Second Time Successfully Presents

“Tests have also shown that you must no longer work, if one submerged a swimmer in a capillary Hans Weidenbusch said: If a Perpetuum mobile is a device that provides the energy, but nobody knows where this energy comes from, then the first Perpetuum mobile without a doubt invented”, and adds, “and not a physicist uses after all of the first law of thermodynamics”, if he needs to explain the second law of thermodynamics to be invalid for that.” You know that. At the presentation of a Perpetuum mobile is announced. Then held a demonstration in front of more or less spectators, and that’s it then even and heard nothing more about it. Not so in the present case. The Munich-based Hans Weidenbusch has devised an apparatus to a presentation in the staatl. Realschule Baldham now for the second time was successfully presented in Pullach. In this case neutral spectators and critical success means”physicists, the always and all always say the same thing. The needle goes down and back up and down again and back up, always, see also SZ district spending policy Monday, April 26, 2010 and Munchner Merkur output Monday, 26 April 2010 / No.

95). What we have now. A is still energy generated window Perpetuum mobile, which is in fact always in motion, and confirmed this fact on the part of serious supra-regional daily newspapers, numerous physicists and countless witnesses. The gabs never and as if that wasn’t enough, the mechanism is so simple that there is no room for interpretation. The Perpetuum mobile that works on the basis that float just behave in capillaries, as if she would swim in the open water. Specifically that swimmers are as analog float next to the capillary in capillaries at a higher level, this means, see Auftriebskapillar of his objection to hearing early partial, that besides the capillary and even water is the float that has Yes energy potential, is now off the table.