Financial Management

The function of the financial management, generally is associated with one high executive, called frequent of financial director or vice-president of finances. The vice-president of finances co-ordinates the activities of the bursar and the controller. The controladoria is worried about the accounting of costs and the financial accounting, about the payments of taxes and the systems of managemental information. The tesoureira makes responsible for the management of the box and the area of credit of the company, for its financial planning, and the expenses of investment. Perhaps in a lesser company, the bursar and the controller are the same person, if not finding two departments distinct. Necessary Financial administrator to be firm, strong and to have security in its taking of decisions.

To take investment decisions? the sum of resources applied in current assets and permanent assets is mentioned to it. It must also decide, which are the best permanent assets to acquire, and to know when the existing assets need to be modified, to be substituted or eliminated. To take financing decisions? establishing the short combination most appropriate between or long stated period, in order to analyze the alternatives of available financings, its costs and its implications in long stated period for the company. In if treating to the taking of decisions of the Administrator, if it cannot leave of speaking that to take such decisions necessary to be in tune with the objectives of the Finances. The objective that the companies more aim at is the maximizao of the profits and the capital, also other objectives as example: To keep the company in permanent situation of liquidity and basic condition to the development of its activities. A company presents good liquidity when its assets and liabilities are managed conveniently. The important one is to keep the flows of the entrances and exits of box under control and to know the times anticipatedly where it will go to lack money; To get new resources for expansion plans, on the basis of feasibility studies economic-financier and lesser cost.