Car Service

The company "Car Service" from the first day of work pays special attention to the quality of their services in an effort to provide residents and guests of Moscow and Moscow region a quick and comfortable movement in any direction. Call Taxi in "Rent-service" can be done for any reason at any time of day a week. The company's management always seeks to establish more transparent relationship with clients, including corporate, so Online always reflect the current tariffs. Recent changes pricing policy of the company were primarily motivated by a desire to provide passengers with the most attractive terms for a ride in a taxi in Moscow and area. If you need a taxi, the site in a matter of seconds you can get detailed information on fixed costs, and to learn how you can reduce the costs of travel on certain routes, For example, when ordering a taxi to the airport. With the help of "Rental Service" comfortable journey in distant countries can begin from the doorstep, and business trip directly from the office door.

The company's motto "faster, cheap, reliable "applies not only to visit but also to order a taxi (Moscow and Moscow region), including a taxi to the airport. Just call the dispatcher at (495) 979-13-03, and to the required deadline will be machine filed at this address. Guarantee instant delivery vehicle is that you can use to communicate with the driver manager of several reliable channels. Including talks on the radio, cell phones and Alerts by SMS-messages. To develop an optimal route is used today GPS-navigators, avoiding traffic jams and to within a few minutes to predict arrival time at the end waypoint. In addition, the company paid to the importance of recruiting and special training. Even experienced managers and taxi drivers with many years are required to attend targeted training not only on improving skills of communication with passengers, but also learn to resolve any issues that may arise on the road.

Simultaneously with the establishment of more favorable prices for customers on a trip to the company's "Rental Service" was significantly increased the car park. New Cars Ford Focus, Chevrolet Epica, Hyundai Elantra is ideal for travel taxi in Moscow and Moscow region, as usual for passengers and corporate clients. Comfortable and representative taxi brands Ford, Chevrolet and Hyundai are distinguished by reliability, high safety and excellent performance characteristics, which makes any trip for a passenger in a taxi walk in the park, regardless of the weather and time of day. All taxis equipped with safety systems undergo regular inspection and are in a perfect cleanliness, both inside and outside. It is worth noting that all of the new company's management decisions have been taken from their own experience with the wishes of passengers a taxi, as well as careful consideration of major policy taxis in Moscow.


Red color in China – the color of celebration and luck, in India – Life and enthusiasm. One of the most dangerous illusions associated with the red color you overtake cars. There is a frame rate of the original color and the overtaking vehicle. If the vehicles dazzling red color is on his own band on the right side of you, it seems that he wants to "cut" and become part of your car before. The higher rate of "red" car, the more this result.

Yellow car. Suggests calmness, ease in the relationship Intermedia people, intelligence, sociability, curiosity, curiosity and courage in the way of life. Anyone who drives a yellow car, not bad adapts to any situation in life and on the road. Those who do not like yellow, usually not sociable, closed, focus on yourself, pessimistic. Yellow activates the brain, long-term remains in memory. "Sticky" color serves as a magnet. Reduces the space.

In Syria, a sign of death in Europe – a sign of desperation, and in India means a luxury. In China it is especially popular in the later red and is symbol of the golden age of the empire. On the roads of the country a lot of yellow cars. Orange color of the car. Its like people who have insight, dreamers. But this is the color of hypocrisy and pretense. Orange activates the emotional state of humans and animals, creates a result of the holiday and well-being. Especially popular in the Netherlands, probably due to tulips.

New Winter Tire

That was over the summer, fall outside dank, is about to come winter. Already, there is ice at night and on summer tires is not safe to ride. It's time to think about buying winter tires. But how do they choose? Studded or non-studded? And a lot of rubber producers in the market, but all known, or not, but still difficult to choose. Before choosing a tire, you must decide where to buy. If you go to the car market, we see great choice of tires, but the seeming novelty of the bus may be hiding an update.

Not all sellers cheat buyers, and yet, buy a better tire in specialized stores, although there is some guarantee that you will buy quality goods. What the manufacturer to choose? There is already a matter of taste. Each manufacturer of tires are pluses and minuses. Starting from the grip the road, ending price. So start from the capabilities of its budget and listen to advice of consultants (friends, acquaintances, forums, after all). What kind of tires to choose, studded or non-studded? Here's the question one of the most important.

