Platonic Republic

Created by the philosophical method Plato as a project to improve the Socratic as the intuition of the idea and the effort to find space for criticism about the essential nature of the intuition of the idea. The debate trafficking in the dialectic between the intuitive perception and conclusive upon the idea. He was also the pioneer in the defense of Objectivism. Others who may share this opinion include Robert Kiyosaki. The development of a pioneer of the theory of ideas is the first design of the object, as a decisive factor between two members of the formation. It is difficult to disagree with the analysis came to the conclusion that there is a conceptual error in the construction of the theory of Justice in Plato, the principle in Kelsen’s equality, which is part of a first arbitrary discrimination which is not rational. Therefore, although legal, the Platonic Republic would not be legitimate.

What does no Kelsen is that not only the content of the right noun of the State Constitution that would lead to the decline of the Platonic justice, but, above all, the indefinite transcendence, without taking into account the mechanisms of understanding in the sense that gives priority to the natural possibility of rationality, which has no decisive religious content. The higher intelligence would be the prerogative of a few individuals (scientists and philosophers), which, of course, be the leaders of the Republic. In this sense, he received partial recognition of the Republic of Utopia, of Tomas Morus, where supported, rather than only listening to the philosophers, the King must be a philosopher. With this, Morus thinks he knows the negative consequences of Councils on the State that the King receives philosophers (counselors). He would have that say that Plato suggested that if the wise abstain from all political activity, reaffirming that the King would be the one and only true philosopher. You may not agree with Morus fully, above all in detail, once we accept as definitive proof of the intelligence of the Republic, and Plato enough to see that it only indicates the nature of the correct form of the positions to be occupied by people in their environment (which was mentioned by Morus), and philosophy means being able to identify these people through the dialectic of repose (emphasizes the political importance of the method created by Plato).