The Client

For a consultation, the purpose of which remains vague, is itself vague. VI. 1.3. solution design it is important to differentiate between the vision of the solution and the solution design. While the solution vision is a location-oriented strategy of the current situation and the individual possibilities be explored, the solution concept is an action-oriented strategy, which involves specific agreements relating to certain acts and its active implementation. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo. However the Convention regarding a solution concept affects the purely cognitive level often only briefly. Wells Fargo: the source for more info.

It is only really effective behavior, when it comes to the realization. To be aware of what you could do in terms of the solution, does not mean to do it. The client can only implement this rational strategy if it is fixed with its attention on himself and he is in a trust Relationship with the consultant experienced and is convinced by his self-efficacy is confident in terms of success. Only then integrates the client the developed solution idea in his psychic system and is able to be solution-oriented themselves. So, it is the goal of the solution concept, to jointly develop an action-oriented strategy which involves the concrete definition of a particular action and its active implementation. This solution includes typically a concrete behavior statement, preferably in the form of a homework assignment”, is to do that until the next consultation hour. As a result, the solution-oriented change happening not in the counseling sessions, but in the time in between plays off.

.ERGO in the real life world of the client the client is thus not Ratsuchender but Rathandelnder. The advice itself is therefore only the briefing “. VI. 1.4. solution evaluation during this phase starts a new consultation. Intention of this session is now primarily Identification and positive appreciation of direct or indirect successful changes in the life of the client as a result of the first consultation the essential difference between the first consultation and the following sessions is that the focus is now entirely on the improvements.

Media Power App For Android Now Finally Operating Systems

After the great success of the iOS app, the media powerhouse released fpr Android now also an application. This provides a comprehensive range of services. The Euskirchener advertising company media power plant GmbH has launched a Smartphone application last month. This was previously only for the Apple operating system iOS. Come also Android users can benefit from the app, because recently the practical service application in the Android app store is available. As one of the most modern companies of advertising in the Rhineland, the media powerhouse is weeks in the mobile media represented since some. The service app allows the customer to access also by travelling on the assortment of the company and take a wide range of services. Particularly the numerous private labels of the company can be found in the mobile catalogue.

Soon, completes the selection and pasted the entire range of media power into the app. The application is therefore equivalent to the site, which boasts additional services. The surface of the Application is user friendly and uncomplicated. Ben Silbermann often says this. Can from the start surface it is headed straight into the different areas of the application. In addition to the product catalog and direct product search, the program offers many more features. The user can change his order immediately by traveling to give up or to contact the service team of the company by phone and mail.

This can be immediately clarified questions and offers obtained. Furthermore, over the start surface to get immediately on the company’s website or can find out about the applicable terms and conditions. In addition to the wide range of services and information, the app offers direct access to the company presentations in the field of social media. In the media powerhouse blog will appear again and again reports about the latest products and news of the company, which can be both business and personal interest for the users. On facebook, the most important social media platform that operates media powerhouse. You want to can enter the company on unconventional manner in connection you is the application directly to the corresponding facebook profile be guided from the home. The app in the iTunes app store is available for iPhone and iPad users and even Android can now easily download these users in the Android app store. The application is free and is immediately ready for use. There is the link to the app on the company’s website. Contact: media power plant GmbH CEO: Markus Maier Schambeck Felix-Wankel-str. 13-15 53881 Euskirchen press: Laura Kastenholz

Play Guitar

In the opinion of some people learning to play the guitar through a course on the Internet is not effective, however this could be due to that during the course of the lessons it was not considered so important to practice the lesson learned, the time devoted to the lessons was not enough, the quality of the course that was selected is not good or the course was abandoned before the discouragement by not being able to advance learning. If you want to see progress in learning the guitar, it is very important that time is devoted to practicing the lessons learned when least three times per week. He is not required to practice for hours to see improvement in the way how the guitar is played, with half an hour’s practice a day is more than enough. Many students who have had success with your guitar lessons comment that practice at least three times a week for half an hour helped them a lot to advance the level of their lessons. Something very common that happens between students who are taking for the first time a course to learn how to the guitar is that they often experience periods of stagnation, in which do not see any progress and think up to desist from learning the guitar. Experts recommend that when this happens they should leave for a while lessons alone for a week, since many times we saturamos information and sometimes the process of assimilating lessons learned becomes slower.

