Papagayo Park

It is known as the Playas de Papagayo beaches are in the protected natural park of Los Ajaches, south of Lanzarote, but in reality only one of them is the Playa de Papagayo. Other beaches are found here Playa Mujeres, Playa El Pozo, Playa Caleta Playa Puerto wheels and Congrio.Todas of them are characterized by fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, plus the environment in which they are totally isolated from civilization and in an arid landscape contrasts with the color turquoise agua.Para access to the beaches of Papagayo to do a good piece by car on dirt roads and a park in the parking enabled. I have to pay a small fee for each vehicle to be protected natural park, tools worth it! The high cliffs of volcanic rock that separate the beaches of Papagayo are repaired they are usually wind and waves, which, together with the water transparency in this area, made the conditions are best for snorkeling. Also, frequent practice of naturism, especially in the coves apartadas.Uno the charms of these beaches has always been the ease that being away from towns and villages. However, the growing popularity reached overfilling causes it, so it is recommended to wake up a bit to go before that happens, especially in order to semana.Otra thing to keep in mind, especially if you spend planemaos all day, is the food: it is highly recommended to bring her home. Here there is only one small bar, so simpre usually very crowded, the food is not much, and the prices are exaggerated. Sitiosdondeir.