Financial Awareness

Being well informed on the finances work seems too laborious, because many events overlap while they may result in some or other consequences, sometimes even contradictory. The less complex of finance is defined as follows: “If things go well, the finances will be better, if things go wrong, will finance worse.” Simple but wise. Today a good economist (one book) examines multiple reports full of data, statistics, graphs, formulas impossible … before making a decision or make a market expectation. But the funny thing about it is that almost everything is worthless, because the markets involved not only the factor associated capital and debt, but there is another factor that collapses any aspiring theory postulate, and that is: the human factor. Why Because it has built up a financial system so complicated that even the best analysts are able to assess with certainty.And investors who are behind most of whom can not distinguish the intricacies of a “call” and a “put” (why they have is money and knowledge) and make their decisions as they consider bolder — If my neighbor, who goes every day to the supermarket, buying potatoes “mckleyns” and says they are the best in the supermarket, is why they are the best potatoes in the supermarket … — To study the key factors, causes, impact and other on the economy seems to be the weapon of preparedness for possible situations that lead to a crisis. But the question then is horny … Why nobody has been able to stem a crisis of such magnitude as the present Well, because we cling to short, easy money. The human factor is responsible for “dumb down” any possible rationale … That is, most economic fluctuations and financial predictions are based on trends, expectations, whether founded or unfounded speculations of value and they are in charge of building trust or distrust an investor to remove their money for the greater benefit in the shortest time possible. A little history will help to highlight the stupidity of men and markets: “A new market comes a good imported from somewhere else, say a tulip. A tulip is a flower beautiful and easy to produce as long as they find a fertile soil and a climate suitable for planting, watering and grow. Once collected can be sold in the market as an ornamental flower as a gift, etc.. Thus, as the tulip seems to be able to leave a good market, a company decides to start producing tulips. But who would be interested to buy tulips No one especially, are nice but do not seem to be a product compelling enough to get rich quickly. Yet a company out of stubbornness, hope, willingness or need starts in these adventures without knowing very well that the future holds. The beginnings are always hard and the company passes without penalty and without glory for several years, but yes, those old enough to publicize the existence of market tulips and other entrepreneurs to throw produce tulips.