Family Leadership

The LEADERSHIP IN the PRESENT FAMILY If the families are the base of the present society, if we like medullary part of the societies, have allowed that the values that instilled to us our ancestors are disappearing more and more, to consequence of it, that are every time are higher the indices of divorces in our country, but even separated, disintegrated homes, which they only generate in the future children homes equally disintegrated, parents of family that do not cover the spiritual needs, morals and economic that needs its family. The good leadership in the family is being lost to the degree to confuse it like: who is strongest in the home or that she folds to who, but I consider that is not leadership. To be leader of the family is: To see by the well-being of the members of the family, to preach with the example towards the children, to draw up objectives that are to the benefit of all, to maintain labor, personal, familiar, emotional and spiritual the balance, to be always kind to the small great details towards its spouse. It is for this reason, that many pairs fail from the engagement, since they do not have that vision to see one on the other, each works in different objectives, but what it happens? . every time they are except the men who want commitments, those that want to load with a family, which want to forge the men the morning! As a result of this, every time, exists more single woman mothers, than they feel better to be total leaders of its children, who fight by a better future for their small ones, which they work arduously so that they do not need anything. And that gives everything it by their family in exchange for anything. My invitation in this article, is stops: The marriages: So that the wife helps to the husband and father of family to that he is a good leader, fights but by objectives common with its wife, who is humble to recognize their errors and at any moment allows to be supported by her. .