Content Quality

The quality of concrete products is determined not only production technology but also the properties of raw materials, primarily – cement. Experts also believe that the main problem of the industry – no deficit, and the quality of domestic cement. Obviously, the quality of the cement determine the stabilization and selection of competent source of raw materials, grinding them correctly, and firing, and, in turn, fine grinding of cement. Unfortunately, in Russia, none of these positions are not complies in full. Investment opportunities gathered all the information needed. Cement plants were built in the country's 1950-1960's – at a time when the first task was to build the volume of production necessary to rebuild the country.

Question stability of quality cement, which requires a lot of material costs, remained behind the scenes. Obviously, the lack of investments in the technology of preparation of raw mix entails a "misunderstanding" in stability of the mode of burning, stability and fineness of cement raw materials, precision maintenance input percent additives. As a result, the stability of the quality of domestic cement significantly below the world. Although, no matter how Paradoxically, the common European standards for Russian manufacturers fit, but the range of fluctuations in the quality of cement, such as the 28-day activity, with an average of plus or minus 5 MPa, which is unacceptable and impossible for a European manufacturer. The experience of Western countries shows that the maximum fluctuation of quality of cement under the same terms shall not exceed 2 MPa. For example, in one of the major Swedish plants capacity of 2 million tons of cement per year, this value is not more than 2 MPa.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Is it possible when investing minimal money to get the maximum quality and exceptional design make decisions? Is an optimal solution to this problem – aluminum composite panels – facade material, gradually finding more and more widely used in the construction and restoration of buildings, designing the interiors, creating original designs for outdoor advertising. Aluminium composite panel (ACP) – this simply put, a "sandwich>> consisting of two aluminum plates and laminated between plastic (PE) or mineral layer (FR). The width of a single panel – up to 1600 mm, length – up to 6000 mm, thickness – from 2 to 6 mm. Any Construction in Russia must obey stringent building codes, as well as take into account the harsh and not always predictable climatic conditions. It makes facing facade materials are special requirements – He must possess the following qualities: durability, rigidity and lightness, fire resistance, high-performance sound absorption and vibration isolation, resistance to aggressive environment and uv radiation, ease of handling and speed of installation, aesthetics. And now a closer look at these figures aluminum composite panels.

Longevity. In the application of aluminum composite panels for hinged ventilated facades service life exceeding 50 years. Aluminum composite panel can withstand temperatures from -50 C to +80 C, which means that they can be used in the extreme north and south. Stiffness and lightness. Weight one square meter of aluminum composite panels ranging from 3 to 8 kg, depending on thickness. A distinctive feature of the akp – the ratio of stiffness and weight.

Overview Of Metal Doors

In the door industry you can find all kinds of metal doors with all sorts of finishes. The choice depends on which will be formed and the cost of armored door, and regardless of whether manufactured steel Door-to-order or buy a ready bronedver. Samy economical finishing material – imitation leather (artificial leather), which is used for plating iron doors of economy class. Imitation leather – Flexible enough and strong material that has remarkable performance: – the ability to fire – estesstvenno, imitation leather burning. Although high-quality imitation leather can not be named flammable materials – it smolders, although does not flare .- stability to temperature – humidity – artificial skin does not retract the water does not separate, but not limited to the skin is not afraid salt water – resistance to direct sunlight – imitation leather does not burn out – and environmental hygiene – imitation leather just ordinary soap and water to clean and resistant to abrasion – low Antivandal – steel doors with vinyl leather finish just spoil a simple knife, as a consequence of this in order to avoid damage to the door covering these doors are not installed on the street or in public rooms – a variety of colors and patterns – based on artificial leather is durable cloth inscribed with polyvinylchloride covering with embossing diverse picture. Imitation leather dye in all sorts of colors – all the paint used: matte, iron and t.d.Bronirovannye doors, decorated with vinyl leather, usually equipped with low-quality locks and minimal additional accessories..


