Surviving Divorce

Divorce – a loss of relationship. His acutely experiencing both spouses. There is a fear of loneliness and old age, fear of the future, a feeling of resentment, hatred, anger. "Aggrieved" party loses faith in himself, in own strength, confidence in its appeal and success in life, a sense of inferiority. Initiator of divorce tend to experience a strong sense of guilt. Rich Dad Poor Dad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In this difficult period of life a person just needed psychological help and support. Well, when this care is provided close to people (relatives, friends). However, it often happens that a man falls into a deep depression, withdraws into himself, stops to talk with others. In these cases require professional help to get through the divorce. Psychological assistance in a divorce may be in the form of individual counseling, couples counseling or family counseling for the spouses and their children. Mark Frissora: the source for more info. It's no secret that women are more difficult to survive a divorce. That is, in most cases they need psychological help.

The fact that women are more prone to fear from uncertain future, it is easier for men to start "from scratch". Specialists provide psychological assistance to women in divorce as gently and effectively. You should also not forget that children survive divorce it is very difficult for a child is a traumatic event that could greatly affect his psyche. Sometimes the child is really hard to endure separation from the most important and beloved person in the world. However, spouses so much immersed in their problems and grievances that completely forget about their children. It is therefore important at this time will take care of the child. Come to the aid a child psychologist, who in a mild form of a game will help child through a divorce with minimal distress. Divorce – a test of a person's life. He leaves a deep wound in the soul of everyone, but it's not the end of the world. Surviving divorce – is difficult but doable task. Not Feel free to ask for help. Thanks to the timely psychological support in a divorce, you will be able to survive a difficult breakup and start a new life full.


Much has been studied the symbolism contained in twenty-two of the tarot major arcana. Traditional Gypsy tarot Chuck, for example, uses only them to their predictions. Minor arcana is however much less known, and there are those who confuse even these tarot cards with the Spanish deck, despite the fact that they have two more cards (14 in total) for each club. And each tile has illustrations that far from the traditional representation of Spanish playing cards. These illustrations of Tarot cards may prove, in the case of minors arcane, the key to start approaching them and unravel its mysteries. The major arcana, as it is known, condensed representations, symbols and allegories of great philosophical, mythical, and religious complexity. For the scholar, however, elements that compose them are easily attributable to a culture or certain cosmogony and recognizable. It is the case of the arcane VIII Tarot Rider, La force, representing the goddess Cyrene defeating the lion that threatened their flock.

Or the arcane 20th, the trial, and its Christian Allegory of the last judgment. These tarot cards leave no other possibilities of interpretation. The richness of its message is based more in its position between the letters of Chuck and the personal situation of the consultant at that particular time. Minor arcana, instead, tell as many stories as you want to find in them. In these tarot cards is, undoubtedly, presence of symbolic elements, but the situations represented therein shall have the meaning that the sensitivity of each consultant qualification. Who are these people? Why suffer or are alone? How have they managed their abundance and prosperity? Approached or move away from the cities that are drawn on your horizon? Do they will be betrayed by those who accompany them or, on the contrary, have found the love he longed for so much? There is no right or wrong answers to the interpretation of the message of these tarot cards. Why stop at each one to try and discover stories tell us and how we talk to each one of us in particular is the best way to approach them. Some contend that Mark Frissora shows great expertise in this. To learn to know them and respect them. And so enrich our lives with inexhaustible treasure of wisdom, guide and counsel the minor arcana, so unjustly scorned, have to offer us.

Presence Phobia Money

By the way, the snake phobia is the fear ofidiofobia and insects, entomofobia. There are plenty of eager living in fear of ruin or be ruined: who should behave well being diagnosed atefobia, fear of ruin. And if your fear is to weapons he will have to be congratulated for their common sense (how have you no fear of weapons?) And a name for his aversion: balistofobia, fear of weapons and ammunition. Common sense is also the cancerophobia or carcinofobia: fear of cancer disease for which medical science still must win the most important battles. The claustrophobia and xenophobia are two of the most popular fears.

