But we should not forget that in addition to the basic material in the case installation shingles must use expensive water-resistant plywood and carpet underlay (.), which significantly increases the cost of the device of the roof. In addition, at high temperatures roof more heat than the surrounding air – it becomes possible to separate bitumen from soft tile, and sudden changes in temperature, typical of our region, significantly shorten the life of such material. Asbestos cement corrugated sheets (slate) – the most economical and familiar to us version of roofing material. He is fire safe, easy to install. This is a rather "warm" material having low thermal conductivity, due to which it forms a minimal amount of condensation. Unfortunately, at low temperature in winter slate becomes easily vulnerable: broken by mechanical action, it appears deep fissures. Given these especially manufacturers asbestos slate indicate lifetime of the material – no more than 20 years.

In addition, the slate loses much other roofing materials in appearance. Currently, one of the the most popular and affordable roofing materials in Russia – the decking. It is nonflammable, fairly high strength material, the lifetime is determined from 30 to 50 years. The simplicity and rapidity, and low cost installation makes the choice of roof sheeting for the device even more attractive. Today, most manufacturers to produce corrugated sheets are used galvanized metal sheet (with a colored polymer coating and without it) and build it right one of length, which is essential to the customer.

This roofing material has, perhaps, the only drawback: it forms a rich condensate, especially in a large difference temperatures inside and outside the premises. However, this problem is easily solved by using the underlay film, a choice which today is diverse. However, time dictating their demands. Along with durability, durability and economy begin to grow and aesthetic demands of the people to his dwelling: want to build not only safe, but also beautiful. Among the above metal roofing materials has a special place. This is a fairly new material, but every year the number of its adherents is growing inexorably. Using all previous experience to create roofing materials, metal has absorbed all the positive qualities flooring, tile natural aesthetics, ease of installation of slate. In this case, it distinguishes the value that is lower than that of sand-cement shingles and sometimes even below the cost of corrugated. In addition, the roof of the metallochepitsy has low operating costs: rain and snow yourself clean its surface. Because of this we can see many years his home under a beautiful and reliable roof.