Free Horoscope

For thousands of years people has been captivated by birth signs, horoscopes, astrology, signs of the stars, and has spent much time looking to the stars for answers to your questions. However, for every person who truly believes in the power of astrology, there are five individuals who doubt and criticize its scientific basis. The […]

Hall Frankfurt

At the time we nicknamed " Superleggera" German. He was not for less. The Audi R8 GT appeared more powerful, light and sport that never stops the satisfaction with which they were pledged with the supersport one of the four hoops when it was presented/displayed there per 2006. But now the turn arrives to him […]

The Boy

You do not have to be able on me! said the boy. You do not become which you are not! said the boy to the monster that was in charge to watch it and happened that these words melted the outside of the monster as to a candle Young already I can see, llvame with […]

Grand Cinema

c) The case of common professional Shortly after Palme's murder appeared in the lake wearing a revolver Dalarma the Mark Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum that came to refer to as the "weapon of Mockfjaerd" by showing that he had committed a robbery in that town. The ballistic analysis showed that the model and caliber […]

The Big

Then the monsters of the city began to encircle that child, who you are, what you do here! He said the one, who you think to change things!-said the other, but to see that the crowd protected it they did not do him damage, because the monsters left of be strong by the ball of […]

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility of those who know by Luis Manuel Aguana we are facing huge challenges. First are faced with a world that is increasingly, complicating where the explosion of knowledge is huge; where a country like Venezuela to achieve defend himself and find his way and kept with dignity of independence against the great centers […]


Soon the monsters of the city began to surround that one boy, Who you are, what you do here! Dijo the one, Who you are created to change the things! – the other said, but when seeing that to the great it protected it multitude did not do damage to him, already the monsters left […]

Leoncio Martinez

And later topped: people do not follow their agitators, but those who incarnate to a unanimous aspiration of the majority. Peoples do not know agitators but performers, why follow who promises them food when they are hungry, who speaks of Justice when they feel oppressed, and even those who promise them revenge when they feel […]


My grandfather and my father criticized me for playing Guitar. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Christos Staikouras. but once having you in front was quiet in all languages and only enchanted to see his son the most beautiful of all and the heir to the tradition of our nations. I […]


It was a city that was in complete darkness, the night and day is not distinguished with the passing of the millennia, the hours passed and many inhabitants wanted to wake up from a dark nightmare because they themselves felt not seemed that reaches 12: 00 A.M. everyone was suffering from a strange metamorphosis in […]