Most of the time, not to say always, when someone, be a friend, a family member tells us a problem or ill, we tend to give them advice, tips that sometimes seem orders. Tips that surely this person don’t want you to listen to, tips that are perhaps inadequate, because it is very easy to give them when one is not who feel, because it is very easy to advise let someone when you don’t have feelings for her, it is very easy to say that you leave that job that overwhelms you when you do not depend on him. We do not help wanting to follow us. Surely we do unconsciously, because we don’t know what we can do.Accompany, we listen. It is sometimes only a malaise, in which the person affected only wants to be accompanied, be heard. If it’s something more will tell us and asked for concrete help. It is good to have experiences that although they are not the same case if similar feelings has. If that person wants to deal with the problem, if you want solutions that we as You will know, and only utinizaremos the Council when we perceive that the person want them to hear, when you ask them, and so if we will do it, if we can do it, with much tact.But above all make you feel the person, that we’re there, without pretending that we are therapists, but simply friends.


The purchase of furniture is not always as easy as it seems to be. The theme of the space available, having a budget that does not conform to the prices of furniture that interest, among others, make many times, really, buy furniture in a really difficult task. This situation could be reversed and without major problems if you knew where to buy the best furniture and at an affordable cost. Perhaps you have not considered it but if you have to buy new furniture the best alternative is to buy them at a furniture factory. Yes, many furniture factories have their own shops so you will buy quality furniture and will be advised at the time of its acquisition by a professional who knows the characteristics of the same and will help you to maximize the space in your home. Thanks to that the shop has its own factory, always has furniture in stock and guarantees are offered by furniture that can be purchased. You will not have the inconvenience of consult the online catalogue and then visit the store and find that you there is no availability. The continuous supply is one of the characteristics of the factories which have a sales shop.

Generally speaking, when it comes to common stores, this issue of availability is more complicated. Often the furniture factories specialize in certain types of furniture. It could be for example: furniture for desks or childish or juvenile furniture. This does not mean’s that it manufactured also other type of furniture. The advantage of this specialisation is to carry out its production is carried out a research and develop products according to this. As a result, the furniture which are put on sale are designed with the consumer in mind and also have an excellent quality. Pieces that conform to the requirements and needs of each person will perform.

It is important to note that furniture can also be customized that each of them is studied to perfection. For who needs to buy a piece of furniture with certain characteristics, this turns out to be a great advantage. If space is a problem or if it is the distribution of the furniture, with all customization easier. Professionals who work in the factory as well as store will know to understand their needs. If all previously said was so little advantage when buying furniture, should mention also that many of these furniture factories have showrooms in the same factory or in your own shop. In addition, throughout the year you will find good prices and liquidations, by which the problem of buying furniture that at the beginning concerned already is no more a problem. Ask for advice in the shop, don’t hesitate to do so. The staff that works there is more than qualified to advise you and also if you get closer to the store will have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the diversity of options that there are for you. Nor what talk about forms of payment! The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture and has a wide variety of youth furniture.

Santa Barbara

Already it is no secret that one of the parameters most valued when defining a body, do not say perfect, but it is well proportioned, it is abdominal total of unsightly and uncomfortable tummy, or fat absence, this ballast that was placed there at some point and causes any image to lose any distinction. The time to reduce it is evident: we remember Santa Barbara when it thunders. Therefore not; We can not put us to lose all that adipose tissue in two days, just before placing us bathing suit. You have to start with time, plan what you want to achieve a reasonable perspective, and try to put in a State of mind of relaxation and concentration, because dieting requires total absence of anxiety (anxiety and stress are the main causes of the eating disorders), the method is so simple to define how expensive to make: hypocaloric diet + daily aerobic exercise = consume less calories that are ingested = reduction of fatty tissue in general. This It means that it is impossible to reduce a single area of the body, but that fat decreases, tweaking the figure. Few efforts are both worthwhile. In addition to diet and exercise, specialized laboratories can also help achieve results more quickly, there are specific products for the abdomen, and if they are healthy there is no reason to discard them.

The place doesn’t have to be exclusively the gym, well is truth that in full winter is better staying inside doing spinning or aqua-gym who catch a cold by walking cycling outdoors, but what about skiing? In any case, if weather permitting, outside, until the Park, is fun, entertaining, and has resources for all weights and ages; An abdomen without grease gives people a youthful and light appearance. At any stage of life. And finally, the reason. It could be aesthetic, but it is much more than that: immediate reduction of the risk of some diseases, without forgetting the happiness that provides return to consciously reduce abdominal fat means control of our bodies. I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here.

Target Cost, A Management Tool For Accommodations

Target cost is now a valuable management tool in the hands of managers. It enables the design of strategies to reduce the cost of the organization until the limit imposed by the market. Depending on the previous discussion was held on this work is to design a procedure for calculating the target cost on the basis of management tools to reduce the levels of costs and expenses in conjunction with the market. In the hotel network of “Jardines del Rey” tourist destination costs are still high and the impact this has on the efficiency, profitability and competitiveness must be sought alternative methods and management tools that ascribe to the achievement of these goals, enabling sustainable tourism sector and it to complete its task to promote and revive the other sectors of the economy. Abstract: Objective Nowadays the cost is a valuable tool in the hands of the directives That Allows the design of Strategies Directed to reduce costs of the organization till the impossible limit by marketing. Taking Into account the a fore Mentioned Aspects Developed Was this Investigative work with the main Objective of Designing a procedure of calculus of the Objective cost based on the instruments of marketing to reduce the costs and Expense Levels of Coordination in with the market. In the Different hotels of this touristic resort “Jardines del Rey, costs are really high and Because Of The Consequences That this situation has in the Efficiency, and Competitiveness rentability”, Some alternatives should be found from marketing tools and Some That Contribute to the Achievement of the Desired goals making possible a sustainable tourism with alk to ACCOMPLISH the task of Increasing Effectiveness all the Different Sectors of Our Economy.