Brazil Accounting

In this scene, small, the average or great agricultural producer if comes across mainly with diverse difficulties with regard to the planning and with the agricultural accounting, for that the same the ranks need information adjusted for its survival in both that if insert, knowing that the costs of production inside of the scene of agronegcios are given important for the country property in what it says respect to the taking of decisions, and as it goes to act by means of its difficulties, to verify, through reports, what it must be made to improve the development of the activity, as well as selecting type of investment more good and also to verify as occurs the formation of the costs, its classification and the accounting of the same. On the basis of the information contained in this work knowing that in the region of the city of Iturama resources are many, so that the agricultural producer can search subsidies for its production and through this work it has a new perspective to the agricultural producer, as a simple and viable alternative to improve its profits and results. Therefore that the city is excellent to invest and mainly to live itself. In the industrial area we find industries of some branches, and today it is distinguished in the area, for being composed for diverse industries that reach and alavancam the economy for all type of market.

. Available in: . Access in: 07 ago. 2010. CREPALDI. Appeared Silvio 2009, Manual of accounting of the societies for action, 1995, P. 521 and 522 MASSILON. J. Arajo, Beddings of agronegcios, 2 ed. Magazine, extended and brought up to date, So Paulo, publishing company Atlas s.a.? 2009. The importance of the management of costs in agricultural companies. Agricultural administration. Available in: . Access in: 23 ago. 2010. Iturama. Wikipdia, the free encyclopedia. Available in: . Access in: 07 ago. 2010. Geography Iturama MG. Ache Everything and Region. Available in: . Access in: 07 set. 2010. Market of agronegcios expands in more professional Brazil and attracts each time in specialization search.

Federal Prescription

Many companies of the eletroeletrnico segment are selected for customs conference, in the canals red and yellow, and the lack of structure of the bonded enclosures and the small contingent of Fiscal Auditors provoke the morosidade in the disembarrassment of the Declaration of Importation, therefore, the Importation was adopted as subject of this research. With intention to evidence the causes that lead to this morosidade, the descriptive, clarifying and metodolgico survey was carried through to evaluate the reason of the delay in the disembarrassment in these processes, and through writ of prevention to minimize this time. To get a parameter on the subject it was carried through a study of case, research of field, bibliographical and documentary, through information and reports of diverse companies of extracted the industrial polar region of Manaus of responsible the rendering company of services for customs forwardings of importation of the same ones. For in such a way, a sample of 12 companies was used who correspond 15.58% of the universe of 77 companies of the eletroeletrnico polar region registered in cadastre in the Supervision of the Zona Franca of Manaus, on the basis of the data collected from the System of Foreign commerce (SISCOMEX of the Federal Prescription). Of the 12 investigated companies, it was evidenced that the main reason of the delay is the inadequate presentation of the documentations that instruct to the process of importation and the lack of structure of the bonded enclosures.

Rich Ones Know

Summary of the book What the rich ones know and do not count What the rich ones know and they do not count, of Brian Sher, Publishing company Bedding, brings information concerning the mentality of that they enrich because they search and of that they do not search e, therefore, never they enrich and never they will enrich. The workmanship shows to the capitalist logic and the creativity the service of the economic and also social success. Divided in six parts, the autoajuda presents basic aspects of the success, advice for & ldquo; voc& rdquo; reader, orientaes on marketing, marks of personal development, to be remembered characteristics of the system and information..


I have heard very on empreendedorismo. The term seems to be in fashion. Mainly when we talk with famous generation Y (those in the band of the 20-30 years, more or less). Many have the speech of: ' ' I intend to work a little, to join my money to be able to open mine negcio' '. The cases of young are rare that has as objective to construct career in a company.

This seems that it was in the last generation. I do not go to extend itself in the quarrels of the reason of this anxiety in this article, but I go to explore a little of the consequncias of this ' ' will coletiva' ' for the work market and what it demands of the enterprising futures. If one slices of these people who desire as to career the Empreendedorismo in fact making, a logical consequncia that we will see will be the scarcity of man power for the work market, mainly when thinks about strategical positions. If to look at for the current market, already we will see that many companies face a problem in its pyramid of people: very it is complicated to find e, worse still to hold back collaborators for the way of the pyramid (that he corresponds to the positions of Coordenadoria and Gerncia). In other words, generation Y is difficult to catch and more difficult still to hold back. The retention is difficult for some reasons: this generation does not admit to be stop or being without challenge (I use myself of the generalismo, but I know that all rule has exceptions). Therefore, in case that if it feels bothered in a position or a company, this generation does not have problem none in looking new challenges. E, in some cases, as of who it speaks to you, the new challenge is to tame the enterprising world.

