Kaj Burchardi Is Senior Partner At Consortium Leu

International financial manager strengthens Consortium Leu – Cologne, 29.4.2011 – Kaj Burchardi reinforces the management team of the Consortium Leu GmbH. Burchardi, most recently Group Treasurer of the Sappi group from the awork as senior partner has a world market leader in fine paper and viscose pulp – a many years of experience in the areas of corporate finance, Treasury and risk management in international aligned business groups. Prior to his tenure at the Sappi group, Kaj Burchardi worked for the Phoenix AG, AEG and ITT in Germany and UK. He studied physics in Tubingen and Munich, and holds an MBA of from INSEAD business school. As a senior partner in the Consortium Leu GmbH Kaj Burchardi will push further into the expansive business strategy and its considerable experience in the service of the clients, partner companies and business partners of the Consortium. Klaus Nordhoff, Chief Executive Officer of Consortium Leu GmbH: We are happy that Mr Burchardi for our To be able to win the House. His experience and his expertise in the business fields of the Consortium and the Group Leu will advance a significant piece ourselves, our clients and shareholders.” Consortium Leu represents and brings together the interests of its shareholder companies with regard to corporate financing and risk management. The tasks of the Consortium are ensuring sustainable corporate finance, the establishment of risk management systems, as well as the communication with banks and other finance providers in the debt and equity capital. The Consortium pursues a strong growth strategy through the inclusion of other medium-sized companies as a partner of the Consortium. More information:

Standards For Manufacturing Drawings – Training In

Seminar on the latest standards in manufacturing drawings on 4-5 November 2013 over the past months has changed dramatically in the international standardisation to the functional and process tolerances of components in 2D and 3D-CAD-Darstellung. On this subject, Haus der Technik has a seminar with our short term on November 4-5, 2013 experienced speakers Professor em. Ben Silbermann is often quoted on this topic. Dr. Bernd Klein in Berlin designed, the contents of which picks up on the latest standards standard, easily represents and deepened. Driver is the automotive industry as well as manufacturers of CAD software and coordinate measuring machines for the new standards. “Every designer is affected, because the tolerance principle independence” was newly set by the ISO 8015, the plus-minus tolerance through the ISO 14405-1/2 has been replaced, giving shape and position tolerances in manufacturing and CAD drawings by the new ISO 1101 much more accurately to be made, and by the coordinate metrology new possibilities for establishing reference, which was codified in the ISO 5459.

According to the German automobile manufacturer funktionssicherer allows the new standards work, parts manufacturing and inspection just as well as quality capable to interpret. In particular draftsmen, technicians, designers, production engineers, QA specialists and all those interested in the topic are invited. “Information for more information about the training of new standards in the manufacturing of drawing” and to further seminars is get at the House of technology e.V., Tel. 030 / 39493411 (Ms. Dipl.-ing.-vaccined) Heike Cramer Jackson), fax 030 / 39493437 or directly at W-H110-11-182-3

Buying Motives

Successfully selling to the customers, where others have already given up mental arson with benefits can convince everyone. And if that doesn’t work? Then sell about pain! People have different motives of action customers buy due to different buying motives. This buying motives can be divided into two basic directions: lust and love on one and fear and pain avoidance on the other side. Christian Farago, coach of the team is on the February Dirk Kreuter, guest in the StrategieCentrum of South Westphalia. “Its talk offer = job – mental arson” he picks up a theme, the when many companies more and more to the inefficient time wasters “par excellence developed: the offer. Additional information at Hyundai supports this article. Many individual customers offers are at the same time as an alibi and tactics Wang off not more and not less.

The benefit is too big too often equal to zero and the effort simply much. Christian Farago in his exciting talk shows, how to avoid these pitfalls, how to professionally handle to”and how they skillfully deals with the most common objections. After graduating in economics with a focus on international management and marketing Christian Farago collected over ten years of experience in sales and in the leadership. Prior to his coaching career, he was responsible for strategic sales management, staff development and the leadership of a staff team at a wholesale company. Learn more on the subject from Activision Blizzard. He completed his training at Dirk Kreuter through training courses in the field of transactional analysis and cognitive psychology. In the training, Christian Farago according to the corporate philosophy relies on very high sustainability and practical orientation.

