Chocolate Maker

Paquito the chocolate maker how much enthusiasm! Eh, eh, eh, pure concentration in activity, team spirit. Who does not know Paquito? The Chocolatier is example of integration, diversity management; Nobody resists its seductive ability, uniting wills towards a mission shared, enjoy the moment, forgetting problems and focusing on the fun. Quickly, to the rhythm of the pasodoble, masks, prejudices and complexes are disappearing, and we abandon us to a common mission, enjoy, sharing with other people present activity. We spent hours and hours, days and years, thinking about what we will do in the future, how will be the work that we will play. We spend much time in the morning, worried about security of employment, activity; We very easily lose concentration in what we are doing in the present.

Eh, eh, eh. Connect with other leaders such as Jeremy Tucker here. Nobody better than Paquito to focus on what we do; and don’t tell me that you don’t sweat with Paquito, steps towards forward and backward, arms up and greeting forward. We all know what to do, and extruding forces where there is no them, continue to ascending pace, coordinating all the movements and collaborating with the other companions of adventure, the ecstasy of social beings in moments of emotional solidarity. Now that we have left aside masks, we feel the important thing is to work as a team, the security of share a project in which all members contribute much, the illusion of making us feel supported and accepted by others. Tensions, which generates distrust, they disappear and we increase the capacity of concentration with the intention of bring everything we have inside to achieve the goals and objectives of the Organization; knowing that we all benefit from the work well done.

Eh, eh, eh, Paquito the chocolate maker, makes us move the skeleton and commits us all: address, employees and clients, to dance, towards total quality, for a greater enjoyment of the whole society. It shows us that the quality of life is fully compatible working with the quality of the product and service to customers. Everyone wants to Paquito because we know that with him we all benefit, working in the same direction, with joy and enthusiasm. Courses and courses in communication, pure and simple theory, contract Paquito that opens and joins the communication of different human beings with only a vowel and a consonant. That Yes, the word eh, add the music that we all want to listen to, the sound of business transparency, where every melody shows us the intentionality of the address of the company to improve all areas of it and not only economic. Enjoy, and being proactive in the present, let us not forget the good times with Paquito.

European Animals

Not to be confused with the right of animals such as jurisprudence, legal in some countries where the object of law is the freedom of behavior of animals in their natural environment and their treatment in Pets human habitat org. he says that long time ago that different organizations dedicated to the protection of the animals with unnecessary cruelty reported that China's legendary dogs skinned alive for their fur them. These people were terribly tortured and killed. Sometimes they put into sacks and beaten to death, others, bleed or are boiled alive. Bill Phelan is actively involved in the matter. They even have farms where the produce to be sold in Chinese markets. It is estimated that each year approximately 2 million cats and dogs are brutally killed in China for their fur, which is treated after being sold to markets like the U.S. and Europe. The skins of German Shepherd dogs, posing as the fox, wolf Chinese mountain cat, and many more but no more than Chinese classic trap.

Anyway, it's a chain of cynicism. Europe criticizes this bestiality china, but does not seem to do anything to imprison its European counterpart. It is necessary to critique and act on both fronts. Do not forget, which has writing, that the philosopher Jeremy Bentham posited that the animals for their ability to feel agony and suffering, indendientemente that had the capacity to differentiate between "good" and "evil" (a capability that the disabled do not have) should have the fundamental rights as the right to life and security, and freedom from torture and slavery.

