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Farewell Final for my precious baby that precious diras gabriel? Nothing! that will tell those who know that these dead. Learn more at: Pinterest. my heart says of you, quite the contrary. never my tears have been more sincere. I just want to tell you that you’ll be there, in that place safe and pleasant, where you can reach the envy and resentment of anyone, where the ingratitude of good deeds never make fun of you, where anger and hatred of men rather than brothers are now enemies, you can spread. fundete in the sky and quemate like a star, but leave me the taste of the fire. It ceases to exist so that you exist in God. you love me as I love you.

for this reason, I have to say goodbye. your identify that your father has always tried to forget everything that starts to become idolatry in his life. therefore now more to forget I have to tell you goodbye my precious angel. This form of my precious proceed, me has brought a series of enemies than if they had the power to arrancame la vida lo would do. many of these beings belittle your father because you don’t live like them or not practised the way mechanics live their lives. on a daily basis they violated it. (As opposed to Rich Dad Poor Dad).

which makes me converserme doubly from the road I’ve proposed me lead to good term. This is the third and last time by a very long year volvere to write you, tie since not a hare it idolatry. you were a human being who died, like many of those who die daily. only something has given you a powerful advantage over all of us, and is that you can now melt you with God. fsoc to God of your father in order to examine my mistakes quickly and separate me from that which does not suit me. where virtue is my counselor and your memory my passed Muse. your mother can tell that already is not on my side, but that since the met never take another woman’s body to make it mine. attests that fidelity to the eternal and sovereign, God my soul, truth, your uncle john jairo and your uncle juan carlos. Since these last were always willing to introduce myself any woman to take her to bed, if I available. but the heart of your mother I was so nice that he was the only person that I could find complacency. now that you’re no longer would like to embrace your tender hands and kiss them with my lips then take your delicate body and hold it against my chest. in order to find a reason to go on living. but as these, I have desided let me govern by the rule of reason and the powerful running of love that everything you can do and everything succeeds. In conclusion dire that subsequently to dedicate a series of works on your behalf to then forget you for always and only bring you to my memory when I go to heaven, I love you my precious angel my precious gabriel.

Jesus Christ

A cause for joy, without a doubt, but immediately looked a matter of concern: the opposition, fruit of the Satanic Act to prevent to continue. Rich Dad Poor Dad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Bible recounts the event in the following terms: Sambalat, Tobias, Guesen Arabic and the rest of our enemies learned that I had rebuilt the wall, and that the gaps had been closed (though still not had been doors into place). Then Sambalat and Guesen sent me this message: we need to meet with you in any of the populations of the Ono Valley. What planned to really hurt me.(Nehemiah 6: 1, 2.) New International Version) is likely to consider be going through an excellent period of spiritual strength, but beware! Do not depend. It is when most must redouble their prayers. As a soldier in times 2.-remain with the firm in Jesus Christ look, without making concessions to evil a friend who fell into fornication told me that his spiritual setback occurred when it was going through the best moment in his ministerial life.

He had innumerable invitations to preach, gave lectures on Christian institutions and the Church where ministered experienced growth in its membership. He believed that everything was going well. And in this context It was that it ended up entangled with a woman who came to the Congregation in a State of crisis, sought counseling and they ended up romantically entangled. A real situation to gather on the need to remain steadfast, with an eye on Jesus Christ. He is who strengthens us to overcome. If we give concessions, however small that are evil, we will end up going back. Nehemiah was faced to fall. It tells of his own handwriting that enemies lost no opportunity to take you to the corner, between the sword and the wall; So I sent some messengers to tell them: I am engaged in a great work, and I can’t go.

Rings Of Marriage

There are many rings of marriage market offerings. Those seeking marriage rings usually find them in jewelry specializing in all sorts of beautiful objects that serve as embellishment to the most beautiful women. Usually seen reaching an anxious future husband to find a couple of good special jewelry to give to his future wife. These jewels are the famous rings of marriage. It is usually the man of the couple which is responsible for buying the rings of marriage. Since he is who should make the proposal of marriage to his alleged, he likewise must be carried out for each one of the important things to make his proposal. And let me say it, there can be a marriage with all of the law proposal if it is not accompanied by a few good marriage rings. For husbands generally things not involved in these and have little notion of what is decoration and taking jewelry and all these accessories that usually carry women as objects that enhance their beauty.

