Getting Beyond The Crisis

Focus on what’s left, not what he lost focus on what they had before the crisis only make you more aware of their loss and aggravate their sense of frustration, will keep discussing the problem and prevents him from seeing what is the solution. Do not fall into the story of the hen that had two chicks, one of whom became seriously ill and she killed the other to give the sick chicken broth to see if he could recover. If you want to recover from a crisis make an inventory of all you have, what are the physical and economic resources which now who can help him, that experience is that good image, that knowledge can take advantage of that opportunity is, it can do with all these resources, where you can start, who to call, who to avoid, where you should go … or watch what’s left is all you have. The real problem is not what happened in the past, if you just get out of a crisis, the real problem is not the crisis, the real problem is how are you doing to move forward.

Remember as started, then as now was perhaps very little, only the hope and blind faith to accomplish to be successful, I feel like that now, in any case today is more experienced, have knowledge, may have more contacts, more friends, maybe now you have children and a family who can help, if he can put aside the inventory of what was lost can fly faster, start again, if before the fall with less experience, which prevents you succeed now? Do not feel defeated. The great advantage of rock bottom, is that from now on everything will be profit, tomorrow will be better than today and this every day, there will soon be forgotten and be on your way to success once again. Remember that you are the leader and his followers are not to see defeated, inspires you, consider where you would like to take them, they become infected by his enthusiasm, they will be willing to help, show them the way and they will help you clear it. The third step is to inventory everything that is and what it has to start again. Visit us


But we should not forget that in addition to the basic material in the case installation shingles must use expensive water-resistant plywood and carpet underlay (.), which significantly increases the cost of the device of the roof. In addition, at high temperatures roof more heat than the surrounding air – it becomes possible to separate bitumen from soft tile, and sudden changes in temperature, typical of our region, significantly shorten the life of such material. Asbestos cement corrugated sheets (slate) – the most economical and familiar to us version of roofing material. He is fire safe, easy to install. This is a rather "warm" material having low thermal conductivity, due to which it forms a minimal amount of condensation. Unfortunately, at low temperature in winter slate becomes easily vulnerable: broken by mechanical action, it appears deep fissures. Given these especially manufacturers asbestos slate indicate lifetime of the material – no more than 20 years.

In addition, the slate loses much other roofing materials in appearance. Currently, one of the the most popular and affordable roofing materials in Russia – the decking. It is nonflammable, fairly high strength material, the lifetime is determined from 30 to 50 years. The simplicity and rapidity, and low cost installation makes the choice of roof sheeting for the device even more attractive. Today, most manufacturers to produce corrugated sheets are used galvanized metal sheet (with a colored polymer coating and without it) and build it right one of length, which is essential to the customer.

This roofing material has, perhaps, the only drawback: it forms a rich condensate, especially in a large difference temperatures inside and outside the premises. However, this problem is easily solved by using the underlay film, a choice which today is diverse. However, time dictating their demands. Along with durability, durability and economy begin to grow and aesthetic demands of the people to his dwelling: want to build not only safe, but also beautiful. Among the above metal roofing materials has a special place. This is a fairly new material, but every year the number of its adherents is growing inexorably. Using all previous experience to create roofing materials, metal has absorbed all the positive qualities flooring, tile natural aesthetics, ease of installation of slate. In this case, it distinguishes the value that is lower than that of sand-cement shingles and sometimes even below the cost of corrugated. In addition, the roof of the metallochepitsy has low operating costs: rain and snow yourself clean its surface. Because of this we can see many years his home under a beautiful and reliable roof.

Venezuelan SMEs

Companies definitely are identified as major players within the productive system of a country, its operation generates income, jobs and conducive to the country to embark on international marketing in a way that will allow them to plan their economies according to their productivity and what one is able to offer. Therefore, SMEs in the case of Venezuela that concerns us play a determining role in where the state should support them, consider them in their economic programs in their openings, alliances, participation in trade towards penetration of new markets beyond the national border This time, the question is based precisely on SMEs, their role achievement, participation and obstacles. QUESTION 7 .- Evaluate the main obstacles to SME Venezuela to globalization, competitiveness, highlighting what solutions might work so their participation is adequate and to encourage the country's economy. Turn obstacles into strengths. A Definition: Globalization: A set of economic and political changes unleashed in the world from the second half of the 1970s following the expansion of communications and advances in technology.

Among the characteristic features of the gloabalizacion may be mentioned the expansion of trade, the formation of economic blocs, market policies and strengthening the democratic system of government. There are several reasons he main obstacles to SME Venezuela to globalization, we just summarize to what we consider determinants: 1. The slow, red tape and costs in money and time of procedures in public offices are risks too high for Venezuelan SMEs can compete with the production of other countries.

Toshiba E-CONCEPT: Expansion Of Activities

With the expansion of the product range in the area of DIN-A4, as well as strengthening the sales team, Toshiba TEC lays important foundations for the realization of e-CONCEPT main Valley/Neuss, 1st October 2010 the Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH strengthens its activities in sale concept. The Toshiba product range focused so far in the area of DIN A3, Toshiba TEC of demand will take now account for DIN A4 products in the different segments of speed and DIN A4 MFP different in the first half of 2011 and printer (each s / w and color) launch. It will be these OEM products, marketed under the TOSHIBA brand name. The print speeds are 35-40 DIN-A4 pages per minute in the s/w models and 25-30 DIN-A4 pages per minute in color. The recording of the new DIN A4 products is an important component for the implementation of e-CONCEPT, the Toshiba sales concept to the bundling of output volume customers.

This concept can be penetrated now targeted with printers and MFP of the TOSHIBA brand. The implementation of e-CONCEPT and the marketing of the clear focus of Toshiba TEC will be additional services as well as software solutions in the coming months. In this course, Toshiba TEC reinforced the sales team to the 1st October 2010 targeted with two coworkers who are active for many years in the concept sales: Tilo grey Muller (31), Sales Director South e-CONCEPT, and Thomas Mullegans (43), Sales Manager North e-CONCEPT, can draw on experiences from several hundred completed projects in the area of consulting. In their newly created positions, they will support the trade partners as well as the direct sales channel by Toshiba TEC spot. Both report directly to Harald Bonig, General Manager Germany/Austria at Toshiba TEC.

Source: Toshiba TEC about Toshiba TEC Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is part of multinational Toshiba TEC Corporation, which operates in various sectors of the high-tech industry. Toshiba TEC is a leading provider of products in the field of information technology and office equipment, the Range of multifunctional printing and copying systems (both black and white and colored) about fax machines to digital document management products. Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging systems has the headquarters in Neuss, Germany, where all business activities in Europe are directed and coordinated. More information under: or tec or following contacts: buroTEC main Valley GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 9 63477 main Valley telephone 06181-940950 fax 06181-9409510 eMail Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging systems Nicole Bonig GmbH Carl-Schurz-Strasse 7 D-41460 Neuss Tel: + 49-2131-1245-115 fax: + 49-2131-1245-400 email: