Cooking Gift

Dish in the form of a maple leaf or a butterfly, small bowls for soy sauce, chopsticks with mysterious hieroglyphs But first pokopaytes in mind, like whether your friends Japanese cuisine. If you are dreaming to present a present author, cook homemade rolls. Do not know how to sculpt the land themselves? Not a problem! Along with the most common household bake pancakes and put them slices of salmon, grilled zucchini and sweet pepper, thinly sliced mushrooms. Fold the tube, make a la carte rolls, pierce to the strength of a toothpick or tie a feather young onions. Now it's a transparent box and ribbon. Cooking Gift must, of course, immediately before the visit to see them old wives' tale is another matter – the workpiece.

I have a friend of a married couple living abroad. Each year, before coming to visit us, the head of the family goes the Russian market and buys our cranberry bog. Home everything is ready for a brand of cranberry liqueur. After a while it just like a small little factory, on bottles, clog, awards sticker photography vodka master and bless the trip across the sea-ocean. Exclusively, as issued no more than 4 bottles a year! We look forward to your arrival and giving presents. Remember, maybe you have your brand recipes, which are nostalgic your friends? A good gift requires attention and care. Do you cook the jam? It is possible that for you it makes my mother or grandmother.

Fast Track To Success In Business

Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your business and the fast-track towards the success of this. It is so important to you to know since you don’t have much time and want to get out of the economic situation in which you find yourself. Continue reading since most people started with very little and we want to make it big in business or with your attimino, then must count on at least one correct and abundant, solar mentality old beliefs and adopt new. I am referring to abandon or forget to get a secure job in a company and take the fastest path to wealth. As I already mentioned, in order to take that road or fast track to wealth, a person must have an open mind to the possibilities, thoughts or ideas with high speed of implementation, as well as education or instruction to be able to know what is being done and much more. I.e. that people will have to expand to maximize your reality, to the point that the majority of people will not understand it nor will understand because it’s doing all that.

Itself, what is required is a total mindset change, a provision to take action every time required it, an unyielding will and above all intelligence and perseverance. They are qualities that you necessarily have to be able to succeed in the business. Otherwise, you’ll end up by tiring you shortly after having initiated or implemented any investment idea, and abandon can become the worst of habits. I hope that you’ve captured what I say, I say goodbye and I wish you all the success in your business.

Salaried Employees

No matter how good was the wages received by employees, they represent a sort of slaves, because they work for a fee to others. On his relationship with the owner, who hired him, the employee – is sex slave or even the time he was in the position of a slave. His slavery from the moment when he began to work for a fee, regardless of the status of the employer – the individual – is either state. It is known that the change patterns of human activity has led to a change in appearance of the employer. Thus, employers have disappeared in the face of individuals, a new employer – the state. And the specificity of employees in both cases preserved: the urgent needs of the pressure they are forced to sell their labor for the price. In this sense they are an oppressed class, who are in the grip of wages which they receive for their work.

This is a manifestation of the operation. Consequently, the wage system is a species of unfair treatment and a form of disturbing the natural state of things. Therefore, we find that one of the most important dominant features in the world today the traditional economic system is the wage system, which deprives the worker-producer of all his rights to them produced the same product, regardless of whom it is made – to the public or to private enterprise. Wage labor is slavery, not only in relation to man, but he denied and incentives, as it does an employee, rather than partner. Along with this work for a certain prevents the increase in cost and improvement of production, which applies equally to both the material realm, and the service sector. Thus, the production tends to a constant decrease in the volume and quality, because it rests on the shoulders of wage-workers who, for their part, show indifference, because they are not only deprived of their right to work their product, but also forced to abandon it. All of this is deviation from the normal law of nature "who produces and consumes one '. This deviation, in turn, generates a violation of freedom of human will. Jamahiriyan glossary of the "third world theory 'Archive the publishing house 'Helion'

Andrade Research

Given the individual importance of each area of the involved knowledge in this work, meetings they are complemented in the direction to facilitate the understanding of the reality and to reach one to know common, aiming at to assist the pupil in the development of the abilities demanded in the formation of an administrator. In face to the dynamism of the modern world, the companies must have a directed enterprising vision to the administrative proceedings and productive, searching with this more operational efficiency and the satisfaction of the consuming market. For in such a way, the technological advance became essential in the functioning of these organisms. As it affirms Chiavenato (2003, p.16), ' ' the technology provides bigger efficiency, bigger precision and the release of the activity human being for complicated tasks more than demands planning and criatividade' '. For one better agreement of these processes, was considered the students of the course of administration of the FACEX, the accomplishment of a study of case in a company (it exempts choice) so that it was analyzed as if practical organizacionais accomplish its. For in such a way, the pupils had been guided to carry through exploratria research for the bibliographical survey that could subsidize the elaboration of the work. As Andrade (2009, p.114), ' ' the exploratria research is the first step of all work cientfico' '.

The study it contributed with the academic formation of the researchers that search one better agreement concerning as the administrative functions are developed: to plan, to organize, to direct and to control. However in the enterprise scope these performances constitute the formula of the organizacional success of the company, leading it the reach of its final objective. The company chosen for accomplishment of this work was the Martelinho de Ouro, in which a investigativa research was carried through where it collected itself given that they had subsidized in the elaboration of this article.


Chernobyl NPP zone – an area located within a radius of 30 km around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. "Zone" includes the north Ivankov district of Kiev region, where the directly power plant, the town of Chernobyl and Pripyat, as well as part of Zhytomyr region up to the border with Belarus. Exclusion Zone now – it's the marketplace, an open radioactive source. Within radioactively contaminated areas by a number of works by preventing the spread of radioactive contamination beyond the exclusion zone and radionuclides in the main reservoirs of Ukraine (Kiev Reservoir, the Dnieper river, etc.). The Ukrainian part of the Exclusion Zone and unconditional (obligatory) resettlement area is about 2,600 sq km The administrative center of the exclusion zone – the city of Chernobyl.

In Chernobyl is Administration of the Exclusion Zone (AZO). In the exclusion zone is PHA staff of enterprises, personnel Chernobyl nuclear power plant and a small number of civilians (squatters). The civilian population lives in 11 abandoned settlements. The total number of civilians does not exceed 300 people. The number of personnel working in the exclusion zone and to Chornobyl NPP does not exceed 6,000. In the zone there are 11 objects of nature reserve Fund of Ukraine.

Modern exclusion zone is gradually turning into a reserve for rare animal life 1. Established the presence of rare species such as – otters, badgers and bats. Exclusion Zone has been established shortly after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The territory is administered by the Administration of the Exclusion Zone in the Ministry of Emergency situatsiyam.Pripyat – desolate city in Ukraine, on the banks of the Pripyat River. Founded February 4, 1970. The population was evacuated April 27, 1986 due to the Chernobyl accident. For the residence staff Chernobyl was built a new satellite town of Slavutich, 50 km from the plant. Chernobyl – a city district values in the Kiev region, Ukraine. Located on the Pripyat River. Notorious because of the Chernobyl accident (1986). Before the accident, the city's population 12 500 people. Currently live in the city, only employees of agencies and enterprises of exclusion and unconditional guarantee resettlement Chernobyl (working on the basis of watchkeeping) and squatters.