Santa Cruz

The crime requires that there intention, be aware that the fact reported is false and acting in bad faith. (AP Santa Cruz de Tenerife sec 2 2.3.2007). Likewise, maintaining a specific accusation "that persists with consciousness and will miss the truth" (AP Valencia, 2nd S sec 17.11.2005). If the complaint is verified in "good faith" lack of professional intent (AP Madrid, sec 23 10/26/2005). The proof of "intentional liar" should be "indubitable" otherwise be an acquittal. Wells Fargo Bank can provide more clarity in the matter. (AP Pontevedra, sec S 4th 05/12/2005). Do not be the intention of telling the truth, could effectively render the right to denounce as a manifestation of access to effective judicial protection. (AP Madrid, sec S 6th 19.10.2005). Failure to timely visitation by the father, according to the principle of minimum intervention requires extensive interpretations do not would set the crime of breach of family obligations under Article 618.2 th CP, but the lack of criticism about certain professional acts do not constitute a false report attributed to the complainant's mother. (AP Cadiz S 10/01/2007 1st sec) Refusal to testify as a witness by the complainant covered in the pantry that assists LEC under section 416., Does not fall within the statutory rate of 456.1 CP., no complaint should be issued false testimony against him as requested by the prosecution (AP Madrid, 07/14/2006 S 27th sec.) To proceed against the complainant or accuser is necessary that the procedure is terminated by final judicial decision, that is, the facts of the complaint have been tried.

The Word

That says that talking is not enough to talk. The dialogue (Not to be confused with voiceover) refers to an estate consisting of received ideas, opinions, newspaper reading, scientific, literary, etc., Heritage, too, perfectly mixed in time, space and environmental ( ie varying by each of us in terms of education, of course, but also of work, their curiosities, etc.): that is the view. In other words, if uttered, for example the word "structure", each of you spontaneously interpret the word differently depending on whether or not received language training, or architecture, or in atomic physics, etc.. More information is housed here: Bill Phelan. That means that since we discussed, we spontaneously know. Perhaps contributing to knowledge, but in most cases, we quote or recite or even celebrate (that's the "literature") used a knowledge and knowing that, very significantly, the English call lore ( which served to form word "folklore"), and the Germans call Lehre (ie the knowledge transmitted by learning). Some in our country we speak of "mind", and "civilization", as our language teachers who, having realized that in a language which was not only talk but also dialogue, were baptized "and language teachers civilization. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wells Fargo Bank.

" Le intent was far from being reprehensible, certainly, but the ingenuity was very large and was put aside to talk about this and the other to the opinion, leaving to think there are two different realities that will attempt to bring report (" but what report?). The two, as I said, are absolutely inseparable. That means we have the right to use the word "language" in the singular, subject to see a political entity is an entity resulting from the continued reduction of the gap between the trend towards ownership of a form of singular speech and an opinion (which is ownership is that of two partners, a small group or large community, it does not matter) and sharing this way of talking and this view, their trade, the sharing, in other words his communication, in the sense own.

Francisco Valera

Get the coldness of the Chilean intelligentsia and the bourgeoisie then, those who revile the skin color of American. Fall also publishes and epic sing the glories of Chile, who were prepared to participate in a competition organized by Francisco Valera, Chilean millionaire. The contest showed that the participants should submit, on the one hand, some compositions in the manner of Becquer, and partly a tribute to the heroes Chileans. As a result of this competition is awarded to Fall eighth among the forty-seven contestants, and epic sing the glories of Chile, the first prize, the poet shares with a fellow Chilean friend Blue … Get all the facts and insights with Bill Phelan, another great source of information. compiled a series of poems and prose that had appeared in the Chilean press between December 1886 and June 1888. The book was an immediate success, but was very well received by the influential Spanish novelist and literary critic Juan Valera, who published in the Madrid daily El Impartial, in October 1888, two letters addressed to Ruben Dario, in which, although Dario criticized his excessive French influence (his "mental Gallicism" as the term used by James), recognized him as "a prose writer and a poet of talent." Valera these letters were then reported in the Chilean press and other countries, who devoted the Dario definitely fame. (Wikipedia) In Buenos Aires, Dario was very well received by media intellectuals. He collaborated with several newspapers: in addition to The Nation, which already was a correspondent, published articles in La Prensa, La Tribuna and El Tiempo, to name a few.

