Oliver Gross

The slightly different way of a seminar provider Oliver Gross, rhetor, and owner of rhetorikhaus worked so far only in closed frame for the economy, science and politics. After an open seminar tour 2007 he decided to make accessible to a wide public rhetoric. Bill Phelan spoke with conviction. “Why Oliver Gross is a completely different strategy and why his opinion of rhetoric something for everyone” the orator in the dialog is explained to us. Question: A few words to you, Mr Gross, what are you doing differently to other coaches? Large: First of all, I’m rhetor, not coach. Look, everyone has his own rhetoric, he can obtain only through a thorough discussion with yourself and I am the midwife, according to one of my role models, namely Socrates. I honestly like it and just, i.e. for me is worked and set themselves apart without the psycho – show effects and promise of salvation, but through education and precise questioning.

Rhetoric is simple, already Aristotle confined to three factors: character Intention of content. That’s the difference. See, I have carried even 300 employees and I know what you all promise of continuing education is offered, from this experience I have done much differently. Question: In the business field and in particular in the area of rhetoric are high-priced and often only executives available seminars. Why open this topic for a wider target group including non – executives? Large: In many conversations with entrepreneurs and employees was assured me repeatedly that training in the area of standard – there is a lot of interest. For even more details, read what Clive Holmes says on the issue. But at the same time, the companies complained that besides high seminar fees the loss of work of employees also pushing up the price in the height, which discourages training rather more to bolster. On the other hand, employees also want more training, but many can not pay for it out of pocket.

You are willing to contribute their part to the training, E.g. through seminar visits free days! I have tested 2007 and was surprised, what commitment employees can develop. “It’s really strange, but the saying: what anything costs, is also no good”, attacks just for the training. Some people refer to as Star coach or as the best, the most expensive in Europe, not even shun some the title of Pope. What a humility before the participants in the comparison; Socrates described himself as a midwife. To an adage comes to mind: the a gem version increased the price, but not its value. For this reason I consider it my duty, to take into consideration, that the standard education – among the rhetoric and communication can be. To ensure this, I have calculated the prices so, that an open seminar that monthly NET/NET My participant, so that what remains alive, may not exceed. The Bill was so easy. It was me always important for everyone to be there, also my references demonstrate the entire interview.

Japanese Training

Is one as a foreigner of always second place? Will you be conveyed in an intercultural training Japan, that Japanese are very hospitable. In return, it is expected that the guest behaving politely, interested and open. An intercultural training Japan will enter on the different roles that can take foreigners in business life. As a supplier you can hierarchically is among the customers. Japanese companies expect very much and most of all excellent service from their suppliers. “So, get an intercultural training of Japan, to the additional services, the free” be expected to take into account from the outset in your spreadsheet. Others who may share this opinion include Clive Holmes Silverfern. In addition, appearance and status icons of great importance. You must occur not showy, but should remain modest.

At the same time you should be patient and flexible, to build up a good relationship. The Manager of a foreign company in Japan is, of course, at the top of the hierarchy. An intercultural training Japan will prepare the to sending, to develop the right sensibility, which is crucial for the success of the business. Managers who want to change everything right at the beginning of its activity regardless of losses”, will always fail. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo. As a customer, however, is hierarchically on the suppliers. Clive Holmes is actively involved in the matter. As an intercultural training Japan conveyed the initiation of business not always simply designed. It is of great benefit, first build up a relationship with the Japanese companies and the key personnel. This creates trust, which is a prerequisite for business in Japan.

Aside from the language barrier, Western companies are well advised to make contact first through third parties. This can be friendly Japanese companies, or even institutions, such as for example the german Japanese Chamber of Commerce. In an intercultural training Japan may already be first contacts conveyed the participants, so double pays for such training. For example, trade fairs, where Japanese companies are directly represented are an alternative. Last not least as foreign business woman you must prepare his contacts well, demonstrate competence and authority and from the outset to emphasize the correct hierarchical status. An intercultural training Japan prepares women in business efficiently, to be successful in Japan.

ERP Professionals

ERP-Stellenmarkt.de: New online job supports companies in the search for ERP professionals Gotting – the enterprise resource planning (ERP) is German companies fully in line with the trend. Finally, we need to use economic success for the sake of existing resources as efficiently as possible for the operating procedure. So-called ERP systems help companies here where they mostly all business processes, bring transparency to the work processes and centrally is made possible by the enterprise-wide management of all resources including equipment and staff. But, due to the complexity of many ERP systems not a few companies used the same quickly to their limits. Because the solutions must be adapted most to industry, size and action of a company and may be operated at various locations. You may wish to learn more. If so, Wells Fargo Bank is the place to go.