Studded tires reduce stopping distance car, and they have to Ice better performance by using them, even the novice driver feels more confident on the winter ice-covered road. Non-studded tires more like experienced drivers, or those motorists that's just 100% sure that they ice will drive very little (such as centers of large cities, because there is systematically working snow-clearing equipment.) Driving a car with studless tires require more careful driving, but expense of what they thornless achieved a soft and smooth movement of snow and a smooth surface. So the choice is yours. Today the market is a lot of tire manufacturers and retailers – have a choice.

Servicing Costs

Plant "AvtoVAZ" last year celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Today the company produces dozens of models and modifications of almost 100 vehicles, among them are the most advanced models, like most new vases – LADA PRIORA, which has gone Pipeline recently – in April 2007. Plant AvtoVAZ has assembly plants in Russia and abroad, and developed dealer network of over 500 enterprises in Russia and many partners for abroad. Car selling vases especially the ninth and tenth as a family and their popularity over the past 10 years has been steadily increasing. According to experts, it is primarily associated with the optimal combination of price data and cars for Servicing Costs.

Sales Rating upgraded VAZ-2115 and VAZ-2114 is also constantly increasing. Reduce the rate of production of "AvtoVAZ" is not planning. In 2007, the company plans to release a total of 959 000 Car and vehicle, of which 771 000 600 units – is ready cars. According to experts, taking into account new production plans and the accumulated inventories, plant this year will have to sell about 810 000 vehicles. This problem, in their opinion, feasible, but 'very difficult' – it is necessary to maintain profitability without increasing retail prices. In addition, the car factory will have to actively promote regional sales and greater use of marketing campaigns – free loans and gifts.

Very popular with motorists and VAZ-2107 – rear-wheel drive four-door sedan with an improved exterior design. The car is based on the basic model of the family – VAZ 2105. The changes were made as appearance – in front of the bonnet is vyshtampovka under the metal chrome grille, new rear lights block. Salon is equipped with antiglare instrument panel with tachometer, additional service gauges and instruments. Anatomical seat for improved quality finish on the background of the consistency of VAZ-2105 looks more solid. Y 'sevens' improved passive security, good all-round visibility is restricted, however, rear racks and high-backed seats. For export since 1991, producing 21 073 VAZ-sedan, equipped with a 1.7-liter engine producing 84 hp with the central injection and the catalytic converter. Produced for the Chinese market model VAZ-2107 Series N71 with 66-horsepower 1.45-liter short-stroke engine VAZ-21 033-10 gasoline powered A-76. Also on special orders the plant produces expensive VAZ-21 079 sedans with high-speed rotary-piston Wankel engine. Today, "AvtoVAZ" offers two versions: VAZ-2107 engine VAZ-2103 a working volume of 1450 cubic meters. See and VAZ-21074 with the engine VAZ-2106 in volume 1570 cubic meters. Based on materials from sites, see:,,,

Are Cars a Luxury?

The car today is today used for cars, because on average, every third inhabitant of the city has one car. So it's hard to imagine that there were times when wealthy aristocrats, could afford this luxury, to underline his status is not ordinary, because the practical use of it was not any. Who wants to travel at a speed of 5 km / h. And just as fast moving motorized device. It was only later, with the invention of the internal combustion engine, the car has can be used for practical purposes, ie ride it. And even then, for a long time he did not keep up the diligence, and where already there talk about Russian troyke.Poiski new fuel for a long time did not stop searching for new fuel for an internal combustion engine.

In 1872 American tried to use Brighton as such kerosene. But kerosene bad evaporated, and he moved on to the more volatile goryuchemu.Benzinovy engine operable gasoline engine only appeared ten years later. Its inventors were German engineer Julius with Daimler his friend Wilhelm Maybach. Problem faced by Daimler and Maybach were not easy: they decided to create an engine that does not require a gas generator would be quite powerful, very compact and light that would it can be used for the crew. Daimler expected to get more power by increasing the speed of the shaft, but it was necessary to ensure the required frequency of ignition of the mixture. In 1883 he was created first petrol engine with the ignition of a hot hollow tube, open the cylinder. The first model of a gasoline engine designed for permanent installation industry. The first internal combustion engines were single-cylinder, and in order to increase engine power, typically increased the volume of the cylinder.

Then it began to seek an increase in the number of cylinders. At the end of XIX century there were two-cylinder engines, from the early XX four-century began to spread. Even 10 years later, an American entrepreneur Henry Ford founded his company, and using the experience gained, with the approach of a businessman, organized the conveyor assembly of the vehicle, making it accessible to all. Material from the site Rosiysky Automotive, History.