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Concise question, complex answer. There is no an answer. One is rather a suit as we must value, for each case and concrete circumstances that is the truth, that ambiguous. Nevertheless there are factors objectives that can help us to make a decision: What commercial risk is going away to run? This is possibly the element of more weight when it is considered to form a society, limit the responsibility, that is to say, in case the things go badly only I risk what I put like partner, this without entering to value the responsibilities which the administrator can incur. How many partners participate? If there is more than one the club form is recommendable. Which is the fiscality of the partners and the society? The society pays up to 120,000 Euros to 30%, and the partner to arrive until 30% of average type in the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, must have benefits of about 60,000 Euros to the year (for an unmarried person and without children), therefore fiscally as far as the Tax Societies, is better to be independent if desire less than 60,000 Euros to the year.

Of what capital I arrange? If you do not have 3,006, 00 Euros you do not worry you can form your society with contribution of goods, despite you will have to confront the expenses of constitution, minimum, minimum 450 Euros, and that yes that you must have them in contante money and sonante and to be arranged to give a few strolls. The books, manuals, etc. are numerous On creation of companies and sincerely, some try to describe the characteristics of the entrepreneur: Capacity of innovation, dowries of organization, capacity of endurance, prudence, flexibility, capacity of leadership, professional experience in aim a magnificent person. But sincerely, whichever shopkeepers of our district reunite these characteristics? , how many lawyers? , how many plumbers? Some plus others less will have these qualities, but all are industralists, and all have common that took the step. Merino Oscar, practicing attorney, lawyer in Economic Sciences by the Independent University of Madrid. Beginning its formation international in the United States, continuing later in France.

Promoting Your Product

First consider the easiest to some extent and effective way to advertise: leaflets + promoter. The circulation of leaflets will cost no more than 1000 rubles for 1000. Cheapest promoter – 50-70 rubles per hour. 4 hours (average working hours per day) a promoter able to get rid of 200-300 leaflets, most of which will be immediately in an urn. Total, we obtain for 2680 rubles from 40 potential buyers and customers from 4-6 during the immediate effect. 670 rubles for the buyer is expensive, no matter how lucrative is not your business. And it should be note that this option does not fit all, if we take a competent promoter (from 600 rubles per hour), the effect will be more, but it is still not acceptable for commodities Premium and the vip. Advertising newspaper with free distribution to our city abound, unfortunately, these publications has remained a small audience, which is limited by the bulk of these pensioners. In many editions of the plan often overstated price, for example, a exit advertising module of the smallest size will have to pay about 1900 rubles. It is expensive, if your potential customers are not retirees. We specialized reference books format “Goods and Prices” or “construction” has its own audience, aimed at the organization, the purchasing department, suppliers. Here the value for the effect of optimal, for a narrow target audience. Now in Ufa is very common advertising in elevators and doorways. Advertising on this medium is effective in if you are offering consumer goods with low life-cycle of the goods or alerts about current promotions.

Crude Oil Inventories

currency. JPY – The yen minimum of three weeks ago against the euro The yen minimum values three weeks ago against the euro, especially in resort by rumors that the global recession would be receding. In addition it is estimated that the American report in respect of banks in that country hurt the yen. Several investors are moving away from shelter and coins yen to invest in assets of higher risk. Against the dollar, the yen has declined slightly during the last week.

Yesterday the USD / JPY ended the day in the area of 98.80 compared to 99.45 previously. The meeting in Japan schedule will be dominated by the volatility, given the holiday that runs until Thursday. During these times the moves may be exacerbated. It would be advisable to monitor events related to the audit that the bank Obama administration will announce on Thursday, and above all, the Non-American Payrolls on Friday. OIL – Oil rising crude yesterday was on the rise, while profits in the stock market were therefore increased optimism and a rise in this commodity.

A global recovery would lead to increased demand for oil, which will undoubtedly benefit the oil. On the other hand, the S & P 500 finished in positive territory and ended the dollar’s fall to benefit the oil. Yesterday, oil closed at $ 54.00, compared to $ 53.20 earlier. The global consensus that the economic situation will begin to improve long-term benefit to oil. However, today we could see oil drop below $ 54, since some investors may take profits yesterday. Tomorrow will be issued on Crude Oil Inventories and oil could return to pick up on that level. In those days may break the resistance zone at $ 55. Technical News EUR / USD trend lost upward momentum and the pair seems to consolidate in 1.3390. In the 4 hour chart, the slow stochastic shows a possible downward correction. When the break happens bassist, go short with stops will be preferable. GBP / USD RSI shows purchases in excess of the daily chart, so that a downward correction was imminent. In the 4 hour chart, the Momentum supports this notion. When the break happens bassist, go short with stops will be preferable. USD / JPY The 4 hour chart shows a bullish formation and slow stochastic shows an upward trend was imminent. In the hourly chart, the Momentum supports this notion. When the break happens bullish, go long with stops will be preferable. USD / CHF The hourly chart shows mixed signals, and the RSI is in neutral territory. However in the 4 hour chart shows a bullish formation, and the slow stochastic shows that an upward correction was imminent. When the break happens bullish, go long with stops will be preferable. The letter of the day Gold Gold rose strongly during the last week, and recorded highs in the $ 903.75 per ounce. However, the 4 hour chart shows the IHR in excess of purchases, which means that the uptrend is losing momentum, and a correction was imminent. This could be exploited by investors and thus enter the trend.