National Vampires

Here is a list of all the types of vampires in the world … or is it that you thought only existed Dracula? … ASANBOSAM: Asanbosam Africa is a vampire. They are normal vampires except that they have hooks instead of feet. They bite their victims on the thumb. Adze: A vampire spirit that dwells […]

The Workers

In a nutshell the excess in the staff turnover rate was being caused because workers had been able to find in your employment within the company the motivation required to commit themselves to such a degree that can create a strong link between the employee and the organization. Consequently, the reduction of the rate of […]

France Telecom

This morning, France Telecom surprised the entire industry by announcing that removes its offer to 42 billion dollars to take control of TeliaSonera, which would have created the largest telecommunications company in Europe. In the official announcement, France Telecom said that the dialogue open with the board of directors of TeliaSonera not served to reach […]

Henry Ford

765 people who would receive a basic income during the year for which such investment is offered. A couple would receive revenues of 10. 104 EUR/year development depends not only on the wealth, but of economic organization that is It gives a society. This way if the aid to poor countries do not have an […]