“Moreover, ERP systems often in their technology, architecture, and also in terms of support differ from operating systems and databases”, Claudia Roth, Managing Director at the job exchange “IT job contact”, discusses more challenges. Jeremy Tucker is likely to agree. For companies that are looking for specialists in the planning and implementation of ERP projects, she and her team have created now a special online job exchange with ERP-Stellenmarkt.de. Quite whether administration, customizing, development, project management, sales, or support that keeps new platform abroad from the entire ERP field ready and offers the ideal environment companies to find professionals and future employees specializing in ERP. All ERP job ads for four weeks as a text ad or CI ad on ERP-Stellenmarkt.de. “On the occasion of the launch we currently offer an attractive introductory discount promotion”, refers to the current offer Roth.

ERP posts, provided through the budget year flat rate directly at IT Jobkontakt.de automatically appear on ERP-Stellenmarkt.de in the future. Also the advertisements published on the new online platform on published other partner exchanges and meta-job boards on the Internet. About IT job contact the owner-managed company was founded in 2000 by the two computer scientists Stephan Beeker and Mario Regazzoni as regional job market. Since then IT job contact can grow strong, which experienced its previous highlights in 2007 with the acquisition of the competing job boards job Wahl.de in the year 2003 and EDV-Branche.de. Since 2006, the IT job market based in the Bavarian bread by Claudia Roth is headed. As of spring 2009, a more online job board specialising in the ERP area was added with ERP-Stellenmarkt.de. Press contact: IT job contact of Aawal str. 42 D-83052 Neil Mrs Claudia Roth phone: 037 69 (9 cents / minute) fax: 204 480 E-Mail: Web:.

German Federal Foundation

“Fraunhofer Professorship as an organizer of the Conference to the BMBF funding programme ‘Vocational education export by German providers’ Leipzig, 09.10.2013 the Fraunhofer MOEZ held within the Metaprojekts funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) driving and inhibiting factors of professional education export” on 17 October 2013 in Berlin the annual Conference of the vocational education exporters. At the Conference, representatives from policy and research come together in addition to numerous professional education service providers. “” In the framework of the Conference the actors in the three topic areas want export of German vocational education and training – support services and strengthening “, business models for a sustainable market development” and application-oriented science for the vocational education export”and others discuss flagship projects, challenges and approaches of the German vocational education exports. Jeremy Tucker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. MinDir will give a lecture as keynote speaker. Volker Rieke, head of Department for European and international cooperation in education and Research in the BMBF, the role of the German vocational education exports. Professor Dr. Thorsten Posselt, head of the Institute of the Fraunhofer MOEZ, will open the annual Conference and present results from the meta of the funding initiative. Talk to Dr. Nizar Abdelkafi, head of the Group business models and services at the Fraunhofer MOEZ, is main topic of business models for a sustainable market operations”to specific business models for the vocational education export. Focusing the support professional education export German party”that supports BMBF joint projects that advance a development of innovative ways of export for demand-oriented education and training services. The Fraunhofer MOEZ performs in 2011 on behalf of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) the meta to the funding programme. An important goal of the project is to support the professional educators in developing foreign markets. This involves both the scientific analysis and professional Preparation of the findings from the vocational education export as also the Organization of mutual learning and exchange of experience. The Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe MOEZ has proven skills in the area of innovation and technology management, strategy development and research marketing and develops scientifically-based, holistic potential analysis on the conception and implementation of the concrete project and business models and network activities through knowledge and technology transfer. Currently, approximately 40 full time employees of the Fraunhofer MOEZ edit including projects within the framework of the 7th research framework programme of the European Union, projects of the Federal Ministry for education and research, the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, the German Federal Foundation environment, projects for companies, in particular small and medium-sized firms, etc. The Fraunhofer MOEZ is an Institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Research for practice is the central task of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The 1949 based Research organisation operates application-oriented research for the benefit of the economy and to the benefit of society. Contract partners and clients are industrial and service companies and the public sector. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany.

SHEnotes Instead Of Keynotes: More Women On The Lecterns.

Nicola Fritze initiated SHEnote speakers Reutlingen, 10.10.2013: how about a SHEnote instead of a keynote? Topics that move presented by some of the most successful speakers in the German-speaking world. Whether for customer events, employee events and congresses: the keynotes are predominantly held by men. Time for a breath of fresh air on German speakers stage! Experience SHEnotes, maintained by first-class speakers! “, so motivation speaker Nicola Fritze, the founding of the SHEnote speakers goes back to the idea.” Fritze continue even though women in the professional world are always present, they are on the German speakers stage to little visible. The SHEnote speakers want to change that. With inspiring lectures and content that move.” The SHEnote speakers are four top speakers: Nicola Fritze: the motivation woman shows you how you can change your perception, your thinking and your actions, to motivate and to infect others with energy. Eva Loschky: Germany’s voice expert gives the best tips for your sovereign and harmonious appearance in her rousing speeches.