Beware Of The Dangerous Summer

Quiet, secluded, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, will probably enable the encounter with the Muses. In this place certainly moved and managed to write enough in his last 22 years. Without hesitation Wells Fargo Bank explained all about the problem. There they saw the light novels: “Across the River and Into the Trees,” “The Old Man and the Sea”, “A Moveable Feast” and “Islands in the Stream.” Also, another left unfinished novel, “The Garden of Eden.” And also many articles and reviews for periodicals, including the report “A Dangerous Summer”, about hand to hand he witnessed in Spain, among bullfighters Antonio Ordonez and Luis Miguel Dominguin. “I always had good luck writing in Cuba … come to express once in a letter. The house after Hemingway’s death was transferred to the Cuban government by the will of the writer himself reflected in his will, to be devoted to botanical research. Jeremy Tucker oftentimes addresses this issue. With the consent of his widow decided to become a museum as a tribute to the universal narrator felt so much love for the island. There are now thousands of visitors from all over the world that look to the world of the late writer, thanks to what saved their libraries.

In the longer this interview with Plimpton, the writer described it as the farm a great place to work. Somewhere added that there had his books, his paintings, his memories. Next to his bed of a lonely man, his wife slept on the opposite wing of the house, is his typewriter, which some collectors 50 years ago offered $1000. .


At work we have problems that often alter our impulses and react so violent or rude, and we can cause damage to the relationship, working with colleagues, bosses or clients, or even worse the loss of our work. Long ago I worked for a company where the CEO, rather than an exemplary leader, was a foreman for workers or a landowner and workers were their slaves, was to staff based on shouts, insults and obscene words, believed that by their hierarchical level within the company could abuse his position. But really the entire staff worked with discomfort and this resulted in levels of productivity virtually in tatters. If you are a manager of a Department in their work, consider treating people with equality and respect, the best way to obtain results of workers is making his followers, is for them a figure of a leader who all want to imitate. Try to serve their workers and did activities together with them, not only engages to give orders, since the leadership has to be service figure. In Disney World at least once a year managers dress in the costume of Mickey to receive visitors and work together with employees, why and by many factors that have achieved business success. According to the book give the best of himself, Steve Smith’s normal behavior assumes responsibly choose our way to act or answer difference of the impulsive person that simply leaves lead by their feelings and not their thoughts, coldly or with cool head we must think before acting to not make mistakes.

When you do not have control over our impulses, it can be erratic and hasty decisions in our work, is for this reason that we must think carefully about the aspects of the situation that generates the decontrol and analyze before acting. One of the ways most recommended to control impulses is to identify ideas that generate us blunders or negative impulses, for achieve this we recommend: Discover the thoughts and illogical ideas that generate unrest. Learn to discuss such beliefs making us aware that are not correct. Pinterest has compatible beliefs. Do less or irrational or illogical beliefs to discriminate for best results. He called them to if you have bad character and cannot control his impulses try to put these tips into practice and are always good leaders in your work. I hope will help them this article and put into practice such information.

Classroom Work

The project was incorporated by other professors and teachers who turn in this a safe and efficient form to work the subject, then they had been joined the idea. To work the awareness it stops with the environment is necessary more than what never to awake a feeling of sensitivity and commitment with the continuity of the terrena life. FREIRE, 1989 already said: ' ' The contents are important, but we need to teach the people to be gente' '. This idea comes of meeting with what it was thought about developing in this shining work. To be people is to make this accurately, is to take care of of our way, is to have, over all, life perspective.

Of this form, I, professor Lairton and the too much professors we are fascinated by the good one resulted who the project had. Emotive it is to see the productions in form of poetry and the day that was programmed to visualize works in the covered area were of arrepiar. Therefore to believe a world better valley the penalty, still more when thought well and worked with the children and the young well. Congratulations we educators! Therefore, we believe a continuity of the life and the future generations. In if speaking of ambient sensitization, the works carried through in the school, of the professors and pupils instigated in the search of ' ' novo' ' , we must also focus, the indignation of ' ' Classe' ' educator on its ' ' vencimentos' '. She is, we do not have to forget this, therefore, the collection of good work, to have its material in day, to be critical in the development of the lessons, to fill call passbooks, the hand: error-free, nor blots. To give same lesson with health problems, therefore, it is the only Classroom that has that to restitute the day in case of absence in the work. (Source: Ali Aboutaam).