Alvaro Murillo New Director

A work that the newly elected are warmly welcomed. I am very happy and motivated with the new feature that was me just entrust. From now on I’ll coordinate all marketing actions with the purpose of creating new business strategies based on intensifying relations with the pharmaceutical industry and detect new demands, explains. With this […]

Luis Soria Medina

Today I want to talk about the 3 classes of people who exist in the world: the first kind of person, they are all those that depend on a salary from a job, they are from the 7, 8, or 9 in the morning until 6, 8, 9 of the night, and that is every […]

3 Ways To Increase Subscribers

There are many strategies to increase subscribers to a newsletter. In this article we will show some of them. Content. Provides quality content and where possible, original. There are many places where you can find quality articles for publication in newsletters freely keeping the author credits. But the best is to create own items from […]