But we should not forget that in addition to the basic material in the case installation shingles must use expensive water-resistant plywood and carpet underlay (.), which significantly increases the cost of the device of the roof. In addition, at high temperatures roof more heat than the surrounding air – it becomes possible to separate bitumen from soft tile, and sudden changes in temperature, typical of our region, significantly shorten the life of such material. Asbestos cement corrugated sheets (slate) – the most economical and familiar to us version of roofing material. He is fire safe, easy to install. This is a rather "warm" material having low thermal conductivity, due to which it forms a minimal amount of condensation. Unfortunately, at low temperature in winter slate becomes easily vulnerable: broken by mechanical action, it appears deep fissures. Given these especially manufacturers asbestos slate indicate lifetime of the material – no more than 20 years.

In addition, the slate loses much other roofing materials in appearance. Currently, one of the the most popular and affordable roofing materials in Russia – the decking. It is nonflammable, fairly high strength material, the lifetime is determined from 30 to 50 years. The simplicity and rapidity, and low cost installation makes the choice of roof sheeting for the device even more attractive. Today, most manufacturers to produce corrugated sheets are used galvanized metal sheet (with a colored polymer coating and without it) and build it right one of length, which is essential to the customer.

This roofing material has, perhaps, the only drawback: it forms a rich condensate, especially in a large difference temperatures inside and outside the premises. However, this problem is easily solved by using the underlay film, a choice which today is diverse. However, time dictating their demands. Along with durability, durability and economy begin to grow and aesthetic demands of the people to his dwelling: want to build not only safe, but also beautiful. Among the above metal roofing materials has a special place. This is a fairly new material, but every year the number of its adherents is growing inexorably. Using all previous experience to create roofing materials, metal has absorbed all the positive qualities flooring, tile natural aesthetics, ease of installation of slate. In this case, it distinguishes the value that is lower than that of sand-cement shingles and sometimes even below the cost of corrugated. In addition, the roof of the metallochepitsy has low operating costs: rain and snow yourself clean its surface. Because of this we can see many years his home under a beautiful and reliable roof.

Lumber Quality

Second. Normal lumber quality can not be cheap, regardless of the crisis and the time of the year. This is due to production costs, which depend on the cost of raw materials, workers' wages, costs by email. energy. Profit masters in the total price of the board rarely exceeds 10%. And no entrepreneur will cut and sell at a loss, ask him to dismiss workers unpaid leave and freeze frame. Therefore, if you suggest that it is very cheap, then most likely you will buy a marriage, and if you're new to the forestry business, it pops up only when you start to sell their goods.

Believe me, your buyers know very well what they want purchase. It happens that the normal board is cheap, but it is only if raw materials were originally stole. In this case, there is nothing to hope for a regular supply, and may have problems with law enforcement. Third. Do not rely on what you first deliver the goods and you then pay for it. Now almost all the wood-processing enterprises, both large and small, have their regular customers with whom worked for more than a year, plus nearly everything that fell to unscrupulous buyers who are taking timber, and then, using various tricks, he was not paid. Of course, and manufacturers have beginners who just come in this business, and they can take the risk and ship the lumber on the condition of "payment after acceptance, but it will be a one-time delivery. At the same time, keep in mind that you get lumber from the beginner, it is natural and quality is not at odds.

Clearly, then, that you , you do not pay him, but you did not earn, but problems. Fourth. Go get ready for a very tangible spending is likely in cash and no papers. Many sawmills should tax, electricians, etc., and their bank accounts are blocked, so they only work for cash., and they do not have , and to get you something napilit, asking payment in advance. This, of course, your case, accept it or not, but know that they take an advance payment is not a good life, and not from a desire to divorce you, but just have no free money to buy a round timber, which you and the same cuts. Now, when has a new forestry code, it became very poorly with roundwood. If before the auction can be purchased plot at very reasonable prices, and then develop it and do not depend on the working capital that is now canceled. Kruglyak have to buy expensive and paying for He should immediately. Fifth. Be prepared to disrupt delivery schedules, and most likely you'll have to leave their lumber and some time in a strange city. This is also a very tangible costs, because the hotel meals, etc. is a very tangible money. This is especially true of timber quality. After all, to get 1 cubic meter board grade 0, must napilit, and then reorder 4 – 5 cu. Conventional cut timber. Sawmills simply not able to do it quickly, plus technical lining, which leads to the disruption of delivery dates. So, summarizing. When you first decide to engage in forestry business, you think well. While seemingly simplicity, it is a very complicated business. Not for nothing, so far in this business there are no monopolies. Many have tried to bend the forest industry for themselves, but because of the problems listed above, they did not.