Welding – is one of the leading technological processes of metal. The big advantages of welding ensured its widespread use in the economy. With welding being carried out ships, turbines, boilers, planes, bridges, reactors and other necessary structures. The ability of metal welded open man even during the initial development of this material. Nuggets metal man is regarded as original stones that do not break up upon impact, and crushed.

Therefore, the first method of metal was cold forging. The greatest volume among other types of welding is manual arc welding – Fusion welding mma welding electrodes, at which the feed electrode and moving the arc along the welded edges manually. The main working tool for manual welder welding electrode is that intended for clamping the welding electrode and wire welding current. Applied electrode spring, plate and screw types. For automatic submerged arc welding using bare welding wire and flux for the protection of the arc and weld pool from the air.

Feeding and movement of the electrode wire and the ignition process of arc welding and crater at the end of the suture is automated. In the process of automatic submerged-arc welding arc burns between the welding wire and base metal. Submerged arc welding operates welding machines, welding heads or self-propelled tractors, moving directly from product. Appointment of welding machines – welding wire feeding into the arc and continuous welding mode during the entire process.

Ice Age 3

I'm afraid to even think about how you'd like to see the third part of the famous movie. We are talking about the movie Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs … You probably really enjoyed the previous two films? Movie Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs can be free on our website. Briefly discuss the film! Mammoth Manfret Eli and his wife in anticipation of the birth of a baby mammoth, saber-toothed tiger named Diego, thinks about life, and over time, not whether he was weak and old; Sid the sloth, who dreams of her own children, finds himself and takes a few eggs. The same characters are introduced to the hunter on the dinosaurs – weasel-bak … If you have not seen it yet, download the movie for free on our website. By the way, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs became the highest grossing film in the modern film industry in the former Soviet Union, ahead of former champions – Movies: Twist of fate and the continuation of Madagascar 2. BUT! The new project, the film Bruno kinoprovokatora Sacha Baron Cohen, the legendary author of "Borat," for 3 days grossed $ 30.4 million, leaving behind "Ice Age 3", "Transformers 2" and "Johnny D".

Thus, Bruno outright conquered the world's largest film market. Sasha Baron Cohen has acknowledged that he was surprised so unheard of attention to his new film: "I thought, this comedy in the style of" on the verge of foul "definitely will not be massive." But then it happens … And the only difference is that Ice Age 3: Dawn dinosaurs, this is a film for the audience to 21 years, and Bruno – on the contrary, anyone over 21-th … And here's a couple of phrases from the movie … A couple of my favorite phrases … Mammoth: "How long have you gone mad?" Buck, "No, 3 months ago. I once woke up and my wife is a pineapple. But I loved it "