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The same will all ever happened making some kind of search in Google. For example, if you are looking for positioning, among the first results still appear sites that offer are exchanges of links, thing that all that we are in this business know that it is being penalized by Google, and must take into account several parameters in order to use them. This is just a small example, and to which I wish to refer in reality is that although we have the option in advanced search, it would not be bad that Google added on your home page of results, sort by relevance or sort by date options (entries more relevant if possible), as it is done in blogsearch. I don’t think you suppose them one major problem throughout this. As a way to provide up-to-date information, Gogle currently offers between early results for some searches, results of its news search engine Google News. Go perhaps being time that results of its search engine for blogs, blogsearch, appear among the first results as quality options and updated. Original author and source of the article.