Performance Evaluation

Demystifying the Evaluation of Performance Landmarks Antonio Martins Rasp, doctor in Education and Evaluation, economist and Associate Professor of the Federal University of Cear (UFC) College of Educao (FACED) and Program of After-graduation in Brazilian Education, Line of Research Educational Evaluation, author of the article: Demystifying the performance evaluation, where it says that the processes of performance evaluation are an interpreted concept in diverse ways for managers and collaborators and during many years, the performance evaluation restricted to evaluate it the capacity, the potential and the personality, without taking in consideration the results, perhaps for the fact of the mediz difficulty them or for not existing a program of evaluation, with established objectives and goals. Resulting with this, incorrect, improper, unjust and ilusrias evaluations, which, showed a result that could not be used much less divulged, forgetting to objectify the management of the growth of the human being. The author questions the model of traditional evaluation and more aims at a directed look to the process of AD what he confers a satisfactory result. Wells Fargo Bank spoke with conviction. From this, the text searchs to demystify the subject & ldquo; Evaluation of Desempenho& rdquo; of form to contribute with the organizations, therefore the management of human performance consists of a continuous activity of evaluation and aconselhamento, aiming at that these can manage its human assets with the same severity devoted to its financial assets. Consequentemente, the text approaches the evaluation as integrant part of a more complex process and including of organizacional, necessary and urgent development, therefore, the evaluation is thermometer of what it is good or bad, or same what it can improve still more, is the exercise of & ldquo; feedback& rdquo;. In the area of management of people of the majority of the companies, as well as to great part of the controlling, the performance evaluation comes being a problem, therefore this activity brings a desconfortvel situation, since the longed for results nor always are gotten.. If you have read about Pinterest already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Rich Ones Know

Summary of the book What the rich ones know and do not count What the rich ones know and they do not count, of Brian Sher, Publishing company Bedding, brings information concerning the mentality of that they enrich because they search and of that they do not search e, therefore, never they enrich and never they will enrich. The workmanship shows to the capitalist logic and the creativity the service of the economic and also social success. Divided in six parts, the autoajuda presents basic aspects of the success, advice for & ldquo; voc& rdquo; reader, orientaes on marketing, marks of personal development, to be remembered characteristics of the system and information..


I have heard very on empreendedorismo. The term seems to be in fashion. Mainly when we talk with famous generation Y (those in the band of the 20-30 years, more or less). Many have the speech of: ' ' I intend to work a little, to join my money to be able to open mine negcio' '. The cases of young are rare that has as objective to construct career in a company.

This seems that it was in the last generation. I do not go to extend itself in the quarrels of the reason of this anxiety in this article, but I go to explore a little of the consequncias of this ' ' will coletiva' ' for the work market and what it demands of the enterprising futures. If one slices of these people who desire as to career the Empreendedorismo in fact making, a logical consequncia that we will see will be the scarcity of man power for the work market, mainly when thinks about strategical positions. If to look at for the current market, already we will see that many companies face a problem in its pyramid of people: very it is complicated to find e, worse still to hold back collaborators for the way of the pyramid (that he corresponds to the positions of Coordenadoria and Gerncia). In other words, generation Y is difficult to catch and more difficult still to hold back. The retention is difficult for some reasons: this generation does not admit to be stop or being without challenge (I use myself of the generalismo, but I know that all rule has exceptions). Therefore, in case that if it feels bothered in a position or a company, this generation does not have problem none in looking new challenges. E, in some cases, as of who it speaks to you, the new challenge is to tame the enterprising world.

Expositors Show

To guarantee the positive image of its store before the customers, it is basic to consider all the factors, therefore each detail can negative influence positive or in the search of this objective. The expositors of show window they can contribute to attract more customers for its store, as well as, to produce the effect contrary. The importance of the expositors of show windows the disposal of the products in the expositors of show windows can be considered as one of the most important strategies of sales used in the market, where the differentials can be determinative for the success of the store. Therefore, to display the products of surprising, current, creative, modern, innovative, provocative and instigadora form by means of the show windows, is so important how much to invest in announcements in the varied types of media. By the way, the show window is one & ldquo; mdia& rdquo; , that it can influence the customers and possible purchasers, exploring concepts that go to add value to the product.

Adequate expositors of show window to the space and the store It is important to give attention in expositors for chosen show windows, as well as in the displayed products, therefore the necessary show window to be effectively calling the attention, show windows badly presented reflect in negative way the image of the store, making it difficult to attract and to keep the attention of the people. He looks for to organize the show windows, considering details as: available space, main points of visualization to assist in the strategical planning of the disponibilizao of the products, observing that diverse criteria can in accordance with be organized: more vendidos, more showy, that sends to the image of the store, that they call the attention for promotions, chosen expositors, and so on. Another factor to be considered is if the products are in tune with the market, being really what the white public is looking for. Therefore it is basic that the people know that the store offers everything who need and that they will go to find advantages in relation to the competitors. Where to find expositors of show windows the Store of Expositors, virtual store of the Projeloja, company appraised in the market of expositors for store, it offers a variety of expositors for show windows as masculine expositors for stock market, jewels, dummies, feminine dummies, inside of a catalogue with about 3 a thousand available products, produced inside of the standards of quality and durability The expositors of show window of lined up quality and good taste with the offered products are the elements that form and complete the visual communication of the vitrinismo. Additional information is available at Robert Kiyosaki. With all these elements in sincronia, the increase of the sales will be a natural consequncia.

