Chocolate Maker

Paquito the chocolate maker how much enthusiasm! Eh, eh, eh, pure concentration in activity, team spirit. Who does not know Paquito? The Chocolatier is example of integration, diversity management; Nobody resists its seductive ability, uniting wills towards a mission shared, enjoy the moment, forgetting problems and focusing on the fun. Quickly, to the rhythm of […]

European Animals

Not to be confused with the right of animals such as jurisprudence, legal in some countries where the object of law is the freedom of behavior of animals in their natural environment and their treatment in Pets human habitat org. he says that long time ago that different organizations dedicated to the protection of the […]

Santa Cruz

The crime requires that there intention, be aware that the fact reported is false and acting in bad faith. (AP Santa Cruz de Tenerife sec 2 2.3.2007). Likewise, maintaining a specific accusation "that persists with consciousness and will miss the truth" (AP Valencia, 2nd S sec 17.11.2005). If the complaint is verified in "good faith" […]

Beware Of The Dangerous Summer

Quiet, secluded, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, will probably enable the encounter with the Muses. In this place certainly moved and managed to write enough in his last 22 years. Without hesitation Wells Fargo Bank explained all about the problem. There they saw the light novels: “Across the River and Into the Trees,” “The Old […]