Creating Blog Content From Reader Comments

Are you running out of ideas to create content for your blog?, In a previous post that I put in this directory commented on the possibility of the articles with private label rights as an option to create new content for your blog. But this time I comment you another way to create content for your blog from the comments left by your visitors in the articles you publish. Here I leave you three easy steps to create articles. 1 .- Collects all interrelated reviews .- A brief article should contain 300-500 words in length, do not take long to weave some comments related to each other, creating a new post with this information and upload it to article directories . 2 .- Answer the questions that make you ask questions that .- Many comments left by your readers, after reading your article, answers these questions by creating a new post, make sure that when you answer a question give the link to the new post that created with the response. 3.-create items of the comments of other blogs .- As this is my personal favorite, if your blog gets lots of comments, looking most popular blogs in your niche market some will have up to 100 comments. Write a short article in response to the comments left on other blogs and let them know you wrote an article responding to their concerns. This will make you different from others who leave comments and you will attract targeted traffic to your blog.

Public Administration

The hierarchic inferiors dedicated to the authority, more than what its services. It offered its lives in exchanges of positions, benesses, would honor, privileges and favoritism. The administration politics is treated by the authority as personal subject, as well as the wealth gained for the state treasure proceeding from the tax collection. One perceives, thus, that Public Administration was used as instrument of usurpation of being able. The principis reverse speeds if did not differentiate of the reverse speeds publish, that is, the governing did not see limits between its ownerships and the public thing.

The account of this clutter between what he would be public and what would be the private one, the corruption and the nepotism had become characteristic inherent this system of the management public. The focus of the related system left of being the defense of the public thing and the rendering of services to the population and started to be questions that privileged the will of few. The public offices were distributed the useless noblemen scholars respecting criteria of status, kinship and favoritism. Raymundo Faoro (1957) develops an analysis on the patrimonialista structure: The PATRIMONIALISMO, organization basic politics, is closed on proper itself with the estamento, of marcadamente bureaucratic character. Bureaucracy not in the modern direction, as rational equipment, but of the appropriation of the position? the loaded position of being able proper, articulated with the prince, without the cancellation of the proper sphere of ability. The State not yet is authoritarian pyramid, but a beam of positions, congregated for coordination, with respect to the aristocracy of the subordinate.

So Paulo Analysis

The object of the historian is not the past, but as the past can answer the questions that in are placed in the gift (BRUGUIERE). is questions of the gift that surround all the analysis of the medieval fears carried through by Georges Duby in the book Year 1000, year 2000: in the track of our fears (Official UNESP/Imprensa Publishing company of the State of So Paulo, translation of Eugnio Michel Da Silva and Maria Regina Lucena Borges-Osrio, 1999, 141 pages). Historian, born in 1919, DUBY specialized itself in the Average Age, was part of 3. Generation of ' ' Annales' ' , that it was concentrated in the history of the mentalities, cultural history and the historical anthropology. One of the great thinkers of New History, its workmanship is considered repleta of humanismo and passion, being partisan of the method ' ' micheletiano' ' that ' ' fundia lucidity and paixo' ' . Based in sources of different times, DUBY in them presents a general vision of the medieval society, demystifying the idea of terror for the end of the world, but presenting other terrors of the medieval man, as the hunger, the illness, the violence, the invader, the hell. Part of a book series with great historians on specific subjects? Le Goff, speaks on the cities, Michelle Perrot, on the women? , the workmanship searchs to analyze the similarities mainly and the differences between the medieval societies (year 1000, however the period of analysis if extends until century XIII, in some cases) and the current societies (year 2000).

The chosen bias of analysis is of the fear that the millenium change would have brought for that society. Saying in them of the proper DUBY: ' ' we still live marked for everything what our ancestral very distant ones had made and thought. ' ' Structuralized in interview form, the book, a workmanship richly illustrated with figures of diverse phases of the Average Age, and other current ones, creating a parallelism between the images.


