Bach Flowers And Jealousy

Eifersuch is a passion that seeks with diligence, what creates suffering. Finding the right Bach flower remedies is not always easy, especially in animals, because that can is unfortunately not as articulate, you know exactly where it should be. But there is a detailed questionnaire, as well as always leads to the target tools like […]

Support Of Life – Clairvoyance And Divination

There have always been people with that “special something”. People who can use clairvoyance or fortune telling and therefore can give a valuable aid in the life of us, because they see more than just the material world. Whether Gypsies or witches if a seemingly normal young woman who sits you in the train opposite […]


“Mysticism and more in the February issue of Questico magazine future look” in the current February issue of Astromagazins future views of Questico horoscopes, Tarot and more revolves around again. “In an interview with the Questico consultant Veronika Brosch the astrologer reveals how she came to the esoteric and the Tarot reader and what rituals […]

Winfried Noe

American scientists confirm: an asteroid that will fly over haartscharf on April 13, 2029 on our home planet. If you would like to know more then you should visit JOHN MOLINA . He could be diverted but by the Earth’s gravity field into a new orbit, which would be critical. Yet the consultant for astrology […]

Marketing Assistant

It is traditional knowledge, on which days the moon may influence what activities. In fact, much on a simple rule can be reduced: Everything grow, what’s more to will is done at increasing Moon, anything less should be or heal quickly, is scheduled at Waning Moon. For example hair cut or sow herbs. Because certain […]

Andrea Buchholz

The cosmic threat: Questico explains why the asteroid 2007 TU24 provide but also Jupiter-Saturn trouble! Our fate influences the asteroid? Why have I and many people just heavy partner crises to get through are debt because the star? Is the prediction of the famous seer of Nostradamus eintrefffen? The phone radio Charivari not stood still: […]

Esoteric Advice

Strong price reduction at horoscopes, esoteric, life coaching by phone from 1.09 per minute Dusseldorf, 04.03.2010, astrology and mysticism – or lives consulting services by phone are very popular and helpful – often unfortunately but also very expensive. Mostly they offered namely over premium rate numbers. Serves up to 2.99 / min from mobile phone […]

Three New Advisors

Two new clairvoyant and a new psychic advice now for approximately 9 months there is our platform Our site deals with the subject of clairvoyance. Short explanation: actually what is clairvoyance? A clairvoyant or a psychic reading is a medium which paranormal way to predict the future. To read more click here: VP – […]