Psy Sandra Neumayr

Competent psychological consultant help to accept also the stressful aspects of work life and to reduce self-doubt and build new confidence. Together with the client creates a kind of inventory within the framework of discrete consultations with the client: what is my current situation? What chance have I considered realistic? Where not quite some things in my work performance? In what situations I feel particularly stressed out? And of course be central issues how: do I want what actually in my life? I want to stay really my company? I want to continue in my profession? processed. You are supported in the consultations, to recognize the true stumbling blocks in her career and analyze when and why things go wrong. Strategies developed from the stress to get out, for example by modern time management and perhaps also by various relaxation techniques are common. Also will be trained, better enforce, clear, more delegate, constructive and solution-oriented to carry out conflicts with superiors, colleagues or employees – ultimately again lustful and relaxed to enjoy the everyday. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert Kiyosaki. However, is no treatment – counseling and should not be. She can be accepted as a conscious and planned psychological advice and support of healthy people in every age in the various problems and decision-making situations throughout. The overarching aim of psychological advice is generally said, Improving the quality of life.

And this quality of life is particularly important in the job to be successful – away from the nervous, uncertain scaredy-cats – and to the self-confident, responsible employee, on which no company wants to give. And even if under of the campaign Germany is emotionally strong. a free psychological consultation hour on the subject of fear of job loss! -take the psychological advisors claim please contact the Association of psychological consultants at 089-510-864-30! Psy Sandra Neumayr, Vice President of the Association. Consultant, senior lecturer in the Academy of psychological consultants in Munich, psychological management results Institute. Press contact: psychological consultant Mr Rolf Neumayr at Schnepfe route 40 80995 Munich joined fon…: 089-510 86 430 web..: email:

Executive Board

The dangerous substance Advisor advises the Executive Board and anyone responsible for the handling of dangerous substances with regard to the selection and dealing with hazardous substances. As well as the operational safety regulation and workplace regulation the hazardous substances Ordinance focuses on increased ownership of the company owner. Comprehensive knowledge and rational interpretations are provided for. Key point of the new Ordinance on hazardous substances is a risk assessment are aspects such as type and amount of hazardous substances used, substitution, exposure durations, storage, retention, to determine preventive check-ups and work protection measures and to evaluate. The entrepreneur is obliged to collect the hazards associated with the work and to assess.

This must be done by a qualified person, E.g. the risk material officer. The dangerous substance Advisor advises the Executive Board and anyone responsible for the handling of dangerous substances with regard to the selection and dealing with Hazardous substances. This concerns also the cooperation with foreign companies. He should maintain a close cooperation with the security officer, the occupational physician or the safety officer, as well as the environmental protection officer and can act as an interface to the authorities and the insurer. The technology offers to on the 26.-27 January 2011 in food a two-day special course of hazardous materials officer”at where these aspects are discussed practical and helpful. Another date for the course of hazardous materials officer”is der 6th-7th July 2011 in Berlin.

SHEnotes Instead Of Keynotes: More Women On The Lecterns.

Nicola Fritze initiated SHEnote speakers Reutlingen, 10.10.2013: how about a SHEnote instead of a keynote? Topics that move presented by some of the most successful speakers in the German-speaking world. Whether for customer events, employee events and congresses: the keynotes are predominantly held by men. Time for a breath of fresh air on German speakers stage! Experience SHEnotes, maintained by first-class speakers! “, so motivation speaker Nicola Fritze, the founding of the SHEnote speakers goes back to the idea.” Fritze continue even though women in the professional world are always present, they are on the German speakers stage to little visible. The SHEnote speakers want to change that. With inspiring lectures and content that move.” The SHEnote speakers are four top speakers: Nicola Fritze: the motivation woman shows you how you can change your perception, your thinking and your actions, to motivate and to infect others with energy. Eva Loschky: Germany’s voice expert gives the best tips for your sovereign and harmonious appearance in her rousing speeches.