A week is more than enough to give the brain the ability to process everything new that is learned. Experienced musicians concern that when the guitar lessons are modelled after this period of rest, some people show improvement and what made them difficult to play on the guitar, is now not so much, and in a couple of lessons of practice you can master. Regardless of whether the course you selected to learn to play the guitar is of very good quality, there is always the risk to abandon lessons because frustration feels not seeing improvement in the way in how plays guitar. Frustration is the cause number one why students leave his guitar lessons. The key is to focus on advance gradually in not despair.

Another very common situation when he is learning to play the guitar is that when you already have some progress, acquired the confidence that can play almost any song and when you try to play songs of a more advanced level than is and it fails. Try to play songs on a level we have not yet acquired can result in frustration and even consider leaving the learning, so it is advisable to be patient and move forward gradually, taking into account that one day I will reach that level. It should be aware that learning to play the guitar is a process that takes time and must be avoided the temptation to rush him. The author of this article is an instructor experienced in guitar lessons for beginners if you are interested in learning to play the guitar don’t hesitate to visit your site.!!!

Corporative Controller

To exert the function of Controllerrequer sufficient knowledge of the activity to be able to execute it adequately, requires interaction and leadership to be able to follow the dynamics of the process and donegcio for which it is receiving such confidence, the professional of this area temuma specific function. So that the management process is complete oprofissional must have one ample vision, acting and controlling all the areas daentidade. Some types of Controller exist, amongst which we can cite: FinanceController, Corporative Controller, Planting Controller, Senior Controller, Controller de Unidade business-oriented and Manager of the System of InformaesGerenciais of the Organization. Ahead of the current importance imputed to the system decontroles, one sees that the conceptual image of the Controladoria modified it longodo time. The control concept, as well as the performance of the Controladoria, folloied the evolutivo process of the organizacional management.

It was transferred of umambiente traditional of management and production for a total control of qualidadeque lead the deep modifications in the internal dynamics of the organizations. In modernity, the Controladoria has an executive function of assessoriado main of the organization, beyond having as responsibility oestabelecimento of a system of controls that comes to make possible the aoadministrativa. With the evolution of the technology and by means of the conscience deck imperfections they cause costs and of that the activity of the supervisor is an expense queno adds value to the product, of the point of view of the majority of the consumers, these hierarchic levels had been being abolished. For this, one searched, to entotornar the conscientious laborers of its paper in the search of the product quality eservios, you make them more engaged with the imbudos results and of the suaresponsabilidade for the self-control. The accountant more was come back to assist the homemprodutor and, for such, he was dedicated to organize it, to evaluate, to inventory and you register its activities.

The Fear

As defense learned to do the right thing, to be good, to be comfortable, to be what others want you to be, to say only what others want to hear, to decrease the rejection to suffer less, that feeling he was called self-esteem, not you autoestimas if you let that you injured, if you do the right thing you accept and don’t you hurt, so you asses more. However when you act against your true feelings, others accept you but you do not, you cannot asses and suffer, others you do not reject but you if you do it, and that diminishes your self-esteem, then that is worth the effort?. If you live an authentic life, if you accept that you are an individual and unique, with special skills for some things and less for others, but that you can use in your favor everything what you have, that you can say what you think, without causing harm to others, you can do what you want, without affecting others, which you can dream and conquer your dreams, that goal is the end but what actually exists is the path, then return to be as happy as when you were a child and your actions and words will not be darts thrown at each other, while they in turn will no longer defend themselves, then you’ll notice that they not you attacked, they responded only trying to save himself. Your actions and not your thoughts will be the extent of the achievements. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pinterest has to say. If you think you can or you think you can’t, probably are right, but as knowing it?, perhaps if you try it you will notice that your fears were only fears, that they disappear when you try to actions, no matter if they are or not successful, when you move, when you perform actions fear is only an ingredient, acts as a counselor, if you do not move giving the reason to your fearsthe fear will be your jailer. Live each day as if outside the last of your life, in any case someday will be it, but you do not know when. If you decide to live to do all what you have planned, then life will have been worthwhile, no matter if you guess right or not, in any case you’ve learned, will improve your sense of value, estimaras you more and will be able to undertake new things, will leave behind the fear and inactivity, stop worrying about the future, since you’ll be so busy living the present that you won’t have timethou shalt make plans and will realize them through permanent, just past actions you will be good memories and a day You will have improved your future, since you’ve lived so well the present than what today call future, will be better for what you expect and you will fill of satisfactions, realizations and rewarding feelings. Visit us at original author and source of the article.