That’s why these people there for many jewelers and jewellers specializing in rings of a marriage that can advise them in a complete manner on the best option for his alleged. It is recommended to be carried away by experts in rings of marriage counselors when in doubt about which gem is ideally suited to the situation that is happening. These people know many options with regard to marriage rings and also may offer an objective view of the things that allows you to take a more balanced decision regarding to which may be the best gem for the occasion. Marriage rings are a symbol of unity. This symbol is present from the principles of humanity. Usually when marriage rings appear in the mythological stories of our ancestors they marked an important destination, which will have a paramount importance in the lives of those who celebrate the nuptials accompanied this symbolic jewel. In our society marriage rings symbolize the union between a couple of man and woman that they intend to live together and happy for the rest of their lives. To support their desires with rings of marriage they are resorting to an old and important symbol that has marked the history of humanity without being noticed in an immediate or widely visible way.

That is why marriage rings are a significant element that must accompany any wedding. A wedding is generally not accepted when there is no a symbol like this that accompany it, because husbands whenever they see their marriage rings can remember the causes that joined them and the purposes that they built together when they wanted to marry. The latter is especially important when during the marriage the couple goes through difficult times where tends to desist from his purpose of staying together and happy for the rest of their lives. So, if you are married, you can not forget to get marriage rings that will be a symbolic reinforcement to the union of the couple who is to follow a destiny together. Is therefore also that this symbol must be accompanied by a good jewel, thus the reason why this jewel is delivered can be one of the most relevant facts of the life of those who attend to him. Original author and source of the article

3 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Is your marriage or your relationship in trouble? See a professional counselor in relationships can make a big difference. Working with a third party that this qualified can help you put your problems in order, save your relationship and cope with these difficult times faced by all couples. You might have some misconceptions about other tips that should be eliminated. The advisors you tell what to do contrary to the popular belief that a counselor will not listen to your lists of demands and will assign the task to fix your problems. If you hear, this is true, but your job is to guide you through the process to identify problems and give you their own solutions. Unfortunately many people are turning to counseling in relationships of couple as a last option and many times because it is too late to reverse the damage. 3 Tips to save your relationship while you can be discussing the possibility of seeking advice, qui have some tips that you can implement now to start saving your relationship. 1.

Rules of commitment many couples mistakenly think that the trick to repair a relationship is to avoid arguments. In general, this csolo cause that the two people bite the tongue until reaching the frustration they feel. Instead, you and your partner should establish some rules of engagement and then feel free to express their frustrations. Some rules that must be considered for combat are: to) anything from insults / maldesir these arguments escalated beyond the point of no return, as a result of attacks personal rather than deal with the problem. b) shout can be difficult to contain, in particular if shout is to show defense, however when you become aware of how humiliating that is for another person they shout this helps you to avoid it. Stay away if tempers are out of control and it returns when everything is calmer. 2 Write the great advantage of sharing your feelings with a note or letter is that there is no interruption, the other person will have a very difficult to cut time to half of the sentence but will continue his reading! Of course, you still have to take into account the previous Council, nothing personal insults or attacks.

3 Contact when they have been together for quite some time physical contact often forgets. Search a moment to take hands, sit nearby on the couch or embrace before sleep. Human beings are designed to socialize and respond to physical contact. Gently caressing the back of the hand of your partner can rekindle the feelings that are dejaron back. Conclusion on the tips to save your relationship couples counseling can make a big difference in your life and save your relationship. Once you start it, you work with a qualified therapist where you and your partner might be connected. Of course, you have to understand that even the best counselor can do the work for you. Each of you must commit to making changes and participate in an open dialogue. These tips can be really useful, but do not compare anything to which the books for Recover your former partner me while, gives a twist to your life knows the real remedy to save your relationship. Gives a twist to your life knows the real remedy to win back your ex soon beam click: tips to win back your partner.

Oscar Schindler

Cracow is undoubtedly the city more attractive and sorceress of Poland, with incomparable environment and a spirit. Every corner of the city, evokes a magic and unmistakable splendor. Infinite volumes could write about Krakow and have already written a few, but none of them gives practical information how circulate through this city, what corners are still undiscovered, which eat the cracovianos, etc.. Ultimately lacks the finishing to the tourist information about our city, just missing the finish to the decisions of the administration of the city. About Krakow says city more known of Poland is possibly so, but still very poorly promoted in Europe. Krakow counselors do not know why, but they are not able to get out of the provincionalismo, they are not able to change chip, begin to earn their salaries and give the world know that this generation wants to leave a mark in history. It should leave more freedom to young people in making decisions for which these tell the world so well than clear: coming to Krakow, here we have one of the few oils that had left Leonardo da Vinci, here is the medieval old town that takes 750 years without modifying its urban distribution, here we have the famous factory of Oscar Schindler, here Juan Pablo II spent 40 years of his life. I hope to one day let us say so well clear these things and many more than we have in Krakow.