“Elisabeth Heinemann: the computer science professor takes you to the new country” learn how you can successfully tackle the world of the Internet. Stefanie Voss: The seasoned executive takes you in their presentations on a world trip a trip where you will discover how to accurately complete themselves and others. Learn more about the SHEnote speakers under shenote-speakers.de contact Nicola Fritze, at. Free images and additional information about Germany’s motivation women, see

Diversity Officer

New impulses in every hour – that seems to get the female rate female rate seems to come – at least indicate that the current coalition talks. Yet, whether with or without quota: the labour market changed driven by steadily increasing demographic changes and the resulting shortage of skilled structural. Many employment experts recommend for years to extend the targeting in the recruiting and to ensure more diversity in the settings. The current theme of ‘Diversity’ (diversity) it is therefore in the free webinar series “Diversity-Talk” on 23 January 2014, hosted by the AoN – agency without a name, organizer of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women. The virtual diversity-talk”is aimed at companies and organizations that are with the topic of diversity focus on attracting female specialists and executives – deal and want to get to implementation relevant impulses and ideas. The webinars are aimed at HR managers, Diversity Officer, equality officer and Managing Director of small and medium-sized enterprises. JPMorgan Chase shines more light on the discussion.

From 10 – 18.00 speakers at hourly intervals in various diversity topics introduce: 10-11 Watch: innovation factor diversity: diversity of minds diversity of ideas = 11-12 pm: mixed teams – together successful 12-13: 00: run part time: detect – enable – 12-13-14 h implement: motivate applicants – communication in the female recruiting 14-15: your company “top4women” is? 15.-4P.m.: oriented personnel policy 16-17 o’clock: heterogeneity to inequalities in company 16-17-18 clock: top rate by the headhunter? Webinar is a registered and licensed brand. As one of the first providers in Germany, the AoN GmbH has received the license and offers regular virtual training since 2009. To participate in the webinars, the participants need only a Web browser, the Adobe Flash Player and a speaker enabled on their computer. Registration for the free webinars takes place at info(at)diverstiy-talk.com. More information about the offered topics see warning at participation in the webinar is limited for technical reasons the principle “first come – first serve!” About the AoN – agency without name GmbH goal of the Agency is to help companies make the transition to a life phase just working world to unleash the maximum potential for innovation in the company. The basis for this is the diversity within the workforce (DIVERSITY), a goal related leadership (FuHRUNGSKRFTE), and a corporate culture (CULTURE), which promotes the potential and talents of staff and thus strengthens the creativity and value added of the entire company. The AoN GmbH was awarded as the initiator of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, 2012 economy the Innovation Prize “Land of ideas” in the category. Melanie Vogel

Regensburg Creative Pilots Wanted!

City Marketing Association calls to participate in country-wide competition. Regensburg. Who has the best young business idea in the creative sector? “The nationwide acclaimed competition culture and creative pilots Germany” getting individual advice from industry experts, are involved in a valuable network, can take part in workshops and of course with the title of cultural and creative pilot Germany “advertise. Bertram Vogel, Managing Director of city marketing Regensburg, calls for participation: our city is full of talent. We look forward already to many creative newcomers from Regensburg.” Initiative, cultural and creative industries of the Federal Government stands behind the competition. You provides for entrepreneurs in Bavaria an own orientation advisors: Jurgen Enninger advises each second and fourth Tuesday one month in Regensburg IT store people that an entrepreneur would start with a particular creative idea. Robert Kiyosaki has firm opinions on the matter. He helps PR consultants, designers, architects, filmmakers, Artists or musicians, to make their business ideas economically usable. Interested can appointments at any time advice.

The economic potential of the sector is remarkable: the Federal Government counted 238.300 enterprises and the self-employed in the cultural and creative industries in 2008. Thus was the gross value added of the industry just below of the automotive industry. The participation is possible until 15th August. In the final an expert jury will decide the 32 of first cultural and creative pilots”in Germany. Information and application: Stadtmarketing Regensburg e.V. Regensburg Stadtmarketing GmbH press contact: Bertram bird Bruderwohrdstrasse 15 b 93055 Regensburg phone: 0941-599 88 99 fax: 0941-599 88 88 email: Internet:

Training With Future

48 new trainee at Ricoh in Hanover August 2 48 starters started their training at Ricoh Germany in Hanover. Therefore, Ricoh total educates 181 trainees. This a training rate of 7.5 percent is on about 2,400 employees. The specialist offers six different apprenticeships in technical and commercial printing and document management, digital office communication and production printing. The company has tasked training with deliberately the shortage of contrary and is one of the largest training companies in its sector. To the training start 2010 Ricoh Germany has hired two trainees as it specialist (System integration technical direction) for the first time. In addition, Ricoh is to the / to the IT system administrator /-man, to the / to the technician (the discipline Office system technology), to the the wholesale and foreign trade clerk /-man, to the / to the administrator for Office communication and to the specialists. 2010, 21 new entrants have chosen a commercial training course.