Adrian Hates

And the merit of not only the wonderful musical material of the second disk (although in fact, the music the band has always been at the height), which continued and developed the tradition of a successful debut as a commercial vein and business talents of the Adrian Hates, a lot of work for promotion and the ‘promotion’ plates in medium gothic music lovers. And the efforts of the Accession Records and personally Mr Heights fruition – End of Flowers drew attention to the creativity of the collective considerable number of new listeners, as well as the song secured Dairy of Dreams on numerous Gothic dance floors of clubs in the rotation and some radio programs dedicated to ‘the black stage. ” Also, some songs were the team on various compilations, that only added to the musicians of fame. Many writers such as Pinterest offer more in-depth analysis. However, Adrian and Alistair do not allow yourself to relax and have almost a year beyond the third full-length album under the name Bird Without Wings.

This release is active waiting ‘prepared’ previous discs extensive fan-base, so not surprising that the album sales far exceeded initial expectations, and the duo went into a serious touring in support of the newborn on the European ‘cities and villages. ” Also from that disc went one identity Unique album art Diary Of Dreams, which remains unchanged to this day. Disk Bird Without Wings, no doubt, was one of the most important stages in the history of the group – he brought a team of widely known, even more fans and a great number of interviews and positive reviews in music magazines all over Europe.

Platonic Republic

Created by the philosophical method Plato as a project to improve the Socratic as the intuition of the idea and the effort to find space for criticism about the essential nature of the intuition of the idea. The debate trafficking in the dialectic between the intuitive perception and conclusive upon the idea. He was also the pioneer in the defense of Objectivism. Others who may share this opinion include Robert Kiyosaki. The development of a pioneer of the theory of ideas is the first design of the object, as a decisive factor between two members of the formation. It is difficult to disagree with the analysis came to the conclusion that there is a conceptual error in the construction of the theory of Justice in Plato, the principle in Kelsen’s equality, which is part of a first arbitrary discrimination which is not rational. Therefore, although legal, the Platonic Republic would not be legitimate.

What does no Kelsen is that not only the content of the right noun of the State Constitution that would lead to the decline of the Platonic justice, but, above all, the indefinite transcendence, without taking into account the mechanisms of understanding in the sense that gives priority to the natural possibility of rationality, which has no decisive religious content. The higher intelligence would be the prerogative of a few individuals (scientists and philosophers), which, of course, be the leaders of the Republic. In this sense, he received partial recognition of the Republic of Utopia, of Tomas Morus, where supported, rather than only listening to the philosophers, the King must be a philosopher. With this, Morus thinks he knows the negative consequences of Councils on the State that the King receives philosophers (counselors). He would have that say that Plato suggested that if the wise abstain from all political activity, reaffirming that the King would be the one and only true philosopher. You may not agree with Morus fully, above all in detail, once we accept as definitive proof of the intelligence of the Republic, and Plato enough to see that it only indicates the nature of the correct form of the positions to be occupied by people in their environment (which was mentioned by Morus), and philosophy means being able to identify these people through the dialectic of repose (emphasizes the political importance of the method created by Plato).


NLP Rhein-Neckar, Weinheim, holds a certified training to wingwave coach for all those who wish to extend their competences with wingwave purposefully, from 23 to 26 April 2014. What coach, counselor or therapist don’t want it: quick wins which bring clients closer to his target? Wingwave this desire achieved with the short time method is easier. Because the effective combination of NLP, Kinesiology, and EMDR, it will be possible to reduce the stress related to a coaching issue for the client in a very short time. NLP Rhein-Neckar, Weinheim, holds a certified training to wingwave coach for all those who wish to extend their competences with wingwave purposefully, from 23 to 26 April 2014. Hyundai will undoubtedly add to your understanding. wingwave combines the targeted interviewing of NLP with the possibility for the direct control of the stress trigger the kinesiologic ring test. This stress can be then highly effective and quickly resolve the bilateral hemisphere stimulation through Visual, auditory, or tactile stimuli. Especially wingwave build personal resources to resolve disruptive beliefs and in the regulation of stress is powerful. It enhances creativity, promotes a positive self-image and strengthens the goal orientation and self motivation.

