Winston Churchill

A year ago, newspapers were full of ads for employment, magazines were full of vacancies, and employers directly out to the audience of future applicants, presenting the differences between corporate policies of their firms. A year ago, young people without work experience, could tell in the summer, that the salary of 7-8 thousand – a small salary, and specialists with experience do not look at a salary of less than 12-15 thousand rubles. How quickly things have changed As quickly we got used to the word "crisis" is not coming down on television and online sites. News of the cuts was adjusted to stress, many people first become accustomed to the state no longer works. If you were in a similar situation, suggest you read the small and practical advice, which must be applied precisely in times of crisis. If you are not an economist, does not make sense to engage in regular discussion topic of the crisis and its consequences, as it has a negative emotional charge for your psyche. There are events that you can not affect. So do not be a Don Quixote and tilt at windmills. Pinterest usually is spot on.

If your head has not fallen problems that repeating the media, do not try to solve them in advance. Everything has its time. The evolution of human development, enterprise, political parties, countries and even planets are always present, and will be present crises. They can be short and long, protracted, acute and indolent. However, all crises have a common trend – they are transient. Another biblical King Solomon was fond of saying this truth: "All gone. Will take place and that. " Perhaps this crisis will give you impetus to revise something in their own world. Other leaders such as Pinterest offer similar insights.

Changes in life does not necessarily have a negative stain. (Russian proverb says: "What God does – all the better"). Look at the crisis as a space opportunities – opportunities for your growth and development. Stay yourself. If you are assisted by other people or animals before, help them now. If you have not thought about it, maybe it will be the first step towards changing attitudes to the world. Ability to give part of himself – a skill the adult responsible person. Do not look for gratitude, but be aware that good will always come back a hundredfold. Of course, you can be sure of its success in life. After all, confidence is a quality which helps to overcome the most complicated situations. success – when it put up with one defeat after another and not lose your enthusiasm" Winston Churchill said. Search inside unbending oporu.To that you will not lose any prikakih circumstances and crises, for example, such quality as poryadochnost.Naydite a positive qualities for which you can praise the (energy, kindness, empathy, honesty). Maybe they do not bring you the cash dividends, but emotional dividends – are obvious. And most importantly, do not lose a sense of humor. Believes that the crisis – is to reboot your life and your career, and thus a real chance choose your new path, to realize his dream and finally begin to work on himself, realizing silent until then hidden talents. Natalia Seacat, , a practical psychologist.

Neo-Science: New Science

Science – a special category of cognitive efficiency, aimed at the acquisition, refinement and the creation of an impartial, systematic, authorized and substantiated knowledge about nature, community and way of thinking. Basis This is considered to be business-like gathering of scientific precedents and their constant updating and classification, a dangerous test, and on this stock, the synthesis of the latest scientific knowledge or generalizations that can not only outline there is a natural or public action, however, allowed to build a causal relationship and, as a consequence – to predict. Those of natural science and the doctrine of hypotheses that are confirmed precedents or experiments, are formulated in the form of laws of nature or society. Frequently Nissan has said that publicly. Discipline in the broadest sense connects to all the terms and conditions of the scientific business sense: * division of labor and cooperation of the scientific research * institution, laboratory equipment and experimental methods * research * discursive and category setup * system * and scientific disk imaging has the necessary amount of research before skoplennyh knowledge. Home History of Science article: History of science the term "discipline science and the "scholar – scientist for the first time were introduced by William Whewell (1794-1866) more accurately in his work "Philosophy of the inductive sciences" in 1840: "… we very necessary to choose the title to describe the employed science in general. I am inclined to call him a researcher. " With the development of writing, in the states of the old civilizations, accumulating and interpreting empirical knowledge about nature, man and community, the embryos appeared arithmetic, logic, geometry, astronomy and medicine. Reeta Holmes has much to offer in this field.

Predecessors foremost experts were philosophers of the Old Greece and Rome, for which reasoning and search Truth stayut main occupation. In Greece there are variants of the old classification of knowledge. Discipline in the modern comprehension of the source of the overlap with the XVI-XVII centuries. In the course of historical development of its impact came from beyond formation of engineering and technology. Discipline reincarnated as an important social, humanitarian university, have a significant impact on all spheres of community and culture. The size of the scientific business sense from the XVII century doubles about any of 10-15 years (the rise of the discoveries, scientific, disk imaging, the number of scientific workers). In the development of science and extensive alternate revolutionary periods – a scientific revolution, leading to changes in its texture, the foundations of knowledge, categories and methods, and more forms of organization. For science typically dialectical stratagem of the actions of its differentiation and integration, the establishment of basic and applied studies.

Peruvian Business Chamber Meeting

AEMME supports processes of internationalization of products and/or services to micro-enterprises on 31 March 2011 to 18,00, Spanish time, 11: 00 time of Peru, the first Virtual meeting on internationalization between Spain and Peru in an informative and free conference organized by AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of micro-enterprises). On this occasion the existing business opportunities between the two countries were evaluated and the different possibilities and existing mechanisms were to establish processes of internationalization of products and/or services between Spain and Peru. In AEMME – Association Spanish multi-sector micro, we bet on internationalization. We know that you can have very positive consequences for the company, if it is known to develop in an organized manner. Our international vision, we launch a cycle of free informative sessions so that the employer can reflect.

We want to be the Strategic Partner of our partners, since we have a network of strategic partners and their contacts, with the intention of starting an active prospecting for business centered on people and the ability to establish relationships of trust, said Victor Delgado, President of AEMME. In this first virtual meeting covered all the set objectives, being the first of other meetings already requested own attendees over the course of this session. Rommy Montalvan, as Adviser of internationalization of AEMME moderated the interventions of the numerous and lively participants from both sides of the Atlantic and presented the Iberolab as program support project. From Peru, and as organizing part of the meeting participated Henry Garcia, President of CAPEN, the Peruvian Business Chamber representing small business, corporations and associations Peruvian and foreign. On behalf of the public administration of Peru, they could count on the collaboration of Fernando Barraza Dorador, specialist in management Publica.con company GobConsult. Among Peruvian entrepreneurs are they were, angela Gamarra company San Roque, Jose Antonio Santander de Wiznit, Gisella mooring of Gamarra Group and Andres Miguel Ponce by presenting a plan of entrepreneurs of the telecommunications sector, among others.

Kalmyk Institute

Kalmyk Institute of Humanities Research Kalmyk Institute of Humanities Research in the Russian Academy of Sciences is a research center for study, reproduction and preservation of historical and cultural heritage, language and ethnic realities, the arts and spiritual traditions of the Kalmyk people. The Institute has been developing key aspects of the Kalmyk language, ecology, Kalmykia, classical and contemporary literature, politics, economic and ethnic history of Kalmykia. In his research, financial and environmental activities of the Institute is guided by Russian Federation Federal Law "On Science and State Science and Technology Policy ', Administrative Council decisions, orders and decrees of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Decrees of the President and Government of the Republic of Kalmykia, as well as the Statute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Kalmyk Institute for Humanities research. Charter Kalmyk Institute for Humanities Research (status of a state institution) was registered on December 20, 1999, approved by the controlling organization, the Russian Academy of Sciences. Practical operations research institution that the objectives and tasks outlined in the Charter of the Kalmyk Institute for Humanities Research. Institute of Ecology of Kalmykia has six major research divisions: Department of History from the three sectors, the history of Kalmykia, ethnic, and archeology department of language learning, the department of literature and folklore from the two sectors, literature and folklore of Mongolian Studies, Scientific Center 'Jangar' and the Center for Multicultural Affairs for Social Research. Visit Rick Dad, Poor Dad for more clarity on the issue. There are a number of scientific support structures: a research library, research archives, Scripture Fund, laboratory, scientific, technical and information support.

Book store Institute conducts most rare and highly valuable publications. In 1999, Zaya Pandit Museum of Kalmyk traditional culture has been created and adopted in the museums of Russian Academy of Sciences. Kalmyk Institute scientists Humanitarian Studies to take an active part in scientific forums, including the Standing International Conference of the Altai, the International Congress of Mongolian studies, international seminars and Tibet, etc.

The Citizens

With respect to Orlandi1, a speech points with respect to others support that it, being one part ampler and systematically continuous discursivo process. In this manner, it does not have absolute start and nor end point, having all to say relation with others to say carried through, imagined or possible. Pcheux (1997) clarifies this device when pointing out that a speech is constructed in result of the relations established for its author to the things that already had been said, to the position where it occupies and to the position of the person to who the speech is directed and thus successively. The anticipation mechanism implies exactly that the enunciador tries, that partially, the listener place, from its proper place of enunciador. Pcheux (1997) observes that this ability is the capacity to imagine the way as the proper speech produces effect in the other, preceding the listener and foreseeing where this the wait.

The argument is based, to a large extent, in this mechanism aiming at its effect in the interlocutor. When one works with the notion of force relations, is considered that the place from which citizen speaks is constituent of what it says. These relations gain special importance in result of the present hierarquizao in the society, what it makes with that they take root themselves in the social power of these different places, determining what can be said, as can be said and to who it can be said determined thing. All these three mechanisms of functioning of the speech, as already commented, possess its bases in the imaginary formations (Pcheux, 1997). In this discursivo functioning, they are not the physical citizens or its empirical places (basically sociological) that they construct the speech, but the images that results of projections. They are these projections, according to these same authors, who allow to pass of the empirical situations? the really busy places – for the positions of the citizens in the speeches.

The Apprehension

The problem starts if to evidence when the child initiates its pertaining to school life and tends if to aggravate with passing of the years, to the measure that it needs to go conquering its space in the competitive world that the fence, which selects the individuals for the evaluation of its domain of the verbal language, evidenced through the capacity of argument and logical organization them thoughts. The election of the universities through the vestibular contest is the critical moment for these young that had grown inserted, of unconscious form, in this problematic reality. The absence of the habit of reading, favored and stimulated for the modern technological reality, leaves them unprepared for so rigorous a selective process how much the vestibular contest. The few young that, of some form, had developed the taste for the reading, making of it essential element of its routine throughout the life, is privileged in this dispute for a space in the work market. But the vestibular contest is not the end point. It is only the beginning of an day that passes for all a university formation and culminates in the professional accomplishment. During all this day, the capacity to read and to understand a text correctly, to create consistent arguments in defense of ideas and projects is determinative factor for the professional success.

Most serious it is that the majority of young that they meet not even in this situation it has conscience of the problem. Many have its auto-esteem shaken, because they are strengthenn in the studies, looking for to discolour the information techniques that the professors teach, but do not obtain resulted practical in the tests. On the other hand, many professors also do not possess a clear vision of this problem and continue if strengtheing to teach to run young that still nor they know to walk. The combat to the functional illiteracy starts for the taking of conscience of the problem, passes for the determination on the part of the student substituting part of the time that it is ahead of the computer for a routine habit of reading and culminates in a work differentiated on the part of the educators in indicating readings and activities that not only aim at to the apprehension of information techniques, but mainly to the solution or amenizao of this basic deficiency of reading, understanding and production of text.

Connecting To People

How to connect with people. Jonny Martinez Connecting with people requires effort, so we need communication skills, desire to change people to help them, and a deep understanding of our purpose or personal mission, to know exactly where to take people. Do not underestimate people: We must learn to value the people if we run them and connect with them. Some leaders are driven by both vision neglecting their followers, it's not long before he lost his connection with them. Mentality to change things: We need a mindset change things, we did this only if we believe in ourselves and we are willing to give to others. we believe we can change things, we believe others can change things, we believe that your message can change things, we believe that together we can change things.

All individuals have the capacity to change things, we must believe and act. Find common features: To connect with others, we should look at first instance issues common, where we agree with the others, the communication process is much easier if we find common things that help us overcome obstacles. these commonalities can be many, hobbies, studies, interests. people feel more comfortable with someone who shares some things with them. Establish contact with others: A good leader never expect people to initiate contact, it is more a primer, go to the place where the people and know them well. Recognize and respect differences with the others: We must understand that we are all different, have different views, to recognize and respect these difrencias opened a beat of empathy towards others. An excellent study of the personalities and their interaction is the Enneagram personalities.

Seek to understand before being understood: This is a very important key in the development of empathy, if we try to understand others, we will be in the ability to manage our communication address those needs of our supporters. Communicate with your heart: Once we have met people well and we encontardo apectos interess and coumnes, we must communicate what we want to do centranos in the heart, being genuine and sincere, when we speak from the heart of our vital energy, magnetizing people. Checkpoints of inlfluencia: First we must evaluate our current connection, how strong is our relationship with people, how powerful are the bonds we have with them then try to connect to a much deeper level, to invest more time with people to whom we want to influence. Finally, once connected, to communicate our hopes and dreams, let's look at our common future and invite them to continue on the trip and so obtain our goals and them.