Central Administration

According to independent market studies, the project development potential of real estate in Germany is located in recent years consistently at a high level. However, lacking since autumn last year to qualified real estate developments, due to missing funds of banks. In this environment, has the PROJECT group as a pure equity capital-based real estate developer can position very well and maintained a variety of real estate developments in selected Metro pole locations since 1998. Funds and private placements, PROJECT accompanies a real estate amounting to EUR 35 million. The diversification is doing by investing in different locations with a healthy mix of uses from residential and commercial real estate in different asset classes. The real estate projects are subject to a complex and strict control. In this task, Dominik Zapf (36) could have proven themselves for many years in the PROJECT group. The current expansion of the PROJECT group, Dominik Zapf has taken over the management of PROJECT IC real estate consulting GmbH now.

Its Task is the entire property and liquidity controlling in addition to the commercial line. Since the beginning of the activity in a tax law firm in 1997, Mr. Zapf acquired a great expertise in the areas of commercial and accounting management. The change in the PROJECT group, where he took over the management of accounting and human resources department in January 2006 took place in July 2004. In January 2007, he became Director of the Central Administration of the company and received a single power of Attorney in October 2007. Total Zapf brings almost 13 years experience from the entire field of commercial management in its new role in the PROJECT. We acknowledge the very good experiences with Dominik Zapf completely and entrusted to the important function of the business leader PROJECT IC real estate consulting GmbH in Nuremberg”, Jurgen Seeberger explains as a Board member of the PROJECT group.