“Elisabeth Heinemann: the computer science professor takes you to the new country” learn how you can successfully tackle the world of the Internet. Stefanie Voss: The seasoned executive takes you in their presentations on a world trip a trip where you will discover how to accurately complete themselves and others. Learn more about the SHEnote speakers under shenote-speakers.de contact Nicola Fritze, at. Free images and additional information about Germany’s motivation women, see

Training With Future

48 new trainee at Ricoh in Hanover August 2 48 starters started their training at Ricoh Germany in Hanover. Therefore, Ricoh total educates 181 trainees. This a training rate of 7.5 percent is on about 2,400 employees. The specialist offers six different apprenticeships in technical and commercial printing and document management, digital office communication and production printing. The company has tasked training with deliberately the shortage of contrary and is one of the largest training companies in its sector. To the training start 2010 Ricoh Germany has hired two trainees as it specialist (System integration technical direction) for the first time. In addition, Ricoh is to the / to the IT system administrator /-man, to the / to the technician (the discipline Office system technology), to the the wholesale and foreign trade clerk /-man, to the / to the administrator for Office communication and to the specialists. 2010, 21 new entrants have chosen a commercial training course.

One 27 trainees have started technical training. We educate our young talent himself and placing value on qualified training with a future. As a company we confront the shortage of so and take our social responsibility”, training manager of Ricoh Germany says Sabine Barista ward. In the Ricoh Academy, the company’s training and training center of Ricoh Germany at the site of the head office in Hanover, the trainees in addition to comprehensive product and network knowledge, certifications IT know-how and internationally recognized, vendor-independent gain for later professional life essential soft skills. Our acquisition rate was over 90 percent in recent years.

This shows, that is our concept of education”, stresses Walter Kakar. Ricoh in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh has around 108.500 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 21 billion (stand: March 2009) a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing. In Germany, has a Ricoh approximately 2,400 employees and is represented in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers and five sales offices. Contact: Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl, Mario di Santolo Tel.

New Discussion Forum

The new HACO stands academy discussion forum recently available. Racines, 16.03.2010 recently the new discussion forum by HACO is academy online. Interested in further education can be exchanged immediately opinions and experiences on the topics of education, personality development, leadership and success in the profession. Managing Director Franz Josef Gschnitzer: We thus reacted to a request of the visitors of our training portal. These can, to discuss various career topics now.” Active participation in the Forum is possible, the user with a user name and an email address to register. After registration, they receive an email with a confirmation link and can then directly login and post. However no registration is required to read the posts of other Forum members.

We want to offer the visitors by shady academy.com, to interactively participate in. We are confident that this additional offer used by many visitors and many interesting discussions will take place”as Simon Gschnitzer, Division Director of HACO academy. The academy stand on Internet platform by HACO next to the new forum a news section with articles and event notes available, as well as the HACO academy shop with over 7,000 eBooks on the subject of Economics, management and career. From autumn 2010 HACO is academy also organize seminars and lectures with renowned experts. The Forum is available at forum available.

Press contact: HACO d. Gschnitzer Franz Josef KG / s.a.s.. contact person: Simon Gschnitzer Angerweg via anger 43 / Gasteig Casateia I 39040 Ratschings Racines (BZ) Tel: + 39 / 0472 / 779165 fax: + 39 / 0472 / 779064 E-Mail: Internet: about HACO academy: HACO academy is a training portal for personal development, leadership and success in the profession and is operated by the company HACO d. Gschnitzer Franz Josef KG with headquarters in Ratschings-South Tyrol (Italy). On the website, visitors will find information and offers for their education and career. HACO academy academy shops is operator of the HACO () with over 7,000 eBooks to economics and management. HACO academy seminars and lectures organized with renowned experts from autumn 2010.

