Preserve Nature

Nature provides man with everything necessary for a full and happy life, she created and sustains us. Its mechanism is designed to create harmony and interaction between different systems. You must love nature, without her to us. Oxygen, so necessary for all life, created by plants, in addition, many of the plants serve as human […]

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence: a new form of intelligent or something more than what is already known in the field of human apprehension? Castro EA INIFTA, Sucursal 4, PO Box 16, 1900 La Plata, Argentina e-mail: Introduction What is what we call "reality"? Can you see reality as it is supposed to be? What good is knowing […]

Connecting To People

How to connect with people. Jonny Martinez Connecting with people requires effort, so we need communication skills, desire to change people to help them, and a deep understanding of our purpose or personal mission, to know exactly where to take people. Do not underestimate people: We must learn to value the people if we run […]