President Cristina Fernandez

During his administration, continued to free-market policies as they are concerned to increase social benefits, a pediatrician and Chilean politics. She was elected President of the Republic of Chile in January 2006. Daughter of Alberto Bachelet, brigadier general of the Air Force and member of the Popular Unity government led by Salvador Allende, Michelle Bachelet studied medicine at the University of Chile, where he joined the ranks of the Socialist Party. After the coup of September 11, 1973, his father was arrested by the military regime, died in prison, and Michelle went into hiding. In 1975 he was detained in Villa Grimaldi by law enforcement agencies of the dictatorship, before heading into exile.

Bachelet took over as president of Chile on March 11, 2006, becoming the first woman in U.S. history to hold the highest government post. Wikipedia reminds us that despite his high popularity ratings at the beginning of his mandate, they fell in the middle of his mandate considerably after the Revolution Penguin, Transantiago crisis and various conflicts within the ruling coalition. Characterized by a “social seal”, its mandate had to face the world economic crisis of 2008, picking up his popularity with figures in the public perception of good management by his cabinet, reaching record rates that no president of the Coalition has received. His term of office runs for four years until 11 March 2010. Bachelet will hand over power on 11th March Sebastian Pinera right to record an approval rating above 80 percent. Argentina returned to have another co n President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.