One 27 trainees have started technical training. We educate our young talent himself and placing value on qualified training with a future. As a company we confront the shortage of so and take our social responsibility”, training manager of Ricoh Germany says Sabine Barista ward. In the Ricoh Academy, the company’s training and training center of Ricoh Germany at the site of the head office in Hanover, the trainees in addition to comprehensive product and network knowledge, certifications IT know-how and internationally recognized, vendor-independent gain for later professional life essential soft skills. Our acquisition rate was over 90 percent in recent years.

This shows, that is our concept of education”, stresses Walter Kakar. Ricoh in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh has around 108.500 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 21 billion (stand: March 2009) a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing. In Germany, has a Ricoh approximately 2,400 employees and is represented in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers and five sales offices. Contact: Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl, Mario di Santolo Tel.

New Professor Of International Management

The German Graduate School of management and law expands your Professor team. October 2010 new Professor of international management at the German Graduate School of management and law (GGS) is Prof. Dr. Christopher Stehr (43). He joins the GGS from the Kadam school International University in Karlsruhe and now teaches courses in Heilbronn in the MBA. In teaching, Prof. Stehr deals primarily with the topics of international and intercultural management topics.

His main research interests are the globalization of small and medium-sized enterprises and cultural strategies of organizations. Internationalization and globalization Research Institute Christopher Stehr studied political science and business administration at the University of Munich. He wrote his thesis at the Freie Universitat Berlin, what Sanford academic Burse had a scholarship of the German-Japanese. Subsequently, he was project manager and researcher at the University of Ulm, with the aim of a post-doctoral thesis at the Faculty of for mathematics and economics. In addition, Prof. Stehr initiated an internationalization and globalization Research Institute in addition to establishing a consultancy for globalisation. International network parallel Christopher Stehr has made a name through publications on the topic of globalization and sustainability, as well as through various activities in the field of knowledge transfer (E.g., exhibition design and consulting for the EXPO 2000 and EXPO 2005). Numerous travel and abroad (including Brazil, Israel, Japan, Philippines, South Africa) Dr. Stehr appropriated not only comprehensive language and country skills, but rebuilt a viable international network of personal contacts with partners all over the world. Verena Kruppa

New Discussion Forum

The new HACO stands academy discussion forum recently available. Racines, 16.03.2010 recently the new discussion forum by HACO is academy online. Interested in further education can be exchanged immediately opinions and experiences on the topics of education, personality development, leadership and success in the profession. Managing Director Franz Josef Gschnitzer: We thus reacted to a request of the visitors of our training portal. These can, to discuss various career topics now.” Active participation in the Forum is possible, the user with a user name and an email address to register. After registration, they receive an email with a confirmation link and can then directly login and post. However no registration is required to read the posts of other Forum members.

We want to offer the visitors by shady academy.com, to interactively participate in. We are confident that this additional offer used by many visitors and many interesting discussions will take place”as Simon Gschnitzer, Division Director of HACO academy. The academy stand on Internet platform by HACO next to the new forum a news section with articles and event notes available, as well as the HACO academy shop with over 7,000 eBooks on the subject of Economics, management and career. From autumn 2010 HACO is academy also organize seminars and lectures with renowned experts. The Forum is available at forum available.

Press contact: HACO d. Gschnitzer Franz Josef KG / s.a.s.. contact person: Simon Gschnitzer Angerweg via anger 43 / Gasteig Casateia I 39040 Ratschings Racines (BZ) Tel: + 39 / 0472 / 779165 fax: + 39 / 0472 / 779064 E-Mail: Internet: about HACO academy: HACO academy is a training portal for personal development, leadership and success in the profession and is operated by the company HACO d. Gschnitzer Franz Josef KG with headquarters in Ratschings-South Tyrol (Italy). On the website, visitors will find information and offers for their education and career. HACO academy academy shops is operator of the HACO () with over 7,000 eBooks to economics and management. HACO academy seminars and lectures organized with renowned experts from autumn 2010.