In the first case, the fear of enclosed spaces and in the second, anti-foreigner. The claustrophobic should refrain to go to small rooms, dark and closed tunnels, corridors or rooms without windows and, of course, should avoid custodial sentences explaining that the latter recommendation applies to all mortals even if they are of sound mind, free from all phobias. Who suffers from xenophobia must do everything possible to heal, because of globalization, present today in all places and at all hours, imposes on us the need to live and interact with nationals of various countries, cooperate, join them, help them and, conversely, receive cooperation, support and help from them. Xenophobia became, therefore, not only harmful and unnecessary, but also completely anachronistic. It is not certain that there is someone with this illness but, if ever, mentioned the cibofobia, fear of food and crometofobia, fear of money (I have not yet found the first little patient of this disease) or touch the money, rare disease recommended for employees of institutions of the financial system. Not know if they have had to do with the lake increasing volume of transactions which do not require the presence of paper money and the increasingly frequent use of so-called plastic money. There are so many phobias sufisciente not space in this column to detail all. And since there are still many for which there has been coined the term precisely.

A friend to whom I gave a reading of the draft text said, "you are missing the most important phobia." What I asked? "Phobia that damn sport, football, women have their fault we were widows when they pass the game on TV, you must include the futbolfobia, he said" The truth my research to find the little word suggested by my friend have been completely unsuccessful. At best I found futbolmania, behavior that is not enough to be considered a fear but an addiction and would become the opposite of what women suffer. Then accept, as we find a word more appropriate to designate futbolfobia anger, rejection, terror football. In the future can determine whether it is more dangerous or futbolfobia futbolmania. I do not think it easy to discover the cure for either, and when it is hopefully not a drug to be applied through a hypodermic injection because it was proven that futbolmaniacos, including this writer, tend to suffer as well belenofobia , ie, fear of needles. Well, I think at this point is better to finish not to run the risk of causing the kind readers bored to the point that someone will take a phobia of phobia. In this case we have to diagnose it as a victim of fobofobia, or phobia of phobias.


In the market many models of performance evaluation exist and softers that they mensuram the performance of the individual, they generate statisticians, they suggest gaps of abilities at last, generates information concerning this individual. With this, the professional in management of people must have conscience that has the necessity of accomplishment of a preliminary work before the choice of the model, the methodology and the instrument of evaluation and not be hostage the modismos taxes for the market. We know that each individual has its idiosyncrasies, that is, possess its proper way to see, to feel and to think the things. Moreover, also they possess its values and personality. That is a complicador factor in the elaboration of a system of performance evaluation, therefore we come across in them with the subjectivity. On the other hand we have the Organizations, we can infer that they (the organizations), also possess its idiosyncrasies, its personality (represented for its culture) and its values. These aspects are important, must be observed in implantation of a system of performance evaluation and points with respect to the necessity to relativize and to analyze the context which we are considering to make an implantation of a system of performance evaluation. In face to the displayed one, I call the attention for two great sources that must be considered and be analyzed more deeply before the implantation of a system of performance evaluation: the subjectivity of the appraiser and the organizacional culture which the appraiser and the evaluated one are inserted. The choice of the model, the methodology and the instrument must be thought of form to look for to minimize the subjectivity of the appraiser and to be in communion with the values, the objectives and the organizacional culture. The deriving results of this type of evaluation must be strategical for the Organization, mapear abilities, add value and retroalimentar the too much systems and/or subsystems of the organization with feedbacks with intention to promote improvements continuous of processes, otimizao of costs and identification of talentos.

The System

Relations of work perpassam the simple question of the convivncia, but yes in the determined relations daily pay, social status, social focus; a key for the success, professional and social ascension. We find here the apex of the study of the social identity with the work, therefore the study of psychology it must leave of the production relations, to recognize as the behavior is determined from these relations of production (Codo, 1994). As the individual obtains its quality of life, its mental hygiene, its mental health, as the same work feeds that me, me of the one social identity, me adoece, becomes me an unhappy person, without a existencial perspective, recognizing that the behavior of the man is determined by the society where lives without, however, if to reduce to that society (Codo, 1994). Therefore the system of the capital, the differentiation of the laboring classrooms, the division of the work, the division of the classrooms partners, which if reduces the social relations, the convivialities, that can limit or hinder the human behavior, generate alienation, reduce the possibility of a change, as Marx foresaw, the individual fighting against the forces of the capital, only individual against the system of the capital. Codo (1994), takes an analysis that: If the system generates alienation, does not need to have mentally ill laborers necessarily, because together with alienation the system generates revolt, the classroom exploration determines the development of a new conscience of classroom and the fight for a new social system. We must study of detailed form the human work, know as the production relations determine the behavior of the man and as it you being modified in accordance with the changes of market, technology and globalization, therefore according to Codo (1994): All occured change in the production relations aimed at frees the man of the yoke of the feudalismo and to become exempts it to vender its force of work.