Warren Bennis Management

Unfortunately, in the Venezuelan case which concerns us, many SMEs and even medium enterprises, have felt the effects of the actions of the current Government and the affected seriously, to the point that some have closed, of course, there are several causes of the why this effect is given. Some of them can be mentioned: […]

Peruvian Business Chamber Meeting

AEMME supports processes of internationalization of products and/or services to micro-enterprises on 31 March 2011 to 18,00, Spanish time, 11: 00 time of Peru, the first Virtual meeting on internationalization between Spain and Peru in an informative and free conference organized by AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of micro-enterprises). On this occasion the existing business opportunities […]

The Food

Therefore no meals are taxed upon entry into force of the reform, rather the tax-exempt food packages be shortened, it involves 20% for breakfast, as well as 40% each for lunch and dinner. Based on this calculation is the full catering package of 24 euro for a 24-hour absence. There is no reduction of the […]

Compliance – More Than Just A Buzz Word

With an effective compliance management system, risk management can be significantly reduced. The term”the goal of compliance is the securing and monitoring of compliance with legal and corporate requirements. Scandals in the United States (E.g. ENRON) and in Germany (E.g. Siemens) led to increased awareness of the compliance and were the cause of legal restrictions […]