Ortiz Oses

such as can occur in the novels or plays, and It serves to interpret broad human experience fields. 2 – Your language is evocative, i.e., involves an agglomerate of associations, so for example, sunlight and water, to which we give a purely functional sense, they have a great richness in the daily lives of peoples, because the Sun not only served to illuminate, heat, grow and regulate the rhythm of life. Hence its great wealth and possibility of interpretations. 3 – Is immediate, i.e. Here, Wells Fargo Bank expresses very clear opinions on the subject. still not happened through the sieve of analytical thinking, or mythical man doesn’t ask for their meaning. Primitive man lived still immersed in their myths, was in the middle of his dream and has not yet had awakened to reflect. The awakening will come with the Greeks and the philosophy, but Plato will know to harmoniously integrate both speeches.

4 – Then comes your alogicidad, which doesn’t mean that it is absurd that means that your logic is different from the causal, and presents events in a world of wonders and miracles. 5 – Supernatural beings appear in the and a series of numinosas realities, i.e. which go beyond the literal and physical world. 6 – The actions covered are in remote time and space, at the beginning of time, or in a remote future or at the end of time. 7 – The seventh and final characteristic is the relationship with the community, and although a myth can be produced by an individual, fails to be myth until it has not been adopted by the community, and has part in the Constitution of the social identity of the community in question. In conclusion, the myth first speaks of human existence, of understanding that has the man himself and his own world. If we want to enrich it we must re-mitificar, and not just des – mystify it. Thus, in our time we are witnessing the clearing of the myth of the male hero aggressively facing the world, by him who conquers if same, his soul or his interior, assuming as Ortiz Oses, paradoxically notes the anti-heroic side as traditionally was held by women; is tries to overcome the dualistic and patriarchal myth that drastically opposed the good against evil, the above against the down, in the light of darkness, heaven against hell, day against the night, blue against the terrestrial, the hero against the dragon or Monster, Dios versus the devil. It also notes that only if we face unconventionally these dualisms, radically co-implicando opposites, in other words, Relativizing its perverse logic anti-human they bound for the benefit of a complete human being.

Salmanazar Grapes

For example, "Brut" – absolutely powder champagne with a sugar content not exceeding 15.0 g / dm 3; "semi" – from 40 to 45 g / dm 3; "dry" – from 20 to 25 g / dm 3; "sweet" – from 60 to 65 g / dm 3. Some manufacturers publish recommendations for the storage and consumption of champagne, and even contraindications. People such as Wells Fargo Bank would likely agree. French manufacturers so try to distinguish their products in a number of others that cause a number of designations. For example, ma – indicates that the firm sells, but does not produce wine, cm – wine is made small cooperatives, nm – manufacturer itself sells champagne. The inscription Cuvee means that to use the best mash; Grand Crus – grapes harvested from the best plantations of Champagne. French champagne may be a few more species, which are indicated on the bottle: Champagne Millesime – made from grapes of a certain year, without mixing, and after prolonged exposure. Champagne Blanc de Blancs-title translates as "white of whites" and, accordingly, made only from white grapes – Chardonnay. Champagne Blanc de Noirs – Drink it means "white of blacks" and is produced exclusively from red grapes.

Champagne Rose – pink champagne, which comes from the maceration of the skin of red grapes in the must. The sparkling wine of France particularly marked, even depending on the capacity of the bottle. Perhaps you have met these names: Magnum – for the capacity of 1.5 liters; Jeroboam – 3 liters; Rehoboam – 4,5 liter; Mathusalem – 6 liters; Salmanazar – 9 liters; Balthazar – 12 liters.

