Preserve Nature

Nature provides man with everything necessary for a full and happy life, she created and sustains us. Its mechanism is designed to create harmony and interaction between different systems. You must love nature, without her to us. Oxygen, so necessary for all life, created by plants, in addition, many of the plants serve as human food and animal species are used as raw materials for various kinds of industries. Plants protect and serve as home to a myriad of living organisms, protect the soil from breaking down and just decorate our world.

Forests – is a unique place where we strive to get stuffy cities, places where we feel themselves as free and happy. Forests help us break out of the elements of factories, car exhaust, to breathe fresh air deeply, just a good time. One should not forget about all your favorite gifts forests: mushrooms and berries. No man on earth who would not love fresh berries, pastries and cocktails with their addition. Our nature is interesting and multifaceted. But, unfortunately, not everyone can see all its splendor and depth. Here should say not only about poachers or industrial enterprises discharging waste into rivers, but also each of us. Perhaps you have seen piled high with debris resting places of people, a man washing a car near a river or lake, florist selling lilies or other rare and endangered plants. You can list very long, but just want to say: take care of nature! We are not masters of nature, we are its components, if we do not respect it, so we do not respect ourselves.

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence: a new form of intelligent or something more than what is already known in the field of human apprehension? Castro EA INIFTA, Sucursal 4, PO Box 16, 1900 La Plata, Argentina e-mail: Introduction What is what we call "reality"? Can you see reality as it is supposed to be? What good is knowing what is real? Do we have the necessary and sufficient to grasp reality? What is intelligible? Are there one or more human intelligence? Is it possible to develop the cognitive capacity? These and many other questions arise immediately the same tenor as the human being reflects on his person, life, destiny, the very purpose of existence, the value of human experience and its relationship with other beings and nature. How are you questions are as old as humanity itself, much as humans have struggled to find answers, all kinds of experiences and make different interpretations, always driven by this desire primitive known and unknown. Thus, it appears that all human expressions are the same lives of men and women and their works are nothing but an exalted expression of these key search. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a specific topic that has close ties with the previously raised and the discussion of which may offer some interesting alternatives and also provide some valuable tools for the task of the investigation, search and even a successful raise of issues: spiritual intelligence (EI). The paper is organized as follows: In the following section provides some background about the IE and then analyzes this type of intelligence in relation to other forms of intelligible.

Connecting To People

How to connect with people. Jonny Martinez Connecting with people requires effort, so we need communication skills, desire to change people to help them, and a deep understanding of our purpose or personal mission, to know exactly where to take people. Do not underestimate people: We must learn to value the people if we run them and connect with them. Some leaders are driven by both vision neglecting their followers, it's not long before he lost his connection with them. Mentality to change things: We need a mindset change things, we did this only if we believe in ourselves and we are willing to give to others. we believe we can change things, we believe others can change things, we believe that your message can change things, we believe that together we can change things.

All individuals have the capacity to change things, we must believe and act. Find common features: To connect with others, we should look at first instance issues common, where we agree with the others, the communication process is much easier if we find common things that help us overcome obstacles. these commonalities can be many, hobbies, studies, interests. people feel more comfortable with someone who shares some things with them. Establish contact with others: A good leader never expect people to initiate contact, it is more a primer, go to the place where the people and know them well. Recognize and respect differences with the others: We must understand that we are all different, have different views, to recognize and respect these difrencias opened a beat of empathy towards others. An excellent study of the personalities and their interaction is the Enneagram personalities.

Seek to understand before being understood: This is a very important key in the development of empathy, if we try to understand others, we will be in the ability to manage our communication address those needs of our supporters. Communicate with your heart: Once we have met people well and we encontardo apectos interess and coumnes, we must communicate what we want to do centranos in the heart, being genuine and sincere, when we speak from the heart of our vital energy, magnetizing people. Checkpoints of inlfluencia: First we must evaluate our current connection, how strong is our relationship with people, how powerful are the bonds we have with them then try to connect to a much deeper level, to invest more time with people to whom we want to influence. Finally, once connected, to communicate our hopes and dreams, let's look at our common future and invite them to continue on the trip and so obtain our goals and them.