Financial Planning

The company holding is the basic drawers of debentures guaranteed for collateral since its assets consist of action and debentures of its subsidiary. Many of these debentures make possible the substitution of permanent assets, since that a predefined collateral prize on the loaned sum is kept. The value of the collateral one normally needs to be 25% 35% superior to the value of the debentures; Certifyd of Equipment Guarantees – in order to get the equipment, a down payment, generally between 20% and 25%, is made by the borrower the agent trustee, who is normally a bank and this vende certifyd to raise the deep ones you add demanded to buy the equipment of the manufacturer. The paid company periodic considerations to the agent trustee, who then, comes to pay shares to the possessors of debentures. The equipment, guarantee certificates originarily, had been used for company railroad, to finance the purchase of these equipment. Currently, they are normally used for airlines, of navigation and fleets of trucks, to finance its main one well that they are the airplanes, trucks or boats. The debentures also can be Exchangeable that are those that its detainers allow, observed the stated periods and constant conditions of the emission writing, the exchange of its headings for action of company who are not the proper sender of the debentures, or still, although rare, in other types of good, such as credit headings. 2.5.

Which the Importance to make a Financial Planning? It is part of a good personal financial planning to use adequately its proper resources, to identify to its priorities of consumption and its financial priorities and still to be prepared for box emergencies. The familiar or personal budget is a prescription forecast (income, interests, rents) and expenditures in one determined period of time (month, bimaster, trimester, semester or year). This forecast allows that the person visualizes of organized form as they are its current accounts and as they will be in one definitive period of time to the front.

Financial Management

The function of the financial management, generally is associated with one high executive, called frequent of financial director or vice-president of finances. The vice-president of finances co-ordinates the activities of the bursar and the controller. The controladoria is worried about the accounting of costs and the financial accounting, about the payments of taxes and the systems of managemental information. The tesoureira makes responsible for the management of the box and the area of credit of the company, for its financial planning, and the expenses of investment. Perhaps in a lesser company, the bursar and the controller are the same person, if not finding two departments distinct. Necessary Financial administrator to be firm, strong and to have security in its taking of decisions.

To take investment decisions? the sum of resources applied in current assets and permanent assets is mentioned to it. It must also decide, which are the best permanent assets to acquire, and to know when the existing assets need to be modified, to be substituted or eliminated. To take financing decisions? establishing the short combination most appropriate between or long stated period, in order to analyze the alternatives of available financings, its costs and its implications in long stated period for the company. In if treating to the taking of decisions of the Administrator, if it cannot leave of speaking that to take such decisions necessary to be in tune with the objectives of the Finances. The objective that the companies more aim at is the maximizao of the profits and the capital, also other objectives as example: To keep the company in permanent situation of liquidity and basic condition to the development of its activities. A company presents good liquidity when its assets and liabilities are managed conveniently. The important one is to keep the flows of the entrances and exits of box under control and to know the times anticipatedly where it will go to lack money; To get new resources for expansion plans, on the basis of feasibility studies economic-financier and lesser cost.

Andrade Research

Given the individual importance of each area of the involved knowledge in this work, meetings they are complemented in the direction to facilitate the understanding of the reality and to reach one to know common, aiming at to assist the pupil in the development of the abilities demanded in the formation of an administrator. In face to the dynamism of the modern world, the companies must have a directed enterprising vision to the administrative proceedings and productive, searching with this more operational efficiency and the satisfaction of the consuming market. For in such a way, the technological advance became essential in the functioning of these organisms. As it affirms Chiavenato (2003, p.16), ' ' the technology provides bigger efficiency, bigger precision and the release of the activity human being for complicated tasks more than demands planning and criatividade' '. For one better agreement of these processes, was considered the students of the course of administration of the FACEX, the accomplishment of a study of case in a company (it exempts choice) so that it was analyzed as if practical organizacionais accomplish its. For in such a way, the pupils had been guided to carry through exploratria research for the bibliographical survey that could subsidize the elaboration of the work. As Andrade (2009, p.114), ' ' the exploratria research is the first step of all work cientfico' '.

The study it contributed with the academic formation of the researchers that search one better agreement concerning as the administrative functions are developed: to plan, to organize, to direct and to control. However in the enterprise scope these performances constitute the formula of the organizacional success of the company, leading it the reach of its final objective. The company chosen for accomplishment of this work was the Martelinho de Ouro, in which a investigativa research was carried through where it collected itself given that they had subsidized in the elaboration of this article.

Public Administration

The hierarchic inferiors dedicated to the authority, more than what its services. It offered its lives in exchanges of positions, benesses, would honor, privileges and favoritism. The administration politics is treated by the authority as personal subject, as well as the wealth gained for the state treasure proceeding from the tax collection. One perceives, thus, that Public Administration was used as instrument of usurpation of being able. The principis reverse speeds if did not differentiate of the reverse speeds publish, that is, the governing did not see limits between its ownerships and the public thing.

The account of this clutter between what he would be public and what would be the private one, the corruption and the nepotism had become characteristic inherent this system of the management public. The focus of the related system left of being the defense of the public thing and the rendering of services to the population and started to be questions that privileged the will of few. The public offices were distributed the useless noblemen scholars respecting criteria of status, kinship and favoritism. Raymundo Faoro (1957) develops an analysis on the patrimonialista structure: The PATRIMONIALISMO, organization basic politics, is closed on proper itself with the estamento, of marcadamente bureaucratic character. Bureaucracy not in the modern direction, as rational equipment, but of the appropriation of the position? the loaded position of being able proper, articulated with the prince, without the cancellation of the proper sphere of ability. The State not yet is authoritarian pyramid, but a beam of positions, congregated for coordination, with respect to the aristocracy of the subordinate.