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For future reference, it offers quick decisions in everyday life. With the correct check lists and forms, you shorten process times. Designer piece: Your QM manual is like no other there is no manual of the rod. The more your colleagues in the manual are, the greater the acceptance and the practical importance of your […]

Energy Wear

Event-oriented maintenance or preventive maintenance! More stringent rules to the limits of sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions apply to ships in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Thus, air pollutant emissions in maritime transport should be reduced significantly. At the time, a sulphur limit of 1% (previously 1.5%) applies. The value to 0.1% should decline […]

Hardcoat Windows

Spacer/insulating foil is in many application Windows and doors should just stop cold days much warmth in the room, save energy and let yet as much light into the room Interior. But just older glazing no longer meet the modern requirements sufficiently. Not in large scale expensive replacing Windows and doors, self-adhesive films were developed […]

Second Time Successfully Presents

“Tests have also shown that you must no longer work, if one submerged a swimmer in a capillary Hans Weidenbusch said: If a Perpetuum mobile is a device that provides the energy, but nobody knows where this energy comes from, then the first Perpetuum mobile without a doubt invented”, and adds, “and not a physicist […]

Represented Processes

Z. (B)”. based on customer surveys and evaluation we develop ourselves constantly”on this page should be the release by the Managing Director. The signature of the GF for this purpose release: CEO 3 resources communication takes place through personal conversations and regular meetings. You can keep so, it was because the company has already set […]

Perfect Cut Cutting Plotter

Fast and clean cut with a cutter if who plots large or small advertising agency – clients label films for window or car, which does not get around a good cutter. Unlike a normal plotter does not print a cutter, but milimetergenau cut out the pressure. A cutting plotter works quick, precise, and energy-saving. A […]

The Most

This ensures high efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors. One of the most interesting resources to reduce costs and to increase profitability is to eradicate process errors in the entire value chain. We focus in this approach to our customers. What other measures do you realize this promise? H. Hiendl: A crucial element is […]

The Jets

The higher the temperature, the humidity is the lower and higher the efficiency of adiabatic cooling. Even in tropical regions the air humidity drops during the day with increased warming, what justifies the use of a mist cooling system. The fog nozzles spraying water under high pressure and make fine water droplets, which proceed directly […]

Toging Barrels

To promote reliable and dosing of viscous substances from barrels the ViscoTec drum drain system to the reliable support and dosing of viscous substances from barrels consists of ViscoTec drum drain systems the components of pneumatic lift tripod, electrically powered dosing / pump and follower plate. These can be combined in many ways, so that […]