Venezuelan Gorilla

JOSE BRECHNER photography was eloquent. There were two icons of the Latin American yielded, although they differ in activity, Che Guevara, who was wisely banned his image in Poland, is his favorite hero for the moment. To read more click here: Rich Dad Poor Dad. They also enchant to Castro, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Hitler. Although latter prefers not to talk about. Hitler is the secret envy of Liberals. The two characters whose portrait was released in all newspapers in South America, are loved by millions who flatter them and applaud as much as are vulgar, cheaters, liars and ignorant. These are defined as Communists but they are billionaires pretensiosos. They are arrogant and pushy.

One is a drug addict, the other is drug dealer. One ever was a good football player, the other was always a coup milico with dictatorial soul. What did Diego Maradona next to Hugo Chavez when the latter was advancing him for the umpteenth time the forthcoming Declaration of war on Colombia? It is not difficult to decipher. Maradona traveled from emergency to Caracas to join your wise counselor to decide what to do in the future, because it smelled it would not continue as coach of the Argentine national team football. The AFA resolved that problem properly, for blessing of the sport, not only Argentina but internationally. It would have to be crazy to commit the error of re-electing him to the sane and the eyes of the whole world, who saw Argentine failure as the incompetent handling of your technical product.

But what has to do with Maradona and soccer the Venezuelan Gorilla? all. Chavez is an expert in making Presidents. It did Evo Morales who is street football. Maradona or what to say. Diego enjoys greater popularity than any in the Argentina. Thirty years after the World Cup, 30 kg, and infinitely many shameful events, which produce more embarrassment than own, is wanted by 52% of Argentines.

Tarot Cards

It is this opportunity to deepen about the many symbols that have the High Priest in the tarot cards. It is an authority figure, linking the divine with the mundane, calling on God's protection and guidance of his word. He speaks of meekness, of divine forgiveness, acceptance of the commandments and the Lord's will, and the protection of men. Within the High Priest or Hierophant is one of the more arcane rich symbolism. Card bearing the number five in Roman numerals, shows the high priest, or Pope in the Catholic Church. He is a man, but the link between this world and beyond, bringing people to God.

It is one of tarot cards that shows a figure of authority and spiritual value. He sits on his throne, and on each side surrounding two strong pillars that support and give strength and authority. Within the tarot cards is a mystery that brings us to the moral authority, wisdom, spiritual counselor who knows what is best for us. It is one of tarot cards that are more symbolic. The illustration is the attitude of being taught or preached two other people, who listen attentively, two men. His left hand holds a strange position, with his little and ring fingers folded, and the largest index pointing to the sky, or infinite. In his other hand holds a scepter, irrefutable symbol of power, as the stick used by the shepherd to lead his flock.

Indeed, one of tarot cards with more meaning in regard to its position. In the tarot cards from the aid of the above, God who cares for and guides all his creatures. His triple crown represents his mastery over the human, the body, feelings and soul. The rod or tip is also crossed by three beams, which reinforce this idea. The number five represents humanity. It is the mediator between the divine and human. It is he who interprets and enforces the will of God. Represents indulgence, forgiveness, understanding, generosity. It a tarot card that tells us that the client is well oriented in their decisions, if you hear your own inner voice. This tarot card, the floor is formed by black and white tiles, which are the permanent contrast of opposites that all human beings we submit permanently. With your help, we can distinguish good from evil and to discern what should be done. The High Priest in the tarot cards is the bringer of divine illumination, the light of the word and the interpretation of the message from heaven. At his feet is two crossed keys. These keys open the world of heaven, to put at the service of men who wish to receive it in their hearts. Within the tarot cards usually depict men authority and power, while the female figures, the power comes from the intelligence and will.

United States

The good anger management or good control of anger are extremely important you believe it or not. Nowadays there are many people looking for various types of counselling for a variety of disorders in his mood, I mean these people seek professional advice and direct about your anxiety, depression, feeling of bitterness, frustration, etc. Surely all these conditions are by-products of the ira, if you try to exit these conditions of the State of mood so common in our current environment, you must start practicing anger control. It is natural to show his anger only to those who are weaker than you. 20% Of adults in the United States has depressive episodes with an angry fast and controllable little, the immediate consequence is that anger is present and in many cases has resulted in the disintegration of families. Controlling anger may seem extraordinary to and without a doubt it is a daunting task, but I have news, you can take advantage by starting to exercise the anger management, You can set aside the despair, take control of your life and offer a great service for people living in the fight to bring the wrath of his life. Now you see this consequence of many that there is no controlling anger. If you are angry and frustrated, you will lose interest in their daily activities.

