Watch Repair

Swiss watch – it's exquisite creations of experienced watchmakers, spent considerable time on the assembly and testing mechanisms. In order for you to enjoy hours of use, you must follow following simple rules. Factory hours. Wind the watch, only removing them from the hand at rest. This eliminates the uneven pressure on the crown, which is one of the most vulnerable time components. Watch with manual winding should start at the same time, rotating the crown clockwise until it stops.

Calendar and advanced features. Changing indications calendar instant action should be carried out once a day when arrows indicate the 12 hours (12-hour clock dial) or 24 hours (24 hour clock dial). The deviation of the final date of change of the calendar indications of 12 (24)-hour mark should not be longer than 15 minutes. Changing indications calendar non-instantaneous action should occur every day in the range from 11 (23) up to 4 hours at 12 (24)-hour clock dial. The duration of the interval of time reading the calendar changing non-instantaneous action – no more than 4 hours. Do not place the date and do not put your hands against the clock in the time interval from 23 to 4:00, since it is now starting automatically transferred (to work) all the functions of the calendar (date, weeks, the indicator faey Moon, etc.). Preferably, the change of date and other functions to produce a calendar, relegating pre-clockwise in the lower part of the dial (for example, to the "6:00"). Limitations and recommendations.