.

28 of May. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba confirms its candidacy to the primary ones and receives the endorsement of all the Federal Committee of the party, that abre the process of internal elections officially. 30 of May. In his first press conference like candidate, Rubalcaba affirms that it appears because it has a program of government for next the four years, because he is safe of being able to win in 2012 and because it has received " thousands of dedazos" of its companions asking do who it. Chacn eludes to clarify if it were pressed so that it did not appear: " Past water does not move molinos".

1 of June. Rubalcaba initiates in Seville periplo by the bunds of the PSOE to meet with the socialist militants. 13 of June. The secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Marcelino Churches, affirms that Rubalcaba is " candidate de facto " of the PSOE because none of the nine socialist militants who aspired to compete with him in the primary ones it has been able to reunite 22,000 necessary endorsement. 18 of June. The commission of electoral guarantees of the PSOE completely proclaims to Rubalcaba candidate to the generals after rejecting the allegations presented/displayed by several aspirings. The first announcement of Rubalcaba goes directed to the teaching staff: it raises that it is selected and recruited by means of a system demanding and similar to the MIR of the doctors. 20 of June. The secretary of the Political International of the PSOE, Valencian Elena, is chosen coordinating of the socialist campaign for the general elections and ex- minister Jesus Boiler, coordinator of the program. Source of the news: The PSOE hardly resolves the succession of Zapatero by Rubalcaba in three months