The Managing Advice

The Church is managed by its Managing Advice, its advice of Shepherds and the Assembly, in the functions that are attributed to it in this Statute. SECTION I – OF the MANAGING ADVICE Article 11. The Advice is the SOVEREIGN agency of the Church and if he composes in Bishops, since that they are charter members. Only paragraph. The Managing Advice will be able to consult the Ministers and Deacons on administrative questions and/or to include them, for the time that to judge necessary, in civil administration.

Article 12. The Presidency of the Managing Advice has biennial mandate and is composed in president, vice-president and secretary. 1 – the presidency of the Advice fits to the Bishop acclaimed for consensus enters the members of the proper advice enters the indicated ones for the advice of Shepherds. 2 – the members of the Direction of the Advice will not be remunerated by the exercise of its positions in the advice. 3 – For not integrating the Direction, the bursar of the Church alone participates of the meetings of the Advice the invitation, without right to vote and of being voted, except it will be Bishop. 4 – the attributions of the bursar are established in the Internal regulation of the IMIPG. Article 13. To the president it competes: I – to represent the Church, active and passively, in judgment and is of it; II – to convoke, staff or public, its members and to preside over to the meetings of the Advice and the Assembly; III – to vote, in case of ties up to; IV – to sign checks of the banking account of the Church in set with the bursar; V – to take or to determine any others inherent steps to its position. Article 14.