Chief Executive Officer

Confidence promoted the value of Stuttgart/Dusseldorf, October 25, 2010 – it is the model par excellence: Steve Jobs, heart and soul of the Apple group, considered to be ideal of a creative leader. A survey on the Stuttgart-based knowledge Forum has revealed that creativity is the most important leadership characteristic at all. About a third of the nearly 470 managers surveyed spoke out for this purpose. Nevertheless, no significant German top-manager among those it certifies the highest degree of creativity found himself. Representatives of show business and entertainment, such as Stefan Raab are considered creative German therefore rather or Heidi Klum. The participants of this year’s international Chief Executive Officer study 2010 IBM confirmed the importance of creative leadership.

The over 1500 respondents said they were doing that creativity and integrity right at the top of the necessary leadership qualities in a company are. Personnel and management experts also time and again the importance of the mutual trust, without effective leadership is hardly possible. Is what the people is important – it thrives in an atmosphere of trust. This can be from the individual perspective of many things”, writes management consultant Reinhard k. Sprenger in the anthology lane change.

Thinking economics”. Just think so Sprenger, to the network economy, which is based on technology, but can be built only on relationships. Or the management of virtual teams. If people feel that it cares about them and the management benevolent confronts them, the resistance of reorganization is low. In an atmosphere of trust also the friction losses reduced by permanent arrangements and agreements, as well as the partly prohibitively high costs for control and monitoring.” However anyone who trust one another and pass on control options, make themselves vulnerable. Whether owner or hired top managers: only if the employer or the supervisor for its employees as a person interested in, can be it to establish an emotional bond to them. As a result grow loyalty to the company. And loyal employees do more and don’t sign up with the idea to emigrate to the competition,”confirmed staff expert Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. “Therefore have always added value to do with confidence, because trust to the and identification with the company is reflected in the willingness”, so the conviction Nadolski. The resulting quality of cooperation here speak for themselves. Once again this sprinkler: the economics of trust describes a mechanism that binds people more effectively, as it could be any contractual arrangement: the enormous commitment effect which arises from self-conscious voluntariness and the extensive absence of explicit contracts. What you let go, looking for the binding. And what it holds, flees.” His plea is not surprisingly even revolutionary: blind faith ‘and blind distrust’ trust moves between the former terms. In between the correct mixing ratio is context bound.

FFL – Profession After Consolidation And Refocusing On Growth

New lead to the business field expansion activities of the FFL FFL school for aircraft Director GmbH is the oldest public flying school for commercial pilots in Germany. The company maintains close contact with German and international airlines and aims to pilot training (ATPL from ab initio) close to the needs and claims of the later work and principal of the pilots. Trainers and instructors are active or former pilot and secure a practical exam preparation according to the rules of the joint aviation authorities at the airport of Essen Mulheim. FFL is the Essen Mulheim airport. In spite of all adversities and different political interests of those responsible. The year 2011 has been actively used after the general economic crisis of in recent years for the realignment of the company. Essen Mulheim airport is still an ideal location for the business aviation and for the professional training of professional and commercial pilot. Its central location between major airports in NRW creates ideal conditions for pilot training.

Therefore, FFL supports the management of the airport in the further development and expansion of the airport for general aviation. For the student, the local policy does not matter. They would make their vocational dream come true ‘Airline pilots’ dream to fly to America, Hawaii or Australia Despite numerous economic and aviation crisis, again hundreds of young people decide to follow the stony path through trials and tests. Often funded the training of financial institutions and at the end they have invested more than 65,000 euros in their profession – training usually costs so much. There are over 80 air driver schools in Germany.

FFL is one of the well-known and renowned companies. Despite the economic crisis, the graduates could be accommodated in recent years almost always well-known airlines. Pilots are always wanted. Especially in the era of globalization. In the last year were new single – and twin-engined aircraft with Purchased glass cockpit (Garmin 1000).