Button Flash

Button flash I the bellboys are those that but influence as far as the interactivity to the applications flash. There are many types, models, sizes of bellboys, but so far we will only see the basic thing. Bellboys exist flash who react of forms different when pressing them or when happening the mouse over the same or even has some predetermined activity, could be that they blink of constant form, etc. We see how to create a simple button flash first that we will do he is abrir to our program flash and to create a document in target, does not concern the dimensions. Soon he selects to the tool oval and he draws one in the scene with the stuffed type of and the color of outline that you choose. If he wishes him he can change the thickness to the edge.

Still with the selected oval, he presses the F8 key to turn it into a symbol. He chooses the name that wants, but that it is in agreement with which this creating, it could be boton_prueba or as you choose. He selects to the type button and film nonpaper clip. Now of double click to enter the edit mode of symbols, located already will see there that there is photogram in the state of ” reposo” since this it is the be in favor of defect of the button, there are other three states which we will define next: Rest: When the mouse is not located envelope he. On: When the located mouse this on the button. Pressed: Aspect that it has when it has been pressed. Active zone: Here we must specify the real area in which we want that our button acts. This is of extreme importance when we dealt with text bellboys.

Company Environment

Now you should say about the internal environment of the company. After all, the company, on the one hand, the communicator, which is a source of information to the external environment. C another – in the company's existing business processes and internal communications, some of which may be implemented using the site. Organisational structure of the company. In the first place, considering the internal environment company should determine which departments can use the site in their work.

Of course, the specific implementation depends on the feasibility of this approach, however, given the frequent territorial remoteness of individual structural units, for example, an extensive network of branches, use the site for communication within the company can be an effective solution to reduce costs. Employees. It should be noted that site can be an effective platform for communication between the organizations employees. This does not mean that this section of the site must be open to all. This may be a good solution for companies with large numbers of employees working remotely. Of course, this is only the main target groups that are worth paying attention at first. You can call, and others – for example, potential employees, because the site can be a wonderful tool to attract staff.

A detailed list of target groups of interest to the company, each must determine for themselves. Although there are quite a number of descriptions various functions performed by the site are three sets of determining the basic site features, which include subordinate functions: 1. Business functions of the site – features that are associated with participation in the movement of material and information flows in the implementation of the business of the company. 2. Communicative functions of the site – features the exchange of information between the company and the target groups of environmental companies, as well as in the internal environment company. 3. Service functions of the site – features that meet the needs of target groups, including needs relating to the comfortable use of the site, available to them to ensure their presence at site. Thus, we defined the business system, which includes the site as a set of target groups that are involved in information exchange with the company, and in some cases – among themselves. In this case, can be considered the site as a set of information blocks and tools that serve to communicate between the different target groups in the system. A set of tools that should be present on the site, that it meets the stated objectives, defined during the detailed planning of the site. Moreover, this approach can be used for your personal site, and for a corporate site. Just target groups and objectives faced by the creator of the site will be different. This approach allows us to approach the method of formation of site functionality based on the company's goals and business challenges that stand on each of the target groups.

Georges Albert Smith

Exactly thus, its producer did not support seno the competition of groups industrially organized, the proper one locks of the history, that gallopped in some places at the same time and whose ball of the time, and the force of the time, if installed in England and U.S.A. In 1896 the druggist James Willianson and Alfred mechanic Barling had transformed a projector into camera and if they had put to film. Still in England, a called retratista Georges Albert Smith followed the same for way, until if becoming ' ' the true creator of the assembly cinematogrfica' '. To make front to the French competition, (vide the group Path Frres), the industry of the English dream blossomed in Brighton and the American close to the place where You take White Edison dreamed, and then she woke up to write down, the mysterious dream of the electricity. In colon of the planet already if conclua that scenes with strong emotions electrified auditoriums. The Scot Edwin Porter directed ' ' The Life of an American Fireman' ' in 1902. Porter is considered that one that placed the film American north ' ' in a way legitimately cinematogrfico' '. Until appearing a called citizen David Wark Griffith.

An awaken talent another one, proving that not only the images are in movement. ' ' It thinks about the truth as if it had to conciliate the forms that already exist with that they desire nascer' '. Without counting that, with the image, yesterday, today always, it comes ' ' reserve of imagem' ' , a species of mystery wide used in such a way in the grafismo of the cinema as in the movement of the quadrinhos, and never rejected for the advertising. The nourishing industry, the example, vende products with flavor ' ' hen caipira' '. If you saw as the chickens are treated, would move of opinion.