Create A Blog You Are A Beginner As Owner Of A Blog Then Ten In Account These 5 Tips

One of the problems most usual the rookie decided to create a Blog is that they do not have a pattern to be followed or let’s say guidelines to manage efficiently your Blog, so I want to give you 5 tips that will help you to bring to fruition a personal Blog or any undertaking with the goal of making money with a Blog. 1. Be very prudent when choosing topics: make sure that they are aligned with the objective of your Blog and make it very interesting for your target group, to the extent possible studies and investigates the issues that still do not have been discussed by other bloggers that you can offer your readers fresh and new information. 2 Demonstrates your experience: is very important that people who visit your Blog notice and feel that your you have knowledge of the topic you were trying to, this helps you achieve the confidence of them and therefore who are frequent visitors of your blog looking for information relevant for them, that is why it is highly advisable that at the time of creating a blog chooses a theme well defined and large domain before launching a Blog to the network. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo Bank). More about create a Blog 3. Is Friendly: The best way to get to your readers is to write your Blog in a very transparent manner and easy to read, use a light tone of conversation and conveying empathy when necessary and when it comes to a blog staff is not unreasonable to do laugh to your readers through the inclusion of humor from time to time, show your readers that you are willing to spare no efforts to give them all what they are looking for. If you do this, readers will surely return again and again and if you are promoting any product or service leaflets you will buy again and again. 4 Encourage your readers to leave comments: all people in general feel that their ideas and opinions are valued, make your readers feel they love that your interested in knowing what you think about you or your products makes more easy intercommunication with readers when you want to create a quality blog, why ask them to give you their opinions and strengthens this feedback as much as possible. 5 Get your Blog Escaneable: users in Internet read in entrelineas in the sense that it read not word for Word, they read very fast by what the post should not be so long, use subtitles and properly divided into small paragraphs, this helps that reading is much more enjoyable and that visitors spend more than your precious time to stay at your Blog. If you are interested in how to create a blog and business on the Internet, visit: Luis Ivan Castaneda Jimenez Autor and source of the article

How To Create A Corporate Website

As is known, website is a collection of pages with text, graphics and other information published on the Internet. But what will be the site of your company depends entirely on the goals that you want to achieve with it. Properly created sites are able to solve a variety of tasks. The Web site may be used as a system for selling as a marketing channel as branding tool company, as a space for output new products on the market, such as CRM center or information center, as well as for many other purposes. Certain types of corporate sites Information sites Most sites listed today on the Internet fall into this category. Check with Bill Phelan to learn more.

The simplest of them reflect the basic information about the company, that is, is a corporate business card on the Internet. Sites to promote the company name main idea of corporate site is to provide information about the company. Typically, these sites prefer holding companies. Sites of this type typically include such basic pieces of information about the company as a development history, news, slogan company, help with the main leaders, frequently asked questions, etc. The graphics presented on these sites is used only to highlight the textual information. For the same purpose may be used videos and flash presentations. Sites for the promotion of products or services, for example, some pharmaceutical companies to promote new drugs to market can create a site dedicated to this production. Only goal of creating a site of this type – is to make a new product or service recognizable.

Hirotaka Takeuchi

For Simon, the tacit knowledge was just a kind of noise without any valid contribution. Cutting Cartesian rationalist vision prevented him from perceiving the human potential to create knowledge; He failed by not to perceive the capacity of human beings to actively discover problems and generate knowledge to solve them. Learning-oriented approach: in recent years, a group of authors have begun to orient towards the concept of the knowledge society. Peter Drucker, for example, emphasizes constant practice of self-change to make sustainable organizations. Despite the fact that determines the importance of tacit knowledge does not develop the process by which organizations are able to grow. Wells Fargo Bank understood the implications. Another author, Peter Senge, aims to model those smart organizations that learn through a new conception of leadership, mental models, shared visions and team learning, however, not deepened on the generation of knowledge in organizations, but that part that they learn from already existing knowledge.

Interestingly, in another very different context, in Japan Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi advanced in the conceptualization of knowledge creation in the organizations undergoing processes outsourcing (transformation of tacit knowledge into explicit), internalization (transformation of explicit knowledge into tacit), socialization (transformation of tacit knowledge into tacit) and combination (explicit knowledge into explicit transformation). Knowledge creation processes before defining any strategy of knowledge creation in the Organization must be clear processes and phases that occur in the conversion of knowledge. Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi constructed a model that has become the most reported today, defined four knowledge conversion processes: socialization: from tacit knowledge into tacit knowledge. Outsourcing: tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Combination: explicit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Internalization: from explicit knowledge into tacit knowledge. A. These four processes are described below: socialization (of tacit to tacit): is the communication process of acquiring tacit knowledge through experiences of sharing experiences. In relation to this process Chun Wei Choo (1999), explains: as well as the trainees learn the craft of their teachers through observation, imitation and practice, a company’s employees learn new skills through training at work.