Although metals hot welding is the most common method to join metals, often not there is indispensable welders or specific tools to carry them out. Another option are the glues or mastics, safe and easy to handle, with which it is possible to make solid joints is the so-called cold welding does not apply heat in some metals, like the pewter and lead, since they melt at very low temperatures. In addition, the torch damage the patina of many metal objects. Glues and putties, which substituted provisionally or definitively to welding heat can be used to repair them. The most useful are described below. Resin adhesives epoxy.

They consist of two elements which have to be mixed so that the welding hardens. When applied, can be covered with a plastic or a piece of aluminum foil so they don’t drip. They make very strong joints. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Stick metal in a few seconds. They are suitable for repairing small surfaces.

Synthetic fillers consist of adhesive and a hardener, mixing equal parts with fingers to make a dough intended to fill cracks, cracks or defects in welding. Harden in cold, even with water, so it is also used to fix pipes and joints to pressure. If you add them metallic powders, improves the finish, although some already include them. How to glue two pieces of metal surfaces must be clean of rust, paint and grease. It is a break, not whether sanding the edges so the union conceals better. Mix and apply the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and strengthen the union with tape or masking tape while adhesive dries. Repair holes and cracks in metal with epoxy resins synthetic putties parts are suitable to cover holes; they have the advantage of can be colored with pigment according to the tonality of the piece of metal. On the assumption that it is not easy to manipulate the PuTTY will be necessary to add kaolin to favour its denseness. You need to first plug the holes in one of the sides with plasticine, tape or clay that can serve as support to the implementation of the PuTTY. Apply the PuTTY with a putty knife, waits for it hardens and is then polished to smooth the surface. Indicate if you want to repair a valuable item, it is advisable to leave it in specialized hands since a misapplication of these products can cause irreversible damage to the workpiece. However, it is never more to consult a manual of appropriate for this DIY.

Economic Rescue Plan

It appears that there is not the expected confidence in the market regarding the American economic rescue plan. American and eagerly awaiting what will happen. Resistance is expected in the area of 1.8500, and a reversal may happen. There were sovereign agents interested in the EURO and GBP, with an improvement. Many traders took profits. The pair finished on 1.8500 and is expected to close higher end of the month. No Posts for Monday EURO / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.4840 Resistance 2: 1.4800/10 Resistance 1: 1.4770/80 New York: 1.4612 Support 1: 1.4560 Support 2: 1.4520/30 Support 3: 1.4480 Comments The pair followed the LIBRA . The pair is at a level that requires further definition. The level of support appears to be in the area of 1.4330.

The pair is strong, despite the uncertainty in the market. Apparently the pair is trading technically. The market seems to be corrected. It looks more volatile, it is estimated that the pair closed on the rise towards the end of the week. If the pair closes at 1.4700 at the end of the week, many traders were short will be nervous, if the pair reaches the zone of 1.4300, would be a great buying opportunity, to go long. By Monday no publications for more information please access to foreign currency trading (FOREX) involves the existence of losses due to the risk inherent in any transaction. It is likely that FOREX trading is not suitable for all investors.

You should determine whether trading is suitable in your case and should take into account your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more than your initial investment. The opinions, financial information or on markets, and recommendations are subject to change at all times. The information contained in this bulletin does not constitute or states that you should buy or sell through FOREX Core Financial Group Inc., and / or its affiliates, and should not be available to individuals in a jurisdiction where the making available of the above would be contrary to local regulations.

Community Development

Carbon Footprint addition to the above, the Kyoto Protocol allowed developing a useful measurement tool for managing emissions: carbon footprint. The footprint is a member of what Juan Luis Domenech (expert on this issue) calls "the family of the ecological footprint", also called environmental footprint or footprint. This indicator is spreading relatively quickly and this broadcast is without any criteria, or approach defined. While the carbon footprint is an indicator very representative, your application must be provided where there is a strategy for managing emissions production processes, otherwise, it will not be a celebrity magazine test. Management mechanisms and financing of emissions Taking advantage of the possibility of using carbon footprint as a tool for measurement and management mechanisms of CO2 mentioned above, have created the Carbon Funds in multilateral financial institutions.

