Dieter Floegel

Guitars of Elvis (among others the legendary Hagstrom guitar) are just in this museum as also the Sheriff star awarded to him. Shirts and costumes reminiscent of his famous performances, records and awards on the great successes. But not only his plates were gilt, even different jewelry pieces attest to the preference of Elvis for […]

Helene Fischer – Magic Moon – Live

Helene Fischer – magic Moon – live disc counts the new DVD and Blu-Ray without any doubt to the most successful singers of in Germany and is regarded as the rediscovery of in recent years: HELENE FISCHER. Well over a million-selling recordings, countless gold and platinum awards, two Crown of folk music “trophies and successful […]

Plieninger Strasse

Marie Reich, who also wrote the book to “The wild chicks and life”, describes the gradual growing up a young person under all other in her film as simple conditions. Exclusively for guests of the event: the current girls and a cool mobile Chin Chin free for the film. Salons by TopTen and SUPERCUT with […]

Hey Man! Band – The Friendship Remains

The new album Hey Mann! Band – the friendship remains the Hey, Mann! Band is the new group to the co-founder of the womaniser Alfred Eberharter (56) and his son Alfred e. Jr. (30). The latter has produced “The friendship remains”, which will be released on June 19, the debut album as a real leader […]

Andreas Zaron

The new album by Andreas Zaron – cloud spool on the 9.10.09 is released the new album \”Cloud spool\” by Andreas Zaron. A great album with 16 songs emerged, as always with excellent text ideas, title compositions and wonderful everyday stories tell of daily life. Biography of Andreas Zaron: ANDREAS ZARON wanted to just its […]

Bernhard Brink – I Am

I’m not good for you the new radio single by Bernhard Brink – after “Loved hated cried” for 6 weeks at the top of the airplay charts conservative could prevail, now follows the next prank. The radio editors be sampled soon with “I’m not good for you” from the album “Pop Titan”. Learn more at: […]

DAVID GARRETT On September 27, 2009, For The Third Time At The BRAUNSCHWEIG CLASSIX

David Garrett concert in the Brunswick town hall with their own band and the French pianist Julien Quentin is Brunswick sold out for months, 20 September 2009 Carola Heider Leporale. Already in the interview with David Garrett before his last performance on May 28, 2009 at the BRAUNSCHWEIG CLASSIX artistic director of the Festival, Hans-Christian […]