New Winter Tire

That was over the summer, fall outside dank, is about to come winter. Already, there is ice at night and on summer tires is not safe to ride. It's time to think about buying winter tires. But how do they choose? Studded or non-studded? And a lot of rubber producers in the market, but all known, or not, but still difficult to choose. Before choosing a tire, you must decide where to buy. If you go to the car market, we see great choice of tires, but the seeming novelty of the bus may be hiding an update.

Not all sellers cheat buyers, and yet, buy a better tire in specialized stores, although there is some guarantee that you will buy quality goods. What the manufacturer to choose? There is already a matter of taste. Each manufacturer of tires are pluses and minuses. Starting from the grip the road, ending price. So start from the capabilities of its budget and listen to advice of consultants (friends, acquaintances, forums, after all). What kind of tires to choose, studded or non-studded? Here's the question one of the most important.

Studded tires reduce stopping distance car, and they have to Ice better performance by using them, even the novice driver feels more confident on the winter ice-covered road. Non-studded tires more like experienced drivers, or those motorists that's just 100% sure that they ice will drive very little (such as centers of large cities, because there is systematically working snow-clearing equipment.) Driving a car with studless tires require more careful driving, but expense of what they thornless achieved a soft and smooth movement of snow and a smooth surface. So the choice is yours. Today the market is a lot of tire manufacturers and retailers – have a choice.