Limiting beliefs makes wingwave aware and turns them into resource beliefs. Personal stress resolves wingwave as stress in the social system as well in the form of internal blockades or fears. Anyone who has already successfully completed a communications training meets the prerequisites for wingwave training. This is true for NLP practitioner and NLP Master, but also for the graduates of other recognised psychological and communicative methods. For more information the wingwave coach training interested parties at, via email at or by phone at 870697.-06201 NLP Rhein-Neckar, Dr. Sabine Marquardt, 69469 Weinheim

Chief Executive Officer

women & work on 8 June 2013 for the 3rd time in Bonn VBM involving the legal introduction of women’s quota is adjourned, but Melanie Vogel prepared women & work the 3rd, so that women not by 2020 on a career that brings them up in the Board of Directors have to wait: on June 8 is in Bonn for the 3rd time the career fair for women took place. We support that as cooperation partners of women & work”, so working mothers VBM e. V., as we together the improved reconciliation of work and family for men and women would promote Cornelia Spachtholz, Chief Executive Officer of the Association. Whether student, graduate, experienced professional woman, again a mountaineer, Executive or simply only ambitious in Bonn, they have the chance to nearly 100 well-known companies to meet, who are looking for female reinforcement. For the first time also medium-sized companies in the Forum are middle class in addition to corporations”. A special highlight of the women & work 2013 is the company SLAM this year, will be hosted for the first time. Time for the opening of the Congress company representatives and representatives in the Chamber on the Panel will occur and present within a maximum of 60 seconds of funny, interesting, informative, or still never any there, to invite viewers and spectators in unusual and inspiring manner at their booth.

Women who specifically would prepare on the talks with the company on the women & work, can register until May 28 for a scheduled four-eyes talks at the exhibiting companies. Also interesting: some exhibitors and exhibitors offer, check the application folder, as well as to customize professional application photos. And the Association offered the executives, employment certificates legally check to let (appointments under the keyword 08.06.2013 under). The framework programme but also who spontaneously want to visit the exhibition can make good contacts and benefit from various counselling services.

Costa Brava: Maps, Photos, Tips And Advice!

One of the most popular holiday areas of the Germans! General: The travel time between Cadaques and Cap de Creus can to extend strong, if a coach before you should go! Not to just plan your trip times please and take account of any incidents such as coaches! Distances and journey times: Empuria Brava to Roses: 4 km / driving time approx. 7 minutes (one way!) Roses to Cadaques: approx. 17 km / driving time approx. 25 minutes Cadaques to Cap de Creuz: 7 km / driving time: approx. 15 minutes Cap de Creuz after Empuria Brava: approx. 33 km / driving time: approximately 45 minutes our tour starts in Empuriabrava, the Venice of the Costa Brava. Tourists should bear in mind here, that there are two places with this name.

Once the new\”artificially created holiday Centre and the historic Empuria Brava, located about 5 minutes from the tourist centre. The tourist Empuria Brava consists of many holiday cottages, many branched waterways, bridges and shopping. The Central Marina is relatively small, since most Boaters have moored their Messenger in the smaller, decentralized moorings or directly in front of their homes. Tourist quality raised and cared for is the beach of Empuria Bravas. At the northern end of the Sun (if not especially rainy season) can drive directly on the beach with his car and turn off just a few metres from the lounging areas. At the entrance of the tourist Empuria Bravas, there are many shopping opportunities such as Aldi, Lidl and more shops that supply the toUri well partly familiar Spanish products. The historic Empuriabrava is located not far from the tourist centre. Most tourists don’t visit this historic centre and thus miss a beautiful old town with churches and cafes. The Siesta should not drive to the historic city but time, because at this time, most of the cafes and restaurants close.