National Championship

From 10 to 13 may be held in Malaga the Championship of Spain of candle adapted for classes 2.4mR and Access, which will participate a team formed by the sailors Rafa Andarias and Miki Gomez, who also attend the London Paralympic Games 2012. Twenty boats participate in this Championship, which is held for the first time in this Andalusian city.National Championship of sailing adapted in Malaga participants, 15 will be the Olympic class 2.4mR and the rest of the Access. By the place of their celebration, the Monte Malaga hotel is the perfect accommodation for those who want to attend the same. Our establishment is one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. Also, during the celebration of the Championship of Spain in Malaga, various activities will be conducted to bring sailing and the sea all the people who want to enjoy in this event, whether or not disability.

The only requirement will be to go to the dock where the Championship unfolds. To do this, you It will have two boats GO16 and Radio Control, counseled and accompanied by a monitor, it will allow those who wish to experience the world of navigation and organization of a national championship. The program of recreational activities will take place between 12.00 and 15.00 hours from 11 to 13 May and during the course of the same will give a basic knowledge of navigation and subsequent practice. The 2.4mR is a single sailboat chosen by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to compete in the Paralympic Games. For its part, the Access is a sailboat suitable for learning, not only for people with disabilities, but also for the elderly with fear to overturn or non-swimmers, and even for baptisms of sailing with the little ones.

Thing Questions

When we have questions and problems about how it acts tarot main thing is to find information and very concise answers.The main questions are:-not is pleasantly satisfied with the current relationship and in these circumstances it is not do to improve the relationship. -Labour issues, such as changing to better employment or increase profits in which it has, but they have no idea where to start. -Need for new amistadades, people you trust, the deso’s search for a partner that is your faithful friend. -Have a great relationship with your children but can not find the way to have your confidence. -You feel very fustrada/or why no one guides you toward a path to find the happiness that you so crave.

-Feel that inside yourself there is an opportunity waiting for you but you don’t know how to begin to define with accuracy to achieve this. -You saturas you make important decisions in your life coming to an end of stress. -You want to change your financial situation and you don’t know where you start to get more money. -You want to have a personal growth and be more successful in your business or work. -If you’re happy and you want to share with others so that also they are. All these aspects and many more you can start to dominate a course in proper tarot.You have access to reveal the great internal mysteries knowing how great laws of human nature with the 22 performers of tarot also called major arcana and their own circumstances of life in the 56 arcana minor. With these arcana you can dominate your own questions and concerns and also those of any person.


Continued coexistence and the dynamics of everyday life can lead to a high degree of wear in the couple, especially if between the two conflicts and disputes of greater take place in assiduous way or less intensity, either on really transcendent issues, either on side issues or minor. In this type of scenario just reaching a point in which the spouses may not go ahead. Far left behind their promises of eternal love, diluted in good measure by the obligations and stresses of their married life. It will then when they arise as possible options for both separation and divorce. The fact that the couple could have children could do that, at first, both spouses try to avoid to maximize both options, increasing its frustration by a marriage without a future that believe that they can not escape. With all this, we could say that in prior to a marriage breakdown phases would take place a true conflict, whose degree of importance depends on the wear and tear that the dynamics of the couple has suffered. It would be (possible to distinguish different types: a) matrimonial disputes of high level, which are those in which the spouses cannot be solved by themselves the numerous conflicts that have raised them, maintaining disparate and, in some cases, diametrically opposite positions on many issues. In these cases the only way out for resolving their situation would be recourse to judicial, in such a way that a judge or court that establishes in accordance with law all precise resolutions in relation to the breakdown of the couple: distribution of property, custody, common housing scheme, possible pension in favour of children or compensatory nature, etc.

It is, without a doubt, the least desirable scenario, because it supposes a legal dispute in many cases harsh and merciless that spouses could considerably be straggling, both physical and emotional and financially. (b) mid-level matrimonial conflicts, in which those who although spouses cannot find their own solutions to their disputes, with the intervention of an alien part (e.g. a mediator or family lawyer) might more or less peaceful resolution of their disputes. In such cases, given that the intensity of their emotional wounds will be lower, in a period of between four and twelve months (depending on the case), there will be normally resolved everything. (c) conflict marriage of low intensity, in which the members of the couple are able to essentially solve all conflicts that could arise in relation to its rupture, only requiring the assistance of a professional in order to solve certain fringes and, above all, for the drafting of a Convention regulating that will prevent both end up stress in disputes before the judge. Thus, here the differences are minor, and there is increased communication and commitment by both, which are unarguably benefited their common children, minimizing this way the adverse effects that such rupture could have on them.