Content Quality

The quality of concrete products is determined not only production technology but also the properties of raw materials, primarily – cement. Experts also believe that the main problem of the industry – no deficit, and the quality of domestic cement. Obviously, the quality of the cement determine the stabilization and selection of competent source of raw materials, grinding them correctly, and firing, and, in turn, fine grinding of cement. Unfortunately, in Russia, none of these positions are not complies in full. Investment opportunities gathered all the information needed. Cement plants were built in the country's 1950-1960's – at a time when the first task was to build the volume of production necessary to rebuild the country.

Question stability of quality cement, which requires a lot of material costs, remained behind the scenes. Obviously, the lack of investments in the technology of preparation of raw mix entails a "misunderstanding" in stability of the mode of burning, stability and fineness of cement raw materials, precision maintenance input percent additives. As a result, the stability of the quality of domestic cement significantly below the world. Although, no matter how Paradoxically, the common European standards for Russian manufacturers fit, but the range of fluctuations in the quality of cement, such as the 28-day activity, with an average of plus or minus 5 MPa, which is unacceptable and impossible for a European manufacturer. The experience of Western countries shows that the maximum fluctuation of quality of cement under the same terms shall not exceed 2 MPa. For example, in one of the major Swedish plants capacity of 2 million tons of cement per year, this value is not more than 2 MPa.