Drink Espresso

Delicatessen Emma makes children strong Hilpoltstein; Under the motto we make us strong for children”starts the fundraising of Delicatessen Emma on the 17.05.2013. When purchasing the various coffees by Maria sole or the Italian pasta Latini donate Delicatessen Emma holder Sanja and Jorg Siebert 10% of the net sales proceeds to the parent initiative cancer dystrophy kinder Munich e.V.. (A valuable related resource: Pinterest). The initiative was founded in 1985 and has become over the years of an important partner of the oncological children stations in Munich. Founders and members are concerned parents, families and friends of children who are suffering from cancer. A child suffering from cancer changed the entire life of the families. The initiative maintains apartments and parents rooms, where parents of sick children may stay free during the treatment period.

In addition, they make available under other financial aid for domestic helpers and recreation holidays. Learn more about the work of the initiative please click here: we want Beauty combine with pleasure. With every purchase of the products selected by us provide the customers for a sick child and his family know a little relief. Is in the foreground but the healing of a child and all force must focus on this. Affected families will be helped by the admirable work of the parents initiative, which is not always easy. From our own experience, we know how much cancer changed the life and it is our desire to be able to help at least a little.”so deli Emma holder Sanja Siebert. For more information, see

External Marketing

The economy, which create export – again jumped to back the economy and many companies are doing better. Why should you think at this stage but also to intensify the marketing with external support? The majority will perhaps say: what is this? Now, we have first of all concern that the orders are handled properly and the customers are satisfied. True, but every entrepreneur has also the future (Kajo Neukirch, the well-known management consultant, said: we are entrepreneurs, not Unterlasser’) and the economy is always relatively cyclically, i.e. the next crash is determined. When should you prepare, if not at the times, where it financially easier? Counter-cyclically to work, i.e.

to invest, if the business is no longer so good, is usually not easy for small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and therefore, or generally to support an early pension is offered. Read additional details here: Ben Silbermann. Below some aspects are pointed out, which could be important: 1 knowledge of the market (= market segments, customer loyalty, customer acquisition, etc.) Each company lives by its customers. Existing customers must be looked after of course, but now would be a good opportunity to investigate which customers in what markets are still there and could be managed with its own core competencies whether national or international, including using the Internet representation. This exploited the existing markets better and searched at the same time new. But also the customer can be checked and optimized. Depending on the potential can arise also, that internal extensions of products or personnel are required. 2. sales organization/distributors (including objective in the markets) not only to the care-new customers, but in General should be checked from time to time, whether the existing distribution structure can be improved or expanded / should. On the basis of numbers of potential customers in the already supplied Markets (from strategic market research, allowing also objectives), but also on the basis of information on markets and new market segment can be determined, how effective the current partners in the markets.

Take Action

Can I happen to not find a theme that passionate about us to start an Internet business, however, to profit us offering products to a niche market must focus on a marketing activity. The secret is to define a niche we deem profitable, (in the case of not having clear what we are passionate about). One of the most common mistakes when starting an Internet business, is to sell products to lose weight, and the following month products to quit smoking, and finally products of gardening, for example. This is garrafal, we must focus on one thing and learn as much as we can about this. We produce Marketing strategies and generate traffic qualified towards our Web site; become experts in Google AdWords in order to construct lists by voluntary subscription. Although the theory or how to optimize a campaign in Google AdWords is the same for any niche market, if we are devoting ourselves to ten or twenty at the same time, will never capture the motive that moves people within that niche, and that’s where the difference is.