Japan Vinyl

Something similar, but made for another model, the customer is not interested, because the client will require precisely and exactly in the form look like Shop-casts. Therefore, in the shops is no stream manufacturing. In a question-answer forum Robert Kiyosaki was the first to reply. All done hands, piece. In a pinch, you can use small decorative items. Thus, the production floor has a long shelf on which are stored in advance manufactured parts – vinyl carrots, onions, shrimp, onion feathers, 'wool' finely planed cabbage. Of them as elements of children's designer, you can create an image side dish, so to speak, the background, but the general form of the food must still be original.

Features pieces of work dictate the nature of the workforce. For the manufacture of plaster casts need not hand laborer, and working with creative taste and know how to create various products from this picture that could make anyone feel a desire to enjoy gourmet meals offered. It is assumed (and rightly so) that when you look at vinyl fake a visitor to the restaurant to make hard and break out the salivary glands appetite. Not without reason experts say that the 'Japanese eat the eyes. " The need for long-vanished demonstrate a visiting alien would look like for the ordered food. Now installed at the entrance to the restaurant shelf with a dummy, under which the prices, are not just a showcase institution, but also a kind of menu is equally clear both adults and children, and the Japanese and foreigners.

Bound by an 'exhibition' at the entrance to a cafe or restaurant Japan attests to the relevancy products. The cost of such dummy depends on the complexity of the songs – from dozens to several hundred dollars each. This, of course, is expensive, but if the durability of goods Capable of for years to be the hallmark of institutions, it can be argued that the demand is maintained at a high level. In Japan, 86% of the restaurant is decorated with vinyl windows dishes, and the entire potential market size of this product in the country are estimated at 150 million dollars.

Refilled Toner Cartridges

The market every six months there are new types of laser printers. If four years ago color laser printer cost a lot of fabulous, and these printers were practically no on sale now for two hundred and three hundred dollars you can buy a laser color printer, with fax machines, multifunction devices, print speed, duplex printing. The production process is already well-established printers on the market great competition – it forces manufacturers to continually improve the design of printers. But in addition to manufacturers in the market there are category buyers and consumers of goods produced by that and choose which printer to buy or not to buy, and not always precious and valuable to the producer equal to the price and value for the consumer, which some features of laser printers do not have to use ever. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information. As a result now you can buy black and white laser printer for fifteen hundred rubles, but the price of consumables is not going to fall. Why are the prices of consumables is not lowered and such a high? Because if the user every five years to buy laser printer and after five years, change it, then laser cartridges have a feature to end much faster laser print cartridge for printing pages of normal quality is enough for one and a half thousand pages, and he ends and have to go buy a new cartridge, which costs more than the printer itself, here the producers and win back his money. Not so important how many laser printers are buying consumers, more importantly – how much Consumers print them. .

Fortune Cookies

This batter is pumped through the pump into the ring oven, which contains a number of small cups with a flat bottom (about 7.6 cm in diameter). On top of the cup falls flat heating element, which bakes cookies on top. Thus baking occurs on both sides, so the cookie gets exactly golden brown on both parties. Cookies rotates in a circular oven. One complete revolution takes 3.5 minutes.

This is the time required for baking thin dough. – And when the process of embedding a pastry leaves with the predictions and wishes? – When baking is completed, a special crane moves the biscuits on a paper stage investment predictions. Everything happens automatically and quickly. Slips of paper fall on the cookies using a special vacuum device. Further, while it is still hot, cookies are pushed two mechanical fingers that fold them in half, making a crescent or, as some say, in the heart with the predictions of the inside. Further, cookies cooled with cold air and then automatically packed. Next they are placed in boxes that can protect their fragile cargo.

