Overview Of Metal Doors

In the door industry you can find all kinds of metal doors with all sorts of finishes. The choice depends on which will be formed and the cost of armored door, and regardless of whether manufactured steel Door-to-order or buy a ready bronedver. Samy economical finishing material – imitation leather (artificial leather), which is used for plating iron doors of economy class. Imitation leather – Flexible enough and strong material that has remarkable performance: – the ability to fire – estesstvenno, imitation leather burning. Although high-quality imitation leather can not be named flammable materials – it smolders, although does not flare .- stability to temperature – humidity – artificial skin does not retract the water does not separate, but not limited to the skin is not afraid salt water – resistance to direct sunlight – imitation leather does not burn out – and environmental hygiene – imitation leather just ordinary soap and water to clean and resistant to abrasion – low Antivandal – steel doors with vinyl leather finish just spoil a simple knife, as a consequence of this in order to avoid damage to the door covering these doors are not installed on the street or in public rooms – a variety of colors and patterns – based on artificial leather is durable cloth inscribed with polyvinylchloride covering with embossing diverse picture. Imitation leather dye in all sorts of colors – all the paint used: matte, iron and t.d.Bronirovannye doors, decorated with vinyl leather, usually equipped with low-quality locks and minimal additional accessories..