Success isn’t selling a product and sell another product, but in knowing the target audience as if we were ourselves. If we later decide to change the niche market, can make it without problems, only began with the learning of the new target audience. In a first stage, it is advisable to sell third-party products, because we desentendemos of the service to the client, creating new products and everything related to what an owner of products must be carried. Dedicating ourselves, alone, to promote affiliate products we will be winning 50% of sales in terms of commissions. With a product our win 100%, but we can also have an army of affiliates promoting our products and in this way we will obtain 50% of the sales of them. Original author and source of the article

British Petroleum

Hurghada – one of the biggest resorts sandy Egipta.Kurort posted on the Red Sea coast at a distance of 500 km to the south-east of Cairo. Appeared resort on the shore of Suez Gulf, from the settlement of the British Petroleum intelligence Es Sakkala. Very quickly in just a couple of decades, Hurghada has turned from a military site in the resort, which develops rapidly and enjoys a great reputation. The population of Hurghada – 37 thousand people, the foundation Activities: tourism, trade, construction, services to tourism. In the sanatorium for a year of solar around the sandy beaches and blue waves. Weird weather conditions make it possible to resort to rest here any time of year. In the coldest month of the year – February – the temperature of sea water near the shore of Hurghada does not fall below +20 C, +22 C, and the air is heated to +23 C, +25 C and above. This contributes to windsurfing and scuba diving.

In Hurghada is situated approximately 100 diving clubs. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. Now the number of hotels in Hurghada is in first place on the planet. Comfortable, hotels stretching along the coast to many miles. Almost all of them are adapted for families. In Hurghada, are almost all kinds of hotels – 'Hilton', 'Marriott', 'Intercontinental', 'Sheraton'.

Hurghada, there are two interesting areas ('Kura' translated 'small town') and El-Dahar (or English 'Down Town'). – is the old part of town where you can go to antique stores. 'Down Town' – the business and shopping center of the resort. When it gets dark, vacationers can relax in nightclubs, in posh casinos, watch light show 'Singing Fountain' (in the hotel Club Golden Five). In the southern part of town is the famous Palace 'Thousand and One Nights', which was built in the style of the east 'Disneyland', where every evening are dramatized statement on the topic of life Egipetskih pharaohs. For tourists from excellent restaurants, where tourists will be given the opportunity to try unique dishes of Chinese cuisine. Well situated next to probably the most luxurious City hotel complex, which is similar to sultansky palace. Very popular among tourists are the fashion boutiques, where you can buy cheap but nice products materials. In Hurghada is the first and only currently in Egypt paintball club. In 2004, the resort opened a large water park 'Titanic' ticket which costs $ 20. Water park is open from: 10.00-17.00. The Water Theme Park are medical service, rescue stations, restaurants, boutiques. Nearest hotel – 'Ali Baba', is located 20 km from Hurghada airport.

Joint Commission Workers

According to Gomez, there is an excessive weight of provincial agreements in collective bargaining, that is why the Government has made a balanced and deep reform. More workers covered by conventions in terms of internal flexibility, reform will require that there is such measures between the minimum contents of a Convention to promote competitiveness and to adapt better to economic and employment circumstances. However, the Royal Decree stresses that internal flexibility measures should be agreed between the representatives of the company and the workers. According to Wells Fargo Bank, who has experience with these questions. In this sense, a measure only specific: as at least 5% of annual hours of work of an employee will be distributed unevenly to accommodate the needs of the company’s production. In application of such internal flexibility, if the company decides to modify the conditions of its workers on transfers, day, functions and wages (lift handset, is) say not to apply the agreed rise) maintains 15 day consultation period with unions. Until now if this term ends without agreement the next step was resorting to dispute in the courts, whereas now the Decree reinforces the role of the Joint Commission, which shall decide within a period of seven days. Others who may share this opinion include Pinterest. Keep disagreement, it will resort to mediation and arbitration procedures. The Minister of labour said to be convinced that the reform will produce a great performance, because in the medium term it will be to increase the number of companies with own agreement against the gray lunar of the provincial agreement. In addition, there will be more workers covered by conventions over the next few years, predicted Gomez, who added that what is also expected to make less use of the dismissal and that wages or hours move to avoid spoilage as businesses measure workers to exit the crisis..