Administrative City

For the secretary of State of Planning and Management, Renata Vilhena, the City Administrative a reference for the project not only becomes architectural and techniques of engineering how much a landmark for the development of the vector North. ' ' That region was many years abandoned, without receiving investments. Now, it will have a natural process of expansion for the area. To congregate all the secretariats in one alone complex, beyond the economy of resources, represents profit in the performance and efficiency, with all working of integrated form. Before, only 50% of the servers had access to the Internet, now, 98% will have access to the world-wide net, and each server will have its proper station of trabalho' ' , Vilhena explained. The standard adopted in the distribution of the sectors follows the model of the great enterprise corporations, with unified environments, separate only for stocking-height thick partition walls. The rooms of the secretaries do not only follow this concept. Already the services of direct attendance to the citizen will not be transferred to the new headquarters.

Sight of the Administrative City: bigger area constructed of Latin America (photo: Leo Drumond), as fig. 1 in the section indicative. Of gigantic dimensions, the area of the land corresponds the two times and stocking to the one of the assembly plant Fiat, in Betim. The ecological reserve that surrounds the complex will be transformed into the State Park Green Mountain range, what it becomes it as bigger in area of the region the metropolitan, after the Mangabeiras. The park will be opened to the public visitation until the end of this year. The seat of government will function in the Tiradentes Palace, a building that beats world-wide records, first for being the biggest suspended building in concrete of the world, and for presenting they go exempts of 146 meters of length for 20 of width.


As a person can order, to manage something, if it is unaware of in the practical a form of systematization and concretion of its orders? This problem is not isolated as the only factor of the destruction of the public power in regards to capacity to fulfill its obligations, but the management of the public thing is in the bulge of cerne of the problem me. This was one of the rocks that had opened gap for dull the practical one of privatization in some sectors, mainly and more dangerously, the had ones as strategical. Remembering that the privatization, the principle of a system already in terminal crisis the neoliberalismo, is a way of two hands (it is alone to analyze the maken a mistake form as U.S.A. and the ones had been made in that had gotten success in some countries of the Europe as carried through in Germany after the fall of the wall of Berlin). The neoliberal project in our country, implanted from the FHC command, is catastrophic and follows the failed model of the Yankees. It generated unemployment and it stimulated me the rendering of services in diverse segments. The test of this? It is alone to still observe recent aeroporturia crisis Brazilian e, more serious, the controversial question of our energy matrix that is intent in the fragile hidroeltrico sector and with the tap of the natural gas at the hands of an unstable government as of Venezuela.

The privatization in our country was estopim for creation of more hangers of jobs: the regulating agencies – that nothing they regulate and simply they are mere warranting mechanisms of the profits and spurious actions of determined enterprise groups. An ominous corporativista tool supported by the government with the aid of the judiciary one. Now they go to leave great the company private to explore the oil, our biodiversity and what more them it remains in of value, as if already was not enough business of China that the Brazilian government carried through when vender, the subsidized price of banana and with money of the proper Brazilian people (BNDES), the sector of iron and steel of our country. The classroom of command of ours politics or is completely dull, or vendeu its soul pro devil. The hole is evident in if for the hands of the great corporations put the North Americans in to pass everything and we cannot fall the same in hole. We remember despite, historically, he had until some serious politicians of the band of there (Lincoln and Kennedy), that in its speeches already they had alerted for these perigos The tragic end could not be different, the private company has its focus in the unconditional profit, does not have feelings or patriotism, differently of the public company, who must be worried about the social one and the welfare of the population before thinking about profits. We have that to be you alert, to start observing our yard (city), public companies and services for the excuse of its privatizations are declaring insolvent, and this is dangerous, who will finish making bitter damages is the community. >.