These funds are intended for the purchase of emissions of greenhouse gases in developing countries and transition economies, through CDM and JI. These funds can be from public, private or both, participation exclusively or multilateral.En this regard, several carbon funds in which Latin America can participate. Among the most important are: Latin American Carbon Program (PLAC): Led by the Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF) which main objective is to "contribute to the alleviation of the problem climotico change and promote clean energy use and alternatives in Latin America as a contribution to sustainable development in the region Iberoamerican Carbon Initiative (IIC): Founded in 2005, the Latin American Initiative Carbon is also managed by the CAF. Its resources are allocated to the purchase of Emission Reductions from projects of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) This initiative aims to contribute to the fulfillment of commitments undertaken by Spain in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol. The priorities of this fund are energy efficiency projects and renewable energy in Latin American countries (with 136 M ) Carbon Fund for Community Development (CDCF): This is a multilateral financing from fund established with contributions from the sector public and private sectors in various countries and managed by the World Bank, its resources are devoted to reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) emissions from projects small-scale rural low-income countries (with 47.7 M ).

Bio Fund (BioCF): Also administered by the World Bank is a multilateral fund that seeks to reduce emissions from projects that capture or reduce greenhouse gases in forest and agricultural ecosystems (Bill 44 M ). Currently this fund is directing its efforts and resources toward Latin America. Given the above, the Kyoto Protocol has left a great legacy, which translates into a great responsibility because we already have the tools for self-management of emissions we generate, so we have no excuses Copenhagen that leaders did not commit. Now the compromise rests with us (you and me). Because when we engage in self-management of our emissions, we advance on the path towards human development.

Presence Phobia Money

By the way, the snake phobia is the fear ofidiofobia and insects, entomofobia. There are plenty of eager living in fear of ruin or be ruined: who should behave well being diagnosed atefobia, fear of ruin. And if your fear is to weapons he will have to be congratulated for their common sense (how have you no fear of weapons?) And a name for his aversion: balistofobia, fear of weapons and ammunition. Common sense is also the cancerophobia or carcinofobia: fear of cancer disease for which medical science still must win the most important battles. The claustrophobia and xenophobia are two of the most popular fears.

In the first case, the fear of enclosed spaces and in the second, anti-foreigner. The claustrophobic should refrain to go to small rooms, dark and closed tunnels, corridors or rooms without windows and, of course, should avoid custodial sentences explaining that the latter recommendation applies to all mortals even if they are of sound mind, free from all phobias. Who suffers from xenophobia must do everything possible to heal, because of globalization, present today in all places and at all hours, imposes on us the need to live and interact with nationals of various countries, cooperate, join them, help them and, conversely, receive cooperation, support and help from them. Xenophobia became, therefore, not only harmful and unnecessary, but also completely anachronistic. It is not certain that there is someone with this illness but, if ever, mentioned the cibofobia, fear of food and crometofobia, fear of money (I have not yet found the first little patient of this disease) or touch the money, rare disease recommended for employees of institutions of the financial system. Not know if they have had to do with the lake increasing volume of transactions which do not require the presence of paper money and the increasingly frequent use of so-called plastic money. There are so many phobias sufisciente not space in this column to detail all. And since there are still many for which there has been coined the term precisely.

A friend to whom I gave a reading of the draft text said, "you are missing the most important phobia." What I asked? "Phobia that damn sport, football, women have their fault we were widows when they pass the game on TV, you must include the futbolfobia, he said" The truth my research to find the little word suggested by my friend have been completely unsuccessful. At best I found futbolmania, behavior that is not enough to be considered a fear but an addiction and would become the opposite of what women suffer. Then accept, as we find a word more appropriate to designate futbolfobia anger, rejection, terror football. In the future can determine whether it is more dangerous or futbolfobia futbolmania. I do not think it easy to discover the cure for either, and when it is hopefully not a drug to be applied through a hypodermic injection because it was proven that futbolmaniacos, including this writer, tend to suffer as well belenofobia , ie, fear of needles. Well, I think at this point is better to finish not to run the risk of causing the kind readers bored to the point that someone will take a phobia of phobia. In this case we have to diagnose it as a victim of fobofobia, or phobia of phobias.


