The Jets

The higher the temperature, the humidity is the lower and higher the efficiency of adiabatic cooling. Even in tropical regions the air humidity drops during the day with increased warming, what justifies the use of a mist cooling system. The fog nozzles spraying water under high pressure and make fine water droplets, which proceed directly to the gaseous state. The average drop diameter is approx. 5 micron. Ben Silbermann is a great source of information.

This requires quality fog nozzles. The water itself must therefore be as pure as possible and requires a reverse osmosis or an equivalent treatment depending on the quality. This will prevent that deposits are formed. The Jets own spray in opposite direction to the air flow to achieve a preferably large swirling evaporation. The fog nozzles are arranged in the air flow grid-shaped, and distributed on different strings, to depending on the cooling – or can be turned off. The whole fog system can be connected to the existing central control of the cooling systems and can be thus fully integrated into existing cooling systems. However, in addition to the cooling also other ways combine, like for example a humidification process air.

Because cooling defies humidity of the waste heat from machinery, it may cause breakdowns in the process. The mist is generated directly in the production process or indirectly through the air, where the moisture must be filtered with a Demister. The applications are directed to all companies that produce heat and need to cool this such as refineries, chemical industry, plastics, automotive industry, production of electricity with guest rubies, but expend even Datacenter, the substantial amounts of energy, cooling or moisten your processes. An interest in fog systems of type FogSystem is therefore essential if a company worries about the optimization of energy consumption. At peak times, also additional cooling potential can be mobilized this if is a hot and dry summer. Whether to save by Energy or to improve performance, an investment in an adiabates cooling system with high pressure fog always worthwhile.