Losing the tranquility is another of the consequences of not taking control of the anger management because you don’t sleep well, feel that their energy is eliminated and this weary and sad, it is very likely that this experiencing fluctuations in your weight.He realizes the size of problems that entails not controlling anger; at this time you getting these signals that are telling you that you need help in anger management. Get all the facts and insights with David Michery, another great source of information. There are different types of approaches in anger control treatment since perhaps his problem is emotional, biological, mental psychological for all these problems there is an appropriate and tailored treatment. The effects of anger are much more intense than you might imagine, are like an ugly scar, where is remember the poor situation on a permanent basis and for a long time. This undoubtedly turns into a good job loss, breaking with his childhood friend or the end of a conjugal life now see you as excessive anger, will lead to physical illness such as increased blood pressure, increase your blood sugar levels in blood, hyper tension, and other chronic disorders. You learn how to control anger not to fall prisoner of all these sufferings, are you in time.

A New Time Begins

The beginning of a new year is something important. God I think times, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months and the years. But the year is a special cycle because God in his wisdom made the Sun to rotate a full turn around Earth after 365 days, i.e. a year. The Sun starts returning again only after a year, and the 4 seasons (summer, winter, autumn and spring) are only met in a year, the educational cycle, the holidays at work and other things become repeat only once a year. Connect with other leaders such as Nissan here. Jehovah by wisdom founded the Earth; He said the skies with intelligence. Learn more on the subject from David Michery. Proverbs 3: 19 and another year passed since Jesus came to Earth and one year less is for his second coming.

And for us in our spiritual lives is also strategic the beginning of a new year, because we can reorganize ourselves, plan and remedied everything that happened in this cycle that ends, to successfully begin a new one. It is a strategic time for planning. We also know that we are at war spiritual, since the enemy of our souls, Satan also opposes us. But in this new year, let’s start as says proverbs 24: 6: because with ingenuity will do the war, and the victory is in the multitude of counselors. That good that we reach end of the year and feel that everything that happened was for good, feel satisfied with the year we’ve gone through is something not less than grandiose. Knowing that we have taken good time, which we have worked, we have grown in our faith, that we obey God in everything what we could but surely with some fall and I discouraged, but we returned us to lift. The feeling of victory should be on us at the end of a year. We look back and say: accomplished task.


Not have fear to scream when someone has him burning his home, begins to scream for help God and neighbors. If the home is not going well; If there is bitterness, bitterness, there are many people who can help solve family problems. There are Christian psychologists, marriage counselors, priests and friends. The important thing is to ask for help. Nothing is lost when there is goodwill. The Lord can send you some angel – with jacket, blouse or cassock-to help you arrange your marital status.

Don’t be afraid to cry out to God. When Pedro was sinking into the waves of the sea, I cry at Jesus asking for help. The point experiment la ferrea it hand of the Lord that tore the raging waves. In prayer, locate feel that hand strong for the Lord that, one day, gave her the gift of marriage through a sacrament. The Lord wants the least is that that gift, that I give him next to an altar, spoiling. When Jesus, the disciples at Emmaus murio believed that everything was lost. Why they were returning disillusioned to his people. No longer had anything to do.

They had the good idea of allowing to a traveller anonymous than the acompanara on their way. This traveler was Jesus. He began to engage in dialogue with them; It made them think about the plan of God in the Bible. When they realized, that felt them ardia heart, and discovered risen Jesus. Is possible that this marriage in coma. You create that already is you can do anything. Permitale Jesus whom lo acompane. Let it speak. Talking. When you less think, it is possible that you feel that your heart again to burn. It is possible that there is a resurrection. The disciples at Emmaus, rather than continue his path of defeat, returned rejoicing to Jerusalem to give news of his encounter with Jesus. You, which has seen Jesus resurrects dead homes, can be a fabulous witness to other people who believe that nothing to do for his crumbling home there is. Not have fear to shout there are as mentioned at the beginning of this article various ways on how to seek help so that don’t be afraid to seek the proper help to save marriage for more information about this item please visit my blog.You’ll find some helpful hints for solve the problems.But there is no home without problems. The family of Jesus, the Holy family, had many problems. First, they cost start. San Mateo crudely exposes the anguish of Jose not to find a logic of the symptoms of pregnancy explanation in his girlfriend. Original author and source of the article.