Continued coexistence and the dynamics of everyday life can lead to a high degree of wear in the couple, especially if between the two conflicts and disputes of greater take place in assiduous way or less intensity, either on really transcendent issues, either on side issues or minor. In this type of scenario just reaching a point in which the spouses may not go ahead. Far left behind their promises of eternal love, diluted in good measure by the obligations and stresses of their married life. It will then when they arise as possible options for both separation and divorce. The fact that the couple could have children could do that, at first, both spouses try to avoid to maximize both options, increasing its frustration by a marriage without a future that believe that they can not escape. With all this, we could say that in prior to a marriage breakdown phases would take place a true conflict, whose degree of importance depends on the wear and tear that the dynamics of the couple has suffered. It would be (possible to distinguish different types: a) matrimonial disputes of high level, which are those in which the spouses cannot be solved by themselves the numerous conflicts that have raised them, maintaining disparate and, in some cases, diametrically opposite positions on many issues. In these cases the only way out for resolving their situation would be recourse to judicial, in such a way that a judge or court that establishes in accordance with law all precise resolutions in relation to the breakdown of the couple: distribution of property, custody, common housing scheme, possible pension in favour of children or compensatory nature, etc.

It is, without a doubt, the least desirable scenario, because it supposes a legal dispute in many cases harsh and merciless that spouses could considerably be straggling, both physical and emotional and financially. (b) mid-level matrimonial conflicts, in which those who although spouses cannot find their own solutions to their disputes, with the intervention of an alien part (e.g. a mediator or family lawyer) might more or less peaceful resolution of their disputes. In such cases, given that the intensity of their emotional wounds will be lower, in a period of between four and twelve months (depending on the case), there will be normally resolved everything. (c) conflict marriage of low intensity, in which the members of the couple are able to essentially solve all conflicts that could arise in relation to its rupture, only requiring the assistance of a professional in order to solve certain fringes and, above all, for the drafting of a Convention regulating that will prevent both end up stress in disputes before the judge. Thus, here the differences are minor, and there is increased communication and commitment by both, which are unarguably benefited their common children, minimizing this way the adverse effects that such rupture could have on them.

Financial Awareness

Being well informed on the finances work seems too laborious, because many events overlap while they may result in some or other consequences, sometimes even contradictory. The less complex of finance is defined as follows: “If things go well, the finances will be better, if things go wrong, will finance worse.” Simple but wise. Today a good economist (one book) examines multiple reports full of data, statistics, graphs, formulas impossible … before making a decision or make a market expectation. But the funny thing about it is that almost everything is worthless, because the markets involved not only the factor associated capital and debt, but there is another factor that collapses any aspiring theory postulate, and that is: the human factor. Why Because it has built up a financial system so complicated that even the best analysts are able to assess with certainty.And investors who are behind most of whom can not distinguish the intricacies of a “call” and a “put” (why they have is money and knowledge) and make their decisions as they consider bolder — If my neighbor, who goes every day to the supermarket, buying potatoes “mckleyns” and says they are the best in the supermarket, is why they are the best potatoes in the supermarket … — To study the key factors, causes, impact and other on the economy seems to be the weapon of preparedness for possible situations that lead to a crisis. But the question then is horny … Why nobody has been able to stem a crisis of such magnitude as the present Well, because we cling to short, easy money. The human factor is responsible for “dumb down” any possible rationale … That is, most economic fluctuations and financial predictions are based on trends, expectations, whether founded or unfounded speculations of value and they are in charge of building trust or distrust an investor to remove their money for the greater benefit in the shortest time possible. A little history will help to highlight the stupidity of men and markets: “A new market comes a good imported from somewhere else, say a tulip. A tulip is a flower beautiful and easy to produce as long as they find a fertile soil and a climate suitable for planting, watering and grow. Once collected can be sold in the market as an ornamental flower as a gift, etc.. Thus, as the tulip seems to be able to leave a good market, a company decides to start producing tulips. But who would be interested to buy tulips No one especially, are nice but do not seem to be a product compelling enough to get rich quickly. Yet a company out of stubbornness, hope, willingness or need starts in these adventures without knowing very well that the future holds. The beginnings are always hard and the company passes without penalty and without glory for several years, but yes, those old enough to publicize the existence of market tulips and other entrepreneurs to throw produce tulips.