– How is quality control? You're told that the artisans have trying to offer people the options cookie fortune. And as for order and cleanliness watching you? – We produce only high quality biscuits, made of high quality raw materials. Equipment is regularly cleaned, observed and continuously monitored all of the baking process in compliance with all product standards and safety. Because the process is fully mechanized, there is little opportunity for contact with a person or baking the possibility of other contaminants. Our meeting was over, but questions were still a lot. However, the answers are on the recommendation of my counterparts, I have found on the company visit the faq. And then I broke my selection out of the box Fortune Cookies, quickly opened a beautiful gold box and threw the mouth sweet broken into halves, read: "This week you are waiting for big changes." "Of course, I thought, all to a point. And indeed, newlyweds and their guests can recommend a wedding cookies are happy. At weddings they just are not enough. And I've got everything in order – ordered box of cookies with the predictions already standing in the back seat of my Chrysler. After I'm getting married on Saturday! "

Express Courier

The fact that the logistics now means a lot to the company knows it all. Definitions for this word is enough. In the broadest sense is meant by the word "logistics" – the theory and practice of managing material and information streams in the process of commodity circulation. But in the courier service or in the transport organization – is the process of optimal allocation of transportation resources to provide the most rapid and high quality service and minimize costs of delivery. As we know in every case has its own nuances. So it is with the couriers. Usually in the courier service a lot of money to perform services for the delivery of correspondence.

The basis for selecting the optimal type of money for a particular cargo is cargo information and required urgent delivery. It is clear to all that the courier for Russian cargo can be delivered weekly to train and few hours by plane. Typically, courier service after receiving an order begins the allocation of resources based on the urgency of delivery. Conducted logistic calculations. For example, if a delivery within a city, then receiving letters and parcels from the customer, most often used couriers close by the customer. The market in this field dictates the harsh conditions of work and have to hurry, or order for courier delivery may go to the competitors, but it is fraught with not only the loss of money, but also a client. All information on correspondence received is going to have managers who expect to travel time to points of delivery courier and guide them to avoid unnecessary time loss as the most important criterion for the courier this time courier. Well, if delivery to other cities in Russia, then still have to choose the optimal transport the criterion of price / performance.

Choices is not so much: road, rail, sea and air. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is clear that road transport in the express delivery used for short distances, he can only make deliveries directly to the building of the customer. But we should remember that cars have high transportation costs. Rail and sea transport economical, relatively quick, and regularly delivers goods, but the rails application and use only the waterway makes mobility transport. Accordingly, there must, in addition to use couriers, or cars. Air transportation with the best performance for speed of delivery and the possibility of rapid delivery to remote areas have relatively high tariffs on services. Thus, the courier service for the most efficient and quality of service should only use all the tools together. Of particular importance is the execution time of delivery, and please do not control the passage of goods at each stage Express delivery. That has its value logistics.

Ordinary Product

So, before you make a reservation, see what information is listed on the site shop. A striking example of the "left" the store is a lack of contact data such as telephone, physical address of the office, as well as the absence of details of the legal entity or individual entrepreneurs, who owns the shop. 2. Disclaimer. Occasionally happens that a customer places an order, pays for it, but the goods are not coming. The buyer is associated with the shop and it turns out that this product just over a warehouse and the seller waits for its completion. Then by and large you have to just wait, though, you have the right to require their money back.

Worse situation is an option when the product is over and his delivery is no longer possible. Then you get your money back (usually with less of a percent, for the transfer of funds) and are without the desired product. Therefore, we advise you to buy, refer to online consultants (usually at the site indicated form of communication with consultants: icq, online chat, etc.) and check with him, the availability of a product. And in general, Do not be afraid to ask the consultant any questions regarding your purchase. Thus you get more information and as we know, the one who owns infrmatsiey, owns the world. " 3. Provision of personal data.

Some shops, for formation of order, please indicate your personal data: whether the e-mail address, place of residence, or even passport information. There should be careful. Look what kind of store, whether it inspires confidence (sm.pervy item). If you do not like something, then just close the page and look for in a search engine site credible. Summing up, I want to say that buying in the Internet shop in essence, no different from buying in the ordinary shop. You give the seller the money and get the goods. And the main rule of the buyer should be: "Trust, but verify."

Bottles Of Vodka

Benjamin once said that he would not talk about facts and figures will not be ready-made solutions – just an attempt to answer questions. Reflections on one of the closest Russian soul food, and his life in the world of brands. On the vodka. "These are on – you might say. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. – African and the vodka! "But as they say, vodka is vodka, and Africa.

That's just what it means for the Russian people and for Africans? And for Europeans? Are there any rules of branding vodka and why so many Bottles like one another as dolls, are on the shelves? Traditionally, vodka is one of the most complex products for branding. Why? Do I need to brand vodka and how to precisely this bottle offered hand man. And maybe not just a man? What is vodka in Russian and other cultures? On these and many other questions attempted to answer in his speech, creative director of Clever, Benjamin Benimana. But talking about vodka without her own, impossible. Therefore, Benjamin drank stack (incidentally, this possibility was at all present, although not all have decided to use it) and with the words "went well", he began to talk. Many major companies are vodka branding.

The question is: vodka branding – it is a sign of what? That's right – high competition on the shelves. But we have a decent vodka at the moment? Dozens if not hundreds of faceless vodkas, brandies. However, such branding "freemen" could not last long. On the way a new generation of consumers.