In the market many models of performance evaluation exist and softers that they mensuram the performance of the individual, they generate statisticians, they suggest gaps of abilities at last, generates information concerning this individual. With this, the professional in management of people must have conscience that has the necessity of accomplishment of a preliminary work before the choice of the model, the methodology and the instrument of evaluation and not be hostage the modismos taxes for the market. We know that each individual has its idiosyncrasies, that is, possess its proper way to see, to feel and to think the things. Moreover, also they possess its values and personality. That is a complicador factor in the elaboration of a system of performance evaluation, therefore we come across in them with the subjectivity. On the other hand we have the Organizations, we can infer that they (the organizations), also possess its idiosyncrasies, its personality (represented for its culture) and its values. These aspects are important, must be observed in implantation of a system of performance evaluation and points with respect to the necessity to relativize and to analyze the context which we are considering to make an implantation of a system of performance evaluation. In face to the displayed one, I call the attention for two great sources that must be considered and be analyzed more deeply before the implantation of a system of performance evaluation: the subjectivity of the appraiser and the organizacional culture which the appraiser and the evaluated one are inserted. The choice of the model, the methodology and the instrument must be thought of form to look for to minimize the subjectivity of the appraiser and to be in communion with the values, the objectives and the organizacional culture. The deriving results of this type of evaluation must be strategical for the Organization, mapear abilities, add value and retroalimentar the too much systems and/or subsystems of the organization with feedbacks with intention to promote improvements continuous of processes, otimizao of costs and identification of talentos.

The Internet

Unhappyly we have witnessed diverse stories of violence infantile inside of proper home (violence this that we reject total), but we cannot give up to correct our children, and nor to compare this desumana violence, with the attitude of love and attention of a father in correcting its son of adjusted form, with a pole, the objective to exempt it not of the policy, but yes of the hell (Pv 23:13,14). The children in turn are being pushed for the world for the proper parents, where in the headquarters to see its children to be successful in the natural life, do not measure efforts in stimulating them it practical little orthodox, taking to compete them it in the market, placing in them the desire to be successful in this world in contrast to winning this world as Christ made. (Jo 16,33). Parents who if say believers and that the sexual relationships with women induce its children men, from fear of the homossexualismo or to prove that its son is male. The Internet, television, video game, cellular, mp3, mp4, mp5, msn, orkut, etc. have taken the busy time and the mind of our children with information, concepts and deriving styles of this world, deturpando and extinguishing many values and principles of Christ of its lives. The homossexualismo involving adolescent, inside of the proper churches, has increased frightfully. The cases of children of believer with trends are many homosexuals for guilt of the lack of principles and the lack of attention of the parents, mainly of the father. The parents need to be intent and to know where its children are physically, emotionally and spiritual, he does not import the age, since whom they are single, therefore have been married, fits to the parents to respect the limits of this